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  1. Hi, I noticed that in my save El Nacional (Ecuadorian Serie A team), which is not allowed to sign non Ecuadorian players (it says so in the "General Information" screen), has signed an Argentine/Spanish player. FWIW I have a file that I made myself that activates the Ecuadorian league, however it's not currently loaded in my save. Do you need screenshots or some other proof? Thanks a lot!
  2. You should post this in the Germany thread as Davies is based there.
  3. HR Montenegro Mladen Bozovic (ID 5759151, free agent) is retired https://www.transfermarkt.com/mladen-bozovic/profil/spieler/35892
  4. Pablo Galdames (Vélez) should have his brothers Thomas Galdames (ID 75041564) and Benjamín Galdames (ID 75059729) as favorite people.
  5. Hey Pablo! I was taking a look at the new update and found the following: Benjamín Galdames (75059729, Unión Española) is declared for Chile in game but IRL he has just been called up by the Mexico youth national team, so I think he should have the possibility to play for any of the two countries. Pablo Galdames (2001842, Municipal Lampa) only has Pablo Galdames Jr. as favorite people, he should also have his other sons Thomas Galdames (ID 75041564) and the aforementioned Benjamín Galdames (75059729). Adrián Obando (Universidad Católica youth player) has Chadian nationality, should be Chilean. Thanks a lot for your work!
  6. Martín Lasarte (ID 8827093, free agent) should have Rodolfo Neme (ID 78021795) removed from his favorite people and added to his disliked people. They used to work together but had an argument and apparently now they don't even speak to each other https://www.latercera.com/el-deportivo/noticia/rodolfo-neme-tecnico-de-linares-decidi-no-hablar-mas-con-lasarte/968686/ BTW Neme already has Lasarte as a disliked person in the DB
  7. Yeferson Soteldo (Santos) should have Universidad de Chile as a disliked team. After leaving he has made fun of the club on social media because of its poor 2019 campaign and has spoken publicly against "la U". https://www.t13.cl/noticia/deportes13/futbol-nacional/jugamos-todo/foto-b-dura-burla-yeferson-soteldo-su-ex-club-universidad-chile https://www.t13.cl/noticia/deportes13/yeferson-soteldo-busla-universidad-de-chile-2019 https://redgol.cl/udechile/Yeferson-Soteldo-y-criticas-a-la-U-Si-no-quieren-que-hable-mal-de-su-club-que-no-me-busquen-la-lengua-20200120-0037.html
  8. The following records need to be added to the Concacaf North American Champions League: Biggest win: 11-0 Pachuca vs. Police Utd (BLZ), 13 September 2016 Highest scoring match: 1-10 Bayamón FC vs. América, 17 September 2014 (same amount of goals as the previous record, but this match took place first) Most goals by a player in a match: Emanuel Villa (ID 952835), 5 goals in Querétaro's 8-0 win against Verdes FC on 17 September 2015 Most overall goals by a player in a season: Javier Orozco (ID 5667742), 11 goals for Cruz Azul during the 2010-2011 season. https://web.archive.org/web/20160915181850/http://www.concacaf.com/article/pachuca-tops-police-united-breaks-sccl-records https://www.esto.com.mx/20916-goleada-historica-america-aplasta-10-1-al-bayamon-de-puerto-rico/ https://web.archive.org/web/20150929125153/http://www.concacaf.com/article/queretaros-villa-makes-history-on-five-goal-night https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CONCACAF_Champions'_Cup_and_Champions_League_records_and_statistics
  9. Alexis Cerritos (Loudoun United) should have American second nationality http://dcut.ussoccerda.com/sam/teams/index.php?team=1400319&player=28722176
  10. Hi guys I'm trying to activate the USL Championship using the basic rules set up and everything seems to work fine except for the fact that the "B" teams of MLS clubs can't make it to the playoffs because under the rules tab (in game, not in the editor) it says that they are "ineligible for promotion". This causes the game to send to the playoffs the first 10 non-MLS affiliated teams per conference and it shouldn't be like that. I checked the edited nation rules file and every possible "B teams are ineligible for promotion" box is unticked. I guess it must be hardcoded or something. Has anyone found a way around this? Thanks!
  11. Michael Fabrie (ID 37058874, Sparta) Place of birth: Rotterdam https://www.vi.nl/spelers/michael-fabrie/profiel https://www.transfermarkt.nl/michael-fabrie/profil/spieler/341447
  12. Carlos de Pena (Dynamo Kyiv) should have Italian second nationality instead of Spanish http://www.fcdynamo.kiev.ua/en/team/dynamo/players/de_pena/
  13. In Mladen Rudonja's (ID 3201162, free agent) history it says that in 1995 he played for Olimpia in Paraguay. It should be Olimpija Ljubljana in Slovenia https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/6055/Mladen_Rudonja.html
  14. Hi autohoratio, do you have a link to this file? I'm interested in this but as I don't know German I cannot find it anywhere Thanks!
  15. Not to nitpick or anything but I think the "Relation" role would be appropriate in this case. Just my 2 cents
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