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  1. [Chile] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks Javier. About Rivarola, is Dificult because his main job on U de Chile isn't scouting. Think that he is more like an ambassador, but that is not allowed in game. So I will ask wht can I do with him. About Aguad, maybe I will put him as Managing Director, because directors are "ghosts" in game.
  2. [Chile] (Official) Data Issues

    Javier, Thank you very much for the info about those players. That data is very important always. About what you posted related to sponsors, Since I assumed the chilean DB I have tried to implement a general rule over clubs: If I do not have the data for all clubs (1 + 1b) I do not add that data. This is because you can create huge differences between clubs. If for example I add the Under Armour Contract with Colo Colo, but as I don't have the info over the Audax Sponsor contract I can't add it, thus in game Audax will be in disadvantage. For example, on FM 17 I added the amount of the rental per stadium. But in that case I had the info over 2/3 of all clubs, so with the 1/3 I applied an extrapolation. However, if you want to you could give me your Whatsapp and I Add you to our Group "FM Chile" and we could talk more in deep. Thanks.
  3. Should I just...quit FM?

    I agree with the idea of this post. Im playing since 2001. But this is the first that I feel that I can't manage certains results. For example: I win a lot of matches in a row we are like the best team at all times, and then suddenly I can't win no more until I get sacked or the season is done. Im not saying that my tactics are awesome and I have to win wwith a perfect season, but also I can not believe that suddenily the results become so bads.
  4. [Chile] (Official) Data Issues

    Sorry for that. Already updated.
  5. [Chile] (Official) Data Issues

    I couldn't find the club. They are different players. Different D.O.B also. But any info that you have, we can discuss this. Everything else is done. Greetings.
  6. [Chile] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Are you playing with 17.3 version? - the rules arent clear for the new tournament so we can state exactly every rule. But you aré right normally players should can change team in the same season. - second, I need that you aré saying about the second issue. in spanish: estás jugando con la versión 17.3? - las condiciones del nuevo torneo aún no están claras. Aunque claro lo normal sería que luego de mitad de temporada puedan cambiar de equipo. - sobre lo segundo no me quedo muy claro. Te refieres a que, a pesar, de que la regla diga solo 3 fichajes puedes fichar hasta 7?. Tendría que testearlo de todas maneras.
  7. [Chile] (Official) Data Issues

    Marcelo Vega is NFE for next Update, he is not working in Football. But thanks. Done, thanks. (Cortes is not on my DB)
  8. [Chile] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I have been received the same bug report on spanish forum by some users. In fact on my savegame in chilean first division second tier I have noticed the same.
  9. There is a list of compatible devices for FMT17?
  10. CD Palestino Regens

    Hi CRM2009, sadly this feature isn't implemented on this version. But is a good idea, I will see what can I do for the next update.
  11. Where can I buy FMC 15

    So, what can I do? Where can I find it?
  12. Hi, I want to buy the FMC 15 but I can't find on Play Store. I bought FMT16 but it didn't run on my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, so I want to buy the previous version. Can Anyone help me pls?
  13. Can I create an U-23 league? (Chilean League WIP)

    Yes, there is. But this rule will be forever, and what happen if the club is promoted to the Second Level (Professional Football) and needs players over 23 =/
  14. Can I create an U-23 league? (Chilean League WIP)

    Thanks for your help, but the game still creates players over 24 years old on this league. So I was thinking maybe there is some advanced rule to stablish some criteria for new players on the division. I Mean is unplayable if 1 out 4 players can't play and I have to use Grey players.