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  1. pR!M8

    FM 14 Cloud Save

    Yeah I had to redo my profile and preferences again which is no problem but I lost all my local saves. They are not in any folders on my PC but they are showing up when choosing the cloud tab, was the deletion of local save games intentional or is that a bug?
  2. Exactly, for me FM13 is the best from a technical and feature standpoint but although I love the series and the game, over the years I'm now playing far less than I used to just because of life. So, my vote is for the memories I still have of 01/02, they stick with me more than another other (apart from the last 2 years obviously as they are fresher). Honorable mention to CM2 which was the first CM game I ever played when I just turned into a teenager and have played every release since.
  3. It should be paid for content, there is enough reasons above to show that. The main question should be how much?
  4. We are also experiencing performance issues with me (PC) as host and my mate (laptop) connected. We are both connected to the same local network in the house but it literally takes 15/20mins sometimes longer to process on his end when he first connects to the game then it can sometimes freeze or disconnect him from the game when playing a match, mostly when he is making changes or substitutions. Obviously when he tries to reconnect again it takes another 20 odd mins to get him back on so its bordering on being unplayable to play an online game for us as it stands.
  5. Yes that is correct, essentially you can play your Steam games on any (capable) computer as long as you log-in with your credentials. If you have Steam Guard activated then it will ask you for a pin which will be mailed to your account email to be able to log-in on a new machine. You will obviously have to download the game(s) again on the other PC/laptop if its a digital copy you bought. Oh and remember to transfer your save game files over too!
  6. pR!M8

    Director of Football

    My DoF so far managed to negotiate 2 good deals but pulled out at the last minute on both and I cant figure out why. They were both on my target list and both deals were well inside the price parameters I had set, both players had also agreed terms but my DoF pulled the plug.
  7. Ordered using the code a while ago so just posting to say thanks. Was going to be purchasing the game anyway and the saving is a nice bonus cheers.
  8. Yes it will auto-update to the full game.
  9. Like i said just 2 posts up, from my experience with betas on Steam it will just update the files to unlock the full game, it normally wont download the whole game (again) so I assume FM13 will be the same.
  10. From my experience I'm pretty sure that as it is fully integrated with steam, all you have to do to update the game from the beta to full release would be to input the game code from the boxed version. Steam will then update the relevant files, it wont/shouldn't download the whole game again.
  11. pR!M8

    Jumpin Ship

    This is pretty much what I do if I decide on a career game. If not then I pick a club and stay with them for many seasons.
  12. CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 CPU Frequency: 3825 MHz RAM: 4GB 900 MHz OS: Win 7 64-bit Time: 5 min 56 sec The higher frequency from my overclock definitely makes a difference.
  13. pR!M8

    How to stop Man City?

    They aren't so unstoppable in my current game. Started a new save, nearing the end the 2nd season they are really struggling and I just thrashed them 5-0. 32 games played W17 D5 L10 currently sitting in 6th, 8pts behind Chelsea in 5th. They also only finished 4th in the opening season. Mind games could work a little but like SWaRFeGa says it is best before they play a match.
  14. A few too many zero's on the end of that figure I reckon lol