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  1. Of course, what I meant to ask was - are the individual player instructions the same as on FM18? The reason I ask is because I've moved over to the Switch for FMT now and you cannot import tactics.
  2. I play on two Macs and you need to save the game in the cloud.
  3. No, as I said I applied the update, played on for a couple of game days and then the contract demand came through. I was in Jan/Feb 2012 when the news items come through. I am playing in the Bundesliga and I won the German Cup and Champions League at the end of the season. I got no demands for new deals after winning those competitions. I just thought it was very strange and wondered if anyone else had seen it.
  4. Couple of suggestions from me: 1. Team history over the seasons. A little graph if possible to show how a team has performed over the game period. 2. Let us see the opposition formation before and during a match!
  5. Just one piece of feedback from me. After I had applied the update, I got several news items telling me 4 of my star players wanted new deals. Bear in mind that I have played for a season and a half with none of these demands and then bang, 4 in one go. Interested to hear if anyone else suffered this issue.
  6. Just started my Leicester game. So far I've signed Cunningham and Frimpong on loan. I've got bids in for Simon Poulsen, McCourt, Forrest and Sanogo. I'm playing a 4-1-2-2-1 formation. Played 4 friendlies and haven't conceded a goal yet.
  7. Hi, with the debug view I can only see the player instructions? Is that all we are supposed to see? Or can we see the team instructions as well?
  8. Sounds like a great plan, where will you be uploading them to?
  9. Decent enough spec, how long did it take to complete? And what was the file size?
  10. My longest game is far shorter than most peoples, I have a current game on FM08 with Newcastle and I'm in the season 2014/15.
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