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  1. The above post is probably the best advice for this (or most tactics) on this page. Use Dave and Ricrpor's advice and try experimenting on your own. A common sense approach to the team you are playing with and against will generally improve your situation. Balls over the top are one of my biggest cause of goals conceded, but I know why, I am Wolves and my first choice Center Backs are both 10's on pace and acceleration, but their other attributes are pretty good. So while they may be great at marking the opposition striker they are beaten to the ball when the opposition forward is quicker or anticipates the ball over the top sooner. When you are playing with a defensive line this high, then you will leak goals on the counter attack. I drop deeper if I see the opposition forwards are faster. I am solving this by training up two faster defenders, but they are kids and they can not be relied on just yet to have the right reactions. So they are always chasing the forward down if I keep the line high. The other goals I concede are crosses or solo runs from the wings and from corners. I have not got into the top flight yet, but it is November of season 2 and I am top of the championship (tipped for mid table, but looking at a ranking on Genie scout I see I am the 4th best team in the league), unbeaten in 14, won 10 drew 4. I qualified from League 1 with a 19 point lead, but then that is an easy feat with Wolves who are a class above the rest of that league. For the record I am using Dave's tactic with 2 tweaked versions as my other tactics, one to close the game out and one to play on the counter (you need a fast forward and wingers to play counter attack with this tactic in my experience).
  2. As Dave said, the AI does not crack tactics, what can happen is your clubs reputation changes because of your success and the teams start playing more defensive or counter attacking against you, making goals harder to come by. Morale can also be an issue, if you lose a game and get the talk wrong, morale goes down and you lose the next match, which starts a viscous cycle. Also check the weather in the games you lost, This tactic uses shorter passing which will be an issue if it is snowing, raining heavy or a poor playing surface.
  3. I have tried a different corner techniques based off the two replies and I am sad to report I still have only 1 goal from corners after another 10 matches.
  4. I have the same issue KAaskilde, playing as Swindon in League 1, I am playing counter attacking football with a combination of either a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1, I tend to use my wingers as inside forwards and even when there are gaps to run through or better options to pass, they more than often blast the ball from wide. Shouts have no effect on it, telling my forward to hold the ball up, tends to stop him doing it, but I have no joy with my wingers or midfield. It is not hurting my results too much as if yet, but I can see it becoming an issue if I get promoted and find my self being out classed with oportunities at a premium.
  5. I am constantly at the bottom of the Goals from Corners table (and the goals from indirect free kicks, which I think use the same set up). I thought that a common sense approach of using tall players with good jumping and heading to attack the posts, a strong player with good agility and balance to challange the keeper and a combination of attacking minded players to go forward might be good enough to net at least a half dozen goals per season. But it appears my lack of knowledge with corners is showing. So far this season as Swindon in league 1 I have scored 1 corner in 28 matches, this puts me rock bottom on the goals form corners table (I am also joint bottom on goals from IFKs with 1). I am playing well apart from this and currently lie in the play off zone, still in touch with the automatic promotion positions. I use a mixed delivery system. I know in previous incarnations that corners have been exploited to be part of a match winning strategy, this is NOT what I am looking for, what I am hoping is that a few of you having success with corners can share your understanding of the system and give me a few pointers as to what you look for in the corner taker and what you would look for in each of the corner rolls. I would also appreciate some input on how much effect training Att. Set Peices has, as I have neglected that so far.
  6. Just as an update. I found a better way to do it. If you alter the player positions in a match, then save the tactic. You can then import that tactic after the match and it will have remembered the new player positions.
  7. EDIT: I see this has been asked about twice on the previous page. So I will do as suggested, seems a pain in the back side to have to start creating the tactics again from scratch. I have a stupid question that has got me baffled. I have got three tactics that I would like to switch between on the fly during a match to mix things up or counter a specific threat. Now all three are set in my tactics overview. But one of them swaps my player positions. For example, my Striker jumps to my Left Full Back position and my Full Back is in my center of defence and so on. Now if I drag those players to the correct positions and save the tactic, when I switch back to one of the other two tactics the players end up in the wrong positions on those two. I have tried emptying the team and trying to move the player positions there, but that also does not work. What have I done wrong? And how can I set it so that the base positions for each tactics are always occupied by the same player in all three tactics? Been doing my head in for a few days now.
  8. Wow, so many pages, a quick search never turned this up. But I would like a team talk option: "This is your chance to impress me." Only appears when you have a player complaining about lack of matches. Not a biggie, but one I would like.
