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  1. I hope that Bundesliga will be harder this year. I always thought it is too easy to dominate in Germany. In FM18 I was able to win three titles in a row with Wolfsburg (2019-2021). For example: I needed 5 years to finally win the Serie A with Inter, because Juve is a beast. Part of the reason why the Bundesliga is so easy to win: Bayern does very poorly on the transfer market (e.g. selling key players like Thiago to Dortmund without replacing them), tends to bring in the wrong managers all the time and rarely replaces their old players (okay they aren't doing it in real life too ). I really can't remember a time where Bayern hasn't fallen to mid-table after some seasons. If I do a Bundesliga Save, I will play with Bayern (my favorite team) for the first time since FM 16. But I hope that one day I will struggle and not win the title. A thing that never happened to me since FM 13. And that was my best save ever, because winning all the time is boring. Not winning the title 2 or 3 years in a row and barely qualifying for the Champions League on the last match day, that was the most fun I ever had in a Bayern save. A strong Bayern and competitors that get stronger every year, instead of Bayern getting weaker and barely finishing above 70 points. That would be a cool Bundesliga save.
  2. Try adding the FM.exe as a Non-Steam Game to your library and start your new shortcut. For me it worked but it don't know why.
  3. I had similar problems alternating between Error Code 55 or 2. What helped me was to add FM15 as a Non Steam Game to my library. After this workaround it started immediately.
  4. I always tweak my database because i don't agree with some attributes or PA's.
  5. Sometimes the transfers are a little bit odd. In my first Save in FM14 i tried to buy Calhanoglu for Milan. He was transfer listed for 15m €. They rejected my 15m. I tried to bid more and they accepted my offer around 33m €. They accepted 12 bids from other clubs at 15m €. Unfortunately i don't have screens for this case. In another save Gündogan was transfer listed. I made an enquiry and they said, they want 11.750.000 €. I bid exactly what they wanted and they rejected.
  6. Fiorentina, because Mario Gomez is just brutal. He is now 33 years old and scored 10 goals in the last 4 games against my Milan.
  7. Sometimes i believe the AI lets every player rot once they are 31/32. Saw Bayern putting Ribery and Robben to the Reserves when they reached 31 years. They have been the Stars of the Team one season ago. Looked at some players over 30 with Genie Scout. Most of them lost around 30-45 CA Points. Some examples: 31 year old: Aguero (31) lost 29 CA, Fabregas (32) lost 63 CA, Rooney (33) Transfer listed at Toronto lost 80 CA, Higuain (31) lost 32 CA, Mata (31) lost 34 CA, Nani (32) lost 48 CA and plays for Nottingham, Ben Arfa (32) lost 102 CA has no club, Navas (33) lost 80 CA has no club, Nasri (32) lost 66 CA Somehow no one wants to grab some of the older players. Some players without a club are: Ben Arfa (32), Blascykowski (33), Cahill (33), Fellaini (31), Hulk (33), Mertens (32), Navas (33) And Dante (35) plays for Asteras Tripolis. On the other hand, Lahm ist 36 and still one of the best Full Backs and Messi is still top class.
  8. It's 12 subs since 2012. When I played with Inter I was surprised I always have GK, CB, FB, DM/CM, AMCLR, Random Youngster, ST
  9. Some minor "errors" from Germany: Valentin Stocker does not play for them. He is still a Basel player. Hubnik left Hertha to join Pilzen. Joseph Akpala is on loan at Kardemir. Aristide Bancé is on loan at Düsseldorf.
  10. Gornik Zabrze because i was born there and i want to win the first title for them since 1988 (like i did in FM13). But after a couple of seasons including some switches to bigger clubs, i will start a save with Bayern, because the AI will once again totally destroy them (last non Bayern save they only won 1 title in 10 years and sold all top players without replacing them).
  11. I think it is because of Ancelottis preferred formation. At my last test save he was tranfer listed immediately and his squad status was "not needed".
  12. Yeah It was a mistake from my side. It was part of another file. Sorry for that. Frankfurts Chairman said that he believes Rode will play for Bayern after his contract runs out.
  13. Some things that are wrong in your file: Götzes