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  1. Totally agree, nice to see some common sense here for a change.
  2. FM08 was the beginning of the decline in FM. I loved every FM/CM before that regardless of bugs, but FM08 was shocking. I seem to remember the ball always looking like it would fly over the bar then it went in the top corner! Truly crap. The thing which is bugging me about recent releases is SI don't learn from their mistakes. Glaring errors still making it through year after year. You would think that after getting version 10.3 pretty good ME wise, that 11.0 would be 10.3 plus tiny improvements (albeit with at least 6 months to make sure the improvements work ok), but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's like we're getting something entirely new every year, something which has been developed from scratch and is totally shambolic until patch 3! Every year. THIS I don't understand.
  3. Talking To The Press Not Working

    Amazing, if it is a bug it sounds like the best bug ever! Press conferences suck, they had too much effect on morale and are a waste of time.
  4. You're missing the point Paul, you are looking at what people want rather than what is best for the game. The game does need to have morale being a big influence - the trouble is, it is too erratic as it is. One bad game shouldn't destroy morale. Make it more consistent and then the effects of it would be consistent too. The players appear to be behaving like pregnant women morale wise at times. The game needs to settle down and morale needs to pan out over longer periods rather than jumping about so quickly from superb to poor.
  5. He already had an answer before your post, even though it is another delightful gem of a post from you, I must say the amount of posts like this from you seem endless. Good point OP, nice to see you looking for improvement in the game.
  6. Probably so, It'd be amazing if it did, but the odds are as you say tiny. Can't believe Steaua did it though, amazing record.
  7. Actually your information is incorrect regarding the Ivorian team. They won 5 titles out of 6 between that time, losing several matches in one season, I saw the website which stated this and it is not correct. Steaua is correct, different standard of league though....... These are the only two teams ever to do this, well done (1 is incorrect). Making it one team ever.
  8. See my previous posts, I said IT IS POSSIBLE, but it won't happen. It is that unlikely. The odds would be massive, bigger than anything you could imagine. We are talking about reality here, not possibility, two totally different things. Anyone who thinks this is possible (pardon the terminology) in the modern PL is an idiot in my opinion and knows nothing about 'the beautiful game'. EDIT: Don't forget SI are trying to replicate reality. It is possible for a giraffe to come running through my living room at any given time, will it happen, I am pretty sure it wont.
  9. So why hasn't it happened so far in any league in the world?
  10. Exactly, it will always happen. By the way, SI are trying to replicate RL as much as possible, they are 'simulating' RL scenarios. This is not a realistic simulation of that as it has never happened IRL, it can happen but wont, so something is wrong. 78 games unbeaten was good yes, but they were not of similar standard of the teams around them, don't you remember the hype surrounding AFC Wimbledon? I think if I remember correctly they had Kevin Cooper playing at a level which was way beyond his skill level, he scored about 60 goals in one season. Lots of other players were above their level. This is why they went 78 games unbeaten, they atttracted better players because of the hype. I think they are top of the Conf now, doing well...
  11. Well I guess we'll have to differ on this one because I know you are wrong. You totally contradict yourself when you say IRL this has never happened, yet this game simulates RL. If this is the case it should simulate the difficulty in going 100 games unbeaten in one of the best leagues in the world, with factors such as injury, suspension, weather, form, morale, freak occurences and many other things taking place. It just won't happen. There have probably been over 100,000 'professional' league seasons played throughout the world since 1900 and while I am not totally 100% sure this hasn't happened (maybe it happened in the transylvanian league in 1947) I am almost certain it hasn't. Is it possible? Of course, but there are too many factors which mean this will not happen, if it was really that possible then some team would have come close and the closest I know of in England is AFC Wimbledon, who went 78 games I think, at a very poor level. P.S. I think you're really super intelligent using all the 'Hugh Everett-Multiverse' references etc. I'll have to remember to go to work tomorrow and tell everybody how amazed I was with your statement
  12. 19 games unbeaten is hardly a freak. 49 games by Arsenal maybe... I don't miss your point, you miss mine. Freak is something which happens once in a while. This has never happened therefore it is new ground being covered.
  13. Hmmm, I am presuming you missed the bit where I mentioned I wasn't just referring to the PL anymore? So that's over 100 years (yes over not 100 exactly but we can work to 100 to make it easier for some) of football leagues being played. PL (or Div1 in it's former guise), Div1, Div2, Div3, Conf, lower leagues, we can even go in to Scottish, Spanish, Italian etc but I won't. So all those leagues being played for over, sorry 100 years, and not one instance of this? Still you presuming it will happen in the year 6 gazillion and 43 means it must be possible
  14. So the fact that this has never happened in English football in over 100 years (not just PL as I said initially) isn't enough for you? You may say it is a computer game and anything can happen, if you did say this then I would simply say SI are trying to make this as real as possible. If this is the case they are failing, in yet another department. Don't see how you can argue frankly. Still you are concluding that if reall life leagues were played a gazillion times then this would happen, a slight assumption there. Seeing as I said it hasn't happened thus far, I think 100 years + is a good length of time to draw conclusions from.
  15. What? So if you was 'slider tweaking' in the past the tactics weren't changing and you wasn't making managerial decisions? What exactly were the sliders for then?