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  1. Dec's stuff is excellent, gives you the guidance you need. Funny but I vowed never to buy FM again after the 2013 & 2014 versions, and I doubt I ever will buy the PC version but FMH is rather good - an impulse buy against all my best instincts that worked out rather well.
  2. To be fair your comment " or a game that gives you so much frustration when playing it is isn't worth bothering with" sums up my experiences with most "fixed" versions of FM13 & FM 14 which is why I stopped buying the game. I cannot accurately (or constructively) articulate where SI "got it all wrong" but in my opinion they have in the last 3 years. A suggestion has been made that anyone wanting to save after every match is a "serial" cheat - well in my case it was the fragility of those particular builds that forced me to do this (due to crash dump fests), and not my honesty as a game player.
  3. I hope for your sake you never do. Actually the keeper does not seem to move in 3d or 2d, the goal is given in commentary approx. 2 seconds after the stationary keeper catches the ball on the line. I did ragequit, wish I had saved the game now - but seems from the above posts it is a known bug. Normally stupid things are smoothed out by 2d highlights seeming more believable but this an odd one. I remember in FM2008 my first competitive career save match had a keeper own goal (dribbling it in) and also fell over catching a lame wide of goal long punt throwing it to the onrushing strikers feet for a crazy 2-0 reverse. It is these kind of bugs that ruin FM. If I ever do play again it will be 2d only for me.
  4. Have only played a few hundred matches and have seen this several time, the latest on the latest FM14 update. Ironically it was a "last chance saloon" go at FM14 to see why I no longer play the game from a genre I once loved - I now know. Cant make light of it, if I was playing COD and my character shot himself in the face for no reason it would ruin that game for me too.
  5. Which is why I chose my words very carefully, "A CM0102 WITH 2d Match view". I deliberately did not indicate tacking a feature from a 2014 design to a 2001 design for the obvious reasons you allude to. It would of course need to be a total rewrite done with the hindsight that the abuse of farrows and suchlike gives but done with simplicity in mind. By the way this newer ME you mention only yesterday showed a Premier League goalkeeper carrying the ball into his net for an OG.
  6. Offence is always taken when it is suggested that lack of competition is an issue for FM final overall quality yet the biggest strides in improvement were when the albeit lame CM (post SI) series was around. I think SI were more focussed on an easily accessible product then - they had to be. Maybe the answer would be to make FM and FMC totally different games that way neither would be compromised by the other regarding what the consumer actually wants. For me a CM0102 with 2d match view and a slightly more sophisticated training module would be FM heaven.
  7. Have given FM14 one last go - my love affair with CM/FM has been a 16 year thing though in recent years she has let me down I feel. All I asked was something immersive and believable. I soon realised that the interface on FM14 was so much better than FM12 that I could no longer enjoy FM12 as I once did (and it was an excellent game). So to give FM14 a fair chance I used a preset tactic with no tweaks and set up as a top 4 Premier League team. 20 mins into my first match my International first choice keeper caught the ball on the line then 2 seconds later was deemed to have carried the ball into the goal. Like, really? Having been 99.9% sure FM is no longer for me that really confirmed it. Thank you SI for the first 14 years with the exception of CM4 obviously.
  8. Dodgy Lasagne! whatever next?........ Gaffer Ewing, the last match was just a dream Moving goalposts You'll win nothing with zombies Dugout win button Joking aside although I am no fan of FM nowadays (since FM12) I would like to say that for me FMC makes the best of the bad job I feel FM has become so if you liked the full fat FM13 or FM14 but feel you were a little disengaged then give FMC15 a go.
  9. Considering sound is one of very few human senses involved in playing FM it has been lazily overlooked for more than a decade. The CM0102 crowd chants are more interesting than any FM so far. I know a lot of players turn game sounds off or listen to music, maybe they wouldn't if the in game sounds were better - just a thought! Generic chants, different ones with indiscernible names would be a start. I know there are potentially major copyright issues but that is not a barrier if musical licenses are acquired frugally & discerningly. For me it is an element SI ignore year on year because "they know best". As they are the ones with a not insignificant development budget shouldn't they come up with the ideas for what needs improving, and how to improve it?. Yet another aspect of the FM experience that has turned me away from the game.
  10. One fundamental thing that has stopped me playing and now buying FM is that as the game has become more "in depth" (ie confusing & less pick-up-and-playable) no in game help has developed to match. The game needs an Ass Man "tool" that gives you tailored specific advice as you need it. It should be all encompassing and turn off-or-on-able, as many would hate the idea as they are accomplished at the game. This may be a complex ask but a lot of time must be spent tweaking trivial modules (ie press conferences) that would be better spent making the game more user friendly to the novice or the casual game player)
  11. Seems I may be the only one but my view is: Pluses - age range scouting (a huge plus actually). Minuses - everything else. I was 99% sure I would pass on FM15 and now I have added a crucial 1% to this. Too much fluff & faff to be fun for me. ME hugely unimpressive and bearing in mind the motion capture sequence in the studio if any FM gamer ever sees another keeper amble about as the ball trickles over the line I suggest they tweet to Miles that someone at SI is having a laugh at the customers expense. Really feels SI have totally lost touch with the FM'er - or as seems more likely from initial consensus that I have grown apart from the game. Whatever happened to 11 players with twenty or so attributes rated 1-20 and using simple "tactics" to make the most of any advantage detected?. This seems like a lot more hard work, and a lot less fun. :-(
  12. Too black and white, Dave. A really awful team talk should result in you losing a game, there are many real life examples (remember the Hull City HT on the pitch fiasco). The concerns relate to using an apparently correct team talk and the outcome being very negative, maybe due to the understanding of the talk meaning being unclear. Just as many blame the game for their in-game mistakes, others blame players when the game exposes its shortcomings, the truth falls somewhere between the two I suspect. As I have posted a number of times, the FM's that have been least fun for me (FM13 & 14) have been games where I have achieved to or slightly above expectation - it just has not been much fun, that's all.
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