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  1. I didn't save because it was a good deal :P If it happens again, i save first and upload
  2. I asked informations about this player. They wanted 43 million. I suggested Huntelaar and more 20 million. They renegotiate and wanted only 23 million.
  3. I use this routine and i score a lot of goals with the CB. I want to score no matters who scores :P
  4. - "Se assim é", então terei de deixá-lo sair. - não irá a "lado" nenhum
  5. And they didn't played in 2020 :P good luck with the code
  6. The return to the Liga Nos The file name is João Ferreira - SC Beira-Mar. See season 2020/21 please.
  7. "Also send contextually" = "Enviar também contextualmente" or "Enviar por mensagem" "You" = "player's name" "Lembrar" = "retornar" or "recuperar" "Singh entregou a convocatória à Nova Zelândia" = "Singh integrou a convocatória da Nova Zelândia"
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