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Sugar Daddy option

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In FM09 I hear about this mythical "option". I have never discovered it despite playing for a LOT of hours. I have read a lot of opinion or posts alluding to it but no SI advice (hence this Post), can someone please officially confirm what this is / how it works?

And has it been "ticked" (?) in the game set up to produce Chelsea/Man City/QPR/Notts Co type situations - or are these totally randomly generated? Of course, any SI comments RE FM10 application would also be appreciated.


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It's in the Editor. You can go in to the editor and tick it yourself if you want but you won't just come across it in the game.

You can also tick public company etc and set your funds for how much will be pumped in to the club in the future.

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The chairmen for those clubs are set as Sugar Daddy's, which means they will continually top up the transfer budget i.e. as soon as you hit £0 they will give you more.

It would be randomly generated for a takover, the new buyer would have sugar daddy ticked in his profile and it's random whether you get one or not.

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