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  1. And the upcoming Transfer of Angelo Stiller to Hoffenheim is also missing. https://fcbayern.com/de/news/2021/01/angelo-stiller-wechselt-im-sommer-zu-hoffenheim
  2. Even I as a hardcore Bayern supporter since 1994 have to disagree on many points. Looking at Goretzkas Stats in FM21 i have to say: they are spot on. Goretzka is a player who I would consider a "Jack of all Trades" type of player. He can basically do everything, but does not excel on specific things. His key traits are his mentality and his physicality. A PA around 170 would be alright. I personally nerfed his PA in FM20 to 168 I think. Comparing Goretzka to de Jong is also unfair. One is more of a deel lying playmaker, the other is a more offensive orientated B2B midfielder. Of course the
  3. I hope that Bundesliga will be harder this year. I always thought it is too easy to dominate in Germany. In FM18 I was able to win three titles in a row with Wolfsburg (2019-2021). For example: I needed 5 years to finally win the Serie A with Inter, because Juve is a beast. Part of the reason why the Bundesliga is so easy to win: Bayern does very poorly on the transfer market (e.g. selling key players like Thiago to Dortmund without replacing them), tends to bring in the wrong managers all the time and rarely replaces their old players (okay they aren't doing it in real life too ). I rea
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