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  1. We didn't receive a solution for this PS: Weird fix: Reload your savegame and clear cache (preferences -> Reset -> clear cache)
  2. This is a weird bug. I'm coaching a semi pro club, so I've got two days for trains per week. If I go inside a week and change something and then click ok, then the whole week disappear. This is an example: This is the current week plan: If a want to change somtehing and then confirm: Now the whole week doesn't have a train session:
  3. An alternative solution: If you want your "John Doe Cup" with specific teams, then you can try this: - Create a league "X" and add in secondary division the teams that you want. - Now create your John Doe Cup as you want to. - Go To Nation Rules -> Cups -> Add John Doe Cup. - In teams select League X, and automatically will add every team of that legue. - Done, now every team has set their main division, but also they are selected for this custom cup (you can check this going to secondary division for each club)
  4. Hi, Every year I create Custom Cup with specific teams (for chilean league) but with pre-editor of this version I'm not able to do that. Is there any solution? Or do I need to go to advanced rules? (I'm trying to avoid this chance).
  5. Yes, that's true. On final release Quinteros is in charge of Colo Colo (Hopefully on real life as well :P )
  6. Hi, Every year I use Windows sticky notes to remind or do some notes about my FM savegame. Checking on different forums and Football Manager Chats, I've notice that many users uses spreadsheet, windows notepad or having a copybook to write notes. So currently Notebook isn't a very used tool inside the game, maybe because isn't confortable to use it (at least on my case). This how we see nowadays: My propossal is to create a NotesBoard where we could stick notes and drag them according to what we want. We could even have a reminder inside each sticky note. So this is how we wou
  7. But there is a way to merge two different rules league patches? So on that way I could edit italy and Germany on it own file and then just merge.
  8. Hi, I would like to merge two rules from two different countries. How can I do this? I'm trying to create a patch with max foreinger limit (like in old times) but without the option of merging league rules, it seems to be very difficult.
  9. Hi, I would like to add a ma foreigner limit (like in old times) but without creating again the whole league. o u know if I can do this?
  10. I didn't get how e.g. the games determines wich irish clubs goes on to Europe cups?
  11. Fantastic idea! currently Social media is useless, I don't even open that tab. But this revamp could change a big portion in a FM save.
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