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  1. Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. the reason is what you had said, for security reasons when a club with a little stadium (as Magallanes has) plays an international cup or against a big club (u de chile, coló coló and U católica) it is set to play on a bigger stadium. but as you said as well, it should be nice had been notice about this inside the game (maybe an statement on stadium or a new post on your inbox) cheers, Hope you have had a good experience on our league.
  2. this is truth. Chile has 4 spots: - Chile 1: League winner. - Chile 2: League runner up - Chile 3: League third place. - Chile 4: Chilean Cup winner. First two should go directly to group stage (not happening in game with Chile 2) Chile 3 should go to third Qualy round on Libertadores Cup (previous round to group stage) Chile 4 should go to 2nd Qualy round on Libertadores Cup
  3. But there is a way to merge two different rules league patches? So on that way I could edit italy and Germany on it own file and then just merge.
  4. Hi, I would like to merge two rules from two different countries. How can I do this? I'm trying to create a patch with max foreinger limit (like in old times) but without the option of merging league rules, it seems to be very difficult.
  5. Hi, I would like to add a ma foreigner limit (like in old times) but without creating again the whole league. o u know if I can do this?
  6. I didn't get how e.g. the games determines wich irish clubs goes on to Europe cups?
  7. Yes you can create booth with basic editor. League -> Groups (2) Cup -> Group Stage + Knockout system (I don't remember the exact name, but there is an option) The groups in league will be setted as random, so you won't have conferences by a geographical criteria. But that is what you want, right?
  8. Fantastic idea! currently Social media is useless, I don't even open that tab. But this revamp could change a big portion in a FM save.
  9. Hi, I want to ban loans on a specific division, but despite the rules that I set in Advanced editor, this is not happening in game. Is really weird what is happening. 1) I've set a transfer windows and in deadline teams have to send their registering list players. This list doesn't allows Over 24 years old players and loans players. While the transfer windows is open, loans players can't play in league (wich is correct), on the other hand teams are still tying to get player of this way knowing that they can't play. But when the transfer windows is closed and the registering list squad is sent, then loan players are allowed to play in league. I've attached my file. Chile Divisiones + Copas (Fantasy) + copa campeones.fmf
  10. 1. I tried everything, but teams are like fixed to play in preliminary round. It's very weid because I have 5 similar cups (I divided the country in 5 zones, so 1 Cup per zone) but even changing the configuration on each cup always the result in game is that best teams are playing preliminary round.
  11. Hi, In chile the season has a calendar format (Feb-Dec) so I have 4 created cups that are played at the beginning of the season (March) but then I want that these four champions palys a Champions Cup at the end of the season (November) but the game picks the champions from the last season and not from the current one. Do you know how to fix it?
  12. Hi I have 2 issues if you can help me please: 1) Best teams in preliminary round I have a created cup with 17 teams, so in preliminary round I want that two poorest teams plays a single match to leave the 16-teams knockout. But always plays the best 2 teams of the cup, when I want the opposite. 2) I want to create a special transfer rule that only works for chilean first division in the first year. and then in 2018 onwards that applies a new rule (only 3 signings as max) but in game it is shown as this:
  13. I agree with the idea of this post. Im playing since 2001. But this is the first that I feel that I can't manage certains results. For example: I win a lot of matches in a row we are like the best team at all times, and then suddenly I can't win no more until I get sacked or the season is done. Im not saying that my tactics are awesome and I have to win wwith a perfect season, but also I can not believe that suddenily the results become so bads.
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