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  1. I imagine Mourinho is top of the list and I think Chelsea would be his preferred destination over Man City. Who else is there? Hiddink is going well at Anzhi and being paid crazy money, Capello has only just started into his stint with Russia, Guardiola is taken. Conte or Klopp, perhaps? Don't see that happening until either has had a decent run/attempt in Europe. Anything other than those mentioned would be massively leftfield. Of course there are other suitable candidates, but I don't see that happening.
  2. The backlash of appointing him, and previously Grant, in the first place was huge. Not sure Abramovich cares, otherwise he'd give Lampard a contract and sack Benitez right now.
  3. I didn't manage to stay awake for the iced kick game, but I woke to a Twitter timeline of "It's missed!!!" and then a few minutes later "It's good!!!", which I thought was hilarious and served Seattle and Carroll right. I see there's a fuss about practice kicks during breaks in play now too. Not sure complaining about that works when you intentionally gave the kicker a practice kick, even if the kicker doesn't know that it's a practice kick. Lewis back for the Ravens is massive, but the coverage in the Broncos game was really poor during the first half. Everything shifted right for the punt
  4. Amazing weekend, 10-3. The Saturday games were just insane, especially the opening 5 minutes of the Baltimore @ Broncos game. Unfortunately I can't see the Ravens taking New England, though I would love to see Tom Brady slapped down and missing out on a chance at the Super Bowl. The 49ers game in the UK hasn't sold out yet, but I reckon there'll be a major run on tickets if they beat Atlanta, which I expect them to do. What are your thoughts on Flacco? I was reading an interesting column this week about how it isn't necessarily the fact that he's inconsistent, but more to do with a lack of
  5. I've never really got the whole foreigners being singled out argument. If you think back a significant majority of the major headlines and stories about player behaviour, on and off the pitch, has involved English players over recent years. You get certain foreigners who become the focus of attention, but it's not like it's just because they're foreign. I can think of three foreign players who have dominated headlines over the last few years Tevez, Balotelli and Suarez. I don't think anyone could argue that their behaviour didn't merit newspaper coverage and to suggest that their behaviour du
  6. Same thing applies as to Balth, could run it 48 hrs per lynch so plenty of opportunity for people to take part when they get a chance. If you were to take part that would give us you, Mikey, Gav, SCIAG and Balth, we need another 8.
  7. Timezones shouldn't be a problem, the process of lynching people would take at least 24 hours unless they got a majority within that 24 hours and we could work out times so that it suits everyone. If you wanted to do it with a football twist it could be footballers and bung takers in a team at the bottom of the table, 10 footballers and 3 people that are throwing the games each week. The seer would be the captain and the angel....I dunno, just someone. Hopefully that's a bit more attractive for people, we only have 4 participants atm and one of them needs to be the mod. Need another 10.
  8. Yeah, cool. If there's anyone who fancies taking part, but not playing then I could be on the list too.
  9. I could act as mod. If 10-3 and Gav are ok with a thread being opened and we get enough interest we could start it next week. I doubt we'd get 21 users to play, but how about a Seer, Angel, 10 villagers and 3 wolves. 15 in total......might still be a stretch.
  10. Not much chat in here these days. Have any of you read this thread in OTF? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/338985-OTF-Werewolf-I-GAMEPLAY-THREAD/page15 Seems like a lot of fun and wondered if there might be the chance to try a game in FMS if people were up for it. I ask because I want to try it, but only ever frequent one or two threads in OTF.
  11. I just recreated this tactic, it took me all of 3 minutes. Regardless of whether there is a link or not, the question has been asked and answered at least twice prior to post #52
  12. Does anybody actually read the tactics threads or do they all just look for a download link and ignore everything else?
  13. I used this with Dynamo Dresden in division three, I was 7thish going into the new year and then changed to this tactic and managed to get promoted. I used it in the second division and got absolutely destroyed, however, I forgot to change it to counter :O
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