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  1. AbsoluteGenius

    2 Bans Rescinded in a row!

    They won't be out to get you any more.
  2. AbsoluteGenius

    Game becomes more difficult after a season or two

    The matches become harder to win because teams park the bus against you. I combat it with width and quick tempo.
  3. AbsoluteGenius

    I have no idea where to even begin.

    Have a crack at Football Manager Classic mode first to get your teeth into the game. I'd imagine most FM players started off on the simpler versions of years gone by.
  4. Sounds realistic to me and I've supported Leeds since I was 4 years old.
  5. AbsoluteGenius

    Haha Gotta laugh at this.

    I saw Man Utd win the league under David Moyes. Completely unrealistic.
  6. AbsoluteGenius

    How to buy the game in Vietnam?

    I live in South Korea and it would look like there is no legal way to buy the English version of the game. However, I suggest you look at all the websites that offer legal downloads of the game as quite a few of them do not have country restrictions. I have always found a way to pay for the game. (If you have a British credit card and a UK VPN/proxy like HideMyAss then you can download through Steam, but you should check that such measures are not against Steam's terms and conditions. Please disregard if Steam does not allow you to use a VPN/proxy to pay money for a game that is not accessible in another country.)
  7. AbsoluteGenius

    FM12 for £13.99, is that a good deal?

    Just ordered a copy. I haven't played Football Manager in quite a while so I'm looking forward to checking out the new version. I only buy it when it drops down in price and £ 13.99 is a great price.
  8. I'm moving to South Korea next month and obviously I will be taking Football Manager 2010 with me. However, will I be able to buy the new version in South Korea when it comes out?
  9. I use it all the time unless my keeper is extremely slow (pace under 5). It has proven to be very effective, especially as I play with a high defensive line. However, yes, my sweeper keeper does sometimes make mistakes (about 2 or 3 times per season), but it is worth it for the sweeping/assists.
  10. AbsoluteGenius

    The Football Mafia negotiations

    Not that unrealistic. Look how much Ibrahimovic went for from Inter to Barcelona.
  11. On FM08 I struggled in the Champions League until I made a few tactical changes. Those tactical changes have now won me numerous Champions League trophies on FM08, FM09 and FM10. The secret? Play a high tempo, high closing down, high defensive line game. With a side like Inter you should have no problems, especially if you adopt a 4-3-3.
  12. AbsoluteGenius


    Never, not even when Thierry Henry's playing.
  13. AbsoluteGenius

    should I stay or should I go?

    It's time to prove yourself in a proper league. The SPL is basically a coin-toss i.e. Rangers or Celtic.
  14. Players tend to take more long shots when they can't find a way through the defense. I remember Barcelona having a go from miles out when they couldn't score against Inter Milan this year at the Nou Camp.
  15. He might have created his own Haka.