  9. I have just had one of my most dramatic, edge of your seat games, in all my incarnations of FM. FA cup 4th round. Newcastle who are triple Premiership Champions are drawn against Man Utd who are still a force in the league. 12 mins. Against the run of early play, Mancheda curls a shot into the net from the edge of the area. 13 mins. While the Man Utd fans are still celebrating Daniel Sturidge breaks and beats the keeper one on one to equalise. 32 mins. With Newcastle in command, a second Man Utd break results in a 2-1 lead for the home side after midfielder Petrucci beats 3 Newcastle players in a mazy run from Midfield before blasting the ball into the net from distance. Newcastle now go on the offensive, battering the Man Utd goal, having 6 clear cut chances from 17 shots, they have two very questionable offside rulings squash goals in the 57th and 58th minute. They have a clear penalty appeal turned down and then a second clear cut penalty results in the Toon striker Kaduskin being booked for diving. Foster the Man Utd keeper is on an 8.6 rating at this point. 66 mins. Newcastle find them selves down to 10 men after Kaduskin is booked for a arguing with the ref. 86 mins. Newcastle continue to dominate, desperate for an equaliser that will stand. before sub Delfouneso manages an equaliser to take the game into extra time. Extra time. Man utd clear the ball off the line with the keeper beaten, before hitting the bar with a rocket of the shot and being denied a goal by some defensive heroics after the Newcastle keeper misses a punch clearance. Finally the dreaded penatly shoot out. Man Utd's Anderson and Rooney are both denied by Newcastle Keeper Ochoa giving Newcastle a 2-0 lead in the shoot out. But tension is added when Sissoko misses his penalty for Newcastle. With the shootout poised at 4-3, Rafael is denied by Ochoa and Newcastle begin to celebrate. Made me watch the game again as I was so intrigued. Man Utd 2-2(p) Newcastle - FA cup 4th round.
  10. I want to add my praise to a well written post with a genuinely good idea. It would get my vote. I would also like the idea of the 'nutters' in the game asking for unreasonable requests and getting upset if you don't allow them to attend a photo shoot for a magazine in hawai (Very high reputation, low professionalism).
  11. Newcastle 2-1 inter This was the second leg of the Champions league Semi Final, meaning we went out on away goals having lost 1-0 away at Inter. Normally I would not mind, but the away goal they scored annoyed the hell out of me, their winger is running down the line with the ball and is completely covered by my fullback, until for some bizarre reason, he decides to ignore the winger and cut into the box. The now unmarked winger has all the time in the world to pop in a beautifully weighted ball right onto the head of the their charging striker. I was not amused.
  12. A 0-0 Draw against Norwich in the FA cup 3rd round. Brought my 34 games won in a row to a crunching halt. It is also the first game I have failed to score in over 45 games.
  13. Newcastle 2012/13 Season. We play a 4-1-2-0-3 attacking system, with the two wide strikers cutting in off the wings and the full backs operating as wingers. GK - Guillermo Ochoa (5M in 2009/10) DR - Jordan Spence (2.2M in 2009/10) DL - Fabio (12M in 2010/11) DC - Steven Taylor DC - Nicolas Otamendi (5.25M in 2009/10) DM - Tom Huddlestone (7.75M in 2010/11) MC - Ruben De La Red (Free in 2011/12) MC - Moussa Sissoko (8.5M in 2012/13) ST - Alexandr Kaduskin (17.5M in 2012/13 an awesome regen) ST - Hulk (20M in 2011/12) ST - Daniel Sturridge (4.5M in 2011/12) Would be my starting choice. This is by far the strangest game I have ever had, I found instant success with Newcastle using this system and have not looked back, winning the Premiership last year by 9 points and topping the league this year by 10 points with 8 matches to play and a game in hand. Previous saves have not seen me find success so soon or seen some of the big 4 fade so fast.
  14. I was working on my own 4-1-2-0-3 formation for a while with fairly good effect, it got me European football on my return to the premiership and I won the FA cup in season 1 and 2. But I decided to download yours to have a look how different it is from mine. It gave me an improvement in results, so I stuck with it, but slowly adjusted it to suit my individual players with tweaks each game based on my opposition, the pitch size and the weather. Now I am Newcastle in season 3 and I am a heavily changed squad, very heavily changed, only Steven Taylor still plays in my first team, everyone else is new: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r197/andrewhedley/Newcastle10squad.png As you can see, the squad is impressive, not the best in the world but pretty strong by any ones standards. Ruben De la Red has been exceptional in my right midfield slot, Huddlestone impressive all season as my DM, Thiago has been good in my left midfield slot, but is unsettled and I am going to have to sell him this transfer window. It was the addition of Hulk to my forwards line up (he plays in the centre) that was the stroke of genius, he is totally awesome on this game in this position. I still struggle with the two full back positions and have yet to get some one I really like in either of those slots. Of my starting line up, Jo, Vagner Love and now Vela and Hart where all transfer listed by request so I got them at cost. De La Red was a free transfer. But the rest have cost a pretty penny, Hulk, being by far the most expensive at £20 million, but he has scored 25 goals this season so far. Total spend over 2.5 season: In: 58.55 million (This figure is hidden by many players being over 48 months and in reality is probably closer to 100 Million). Out: 61.25 Million Here are my results this season so far: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r197/andrewhedley/Fixtures.png Of great importance is the 12 match run where I did not concede and the 10 match run where I scored 3 or more goals in each match. So far I am unbeaten and top the league by 11 points. I have scored 65 goals compared to 35 from the next top scoring team (Only 2 goals from corners, which is pretty poor). Only Chelsea have conceded fewer goals, 8 verses my 12. So a big thumbs up for creating a pretty legen.... wait for it....DARY tactic. I do wonder how well I will do next season when I improve my 2 full backs and start the season with (touch wood) a pretty established team. Although I really didn't expect to be strolling to league success this season.
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