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Worst decision ever

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I am a manager of continental reputation. I quit Fulham because the squad did not like me anymore. Then I took up a job at Brimingham but the next day I applied for a new opening at West Brom because they were a better team than Brimingham. I did not get hired at West Brom and the Brimingham board told me to resign.

Should I resign or will they let me keep my job?

If I am unemployed, what are the chances I will get a job like Fulham again and how long is it going to take?

Please dont tell me to create a new manager I want to keep it realistic.

Thanks in advance

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Taking up a job then applying for a new one the next day.

It could happen! You never know. If you was given the managers job at Bolton, but the next day Sir Alex was sacked and Man Utd approached you. You're saying you'd turn it down?

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They will probably let you stay as its quite similar to the situation my mate is currently in on our online save.

Basically he's Chelsea and come pre-season he was given just 1m transfer budget (I lol'd). He was pretty ****ed off as he thought he would get loads of cash but didn't so he declared his interest in the R.Madrid job as Pallagrini's position was insecure. The board and quite a lot of his players then became (understandably) unhappy and although they never sacked him there is a lot of unrest at the club.

Im about to play him in the community shield so will be hoping it has a negative effect in his players when they play :)

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Never mind the players or the board, I suspect you would get hung drawn and quartered by the Blues fans for declaring interest in a rival team.

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