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  1. Just a way to specify scouting areas so you don't have to list every single nation in Africa or Asia if you wanted the whole continent
  2. I have no idea if it's changed or not. But it must have some effect. Best way to test it is probably to change them to really high values, and change the scouting knowledge to 20. If if the "rating" was set to 20, if they have no knowledge, they won't sign many players from that nation.
  3. Anyone? Or am I going to have to experiment and report back?
  4. Hello, does anyone know what the value of "Ratings" dictates under the Nation Transfer Preference tab? It appears the value ranges from -2 to 20. I'm attempting to make certain European nations scout sub-saharan Africa more closely for regens as I always felt this was off on previous versions of FM. Some examples of "ratings" I select Germany, go to transfer preferences. A list of nations is shown. Italy has a -2 rating value; holland has, I think, a value of 16. For Spain, the nation of Mexico has a -2 value. France has a few african nations at +6, but a few other african nations and euro nations at -2. I'm really not sure what any of that means and I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me. Grazie
  5. Hey all, I went into the editor and created the new kits for Rostock but when I go in game I see they are still wearing their 3d kits from last season. Is there anyway to disable Rostock's 3d kit? I thought I read about it somewhere a long time ago that this was possible. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  6. what year are you in? Japan was invited in real life, so I think that's why it's been added to the game.
  7. must have = must'av = must of. Simple linguistics.
  8. So, the cool thing to do is to blame your poor tactics on the weather?
  9. venezia have 14, will have more after I plow through 4 leagues.
  10. large database isn't going to help in regards to regens. I load around 60 leagues for my games (havn't gotten real far and I'm afraid the game will bog down around 2020+) You should load russia, ukraine, romania, and pretty much all the south american countries. Mexico and USA can produce quality regens as well. I've always had a gripe with regens, I've done tweaking with the database and downloading custom leagues in an attempt to improve it. My main action was improving a lot of top African nations clubs youth facilities to avg good or excellent. I did one save (without loading those african leagues) and simmed to around 2030 and they've still produced very little talent (maybe 10 african born players worth over 2 million dollars)
  11. it's completely based on reputation. Reputation is based on what the player has accomplished. If you have a wonderkid, who never accomplishes anything, he won't be known world wide. If you have a wonderkid, who scores goals at 18-19 years old in the champions league, is a top league goal scorer, and starts and does well internationally, his reputation will go up, and he will be known world wide. Simple concept really. Doing one thing well isn't enough to have your name mentioned at the dining table in China.
  12. never seen anyone over 6'8". If it is real, you realize that at 16, he can STILL GROW! He could end up over 7 foot tall.
  13. I'm going to start punching people in stoppage time....
  14. I loaded up a test save once in India (to try to get a son). I went into 2100s, and I'm pretty sure I was over 100 and it stopped. As I said I think it was 115. Not certain though. But at the time, I calculated that I was about 20 years over that. So yes, it does stop, exactly where I'm not sure.
  15. rusirius? It's already in the game.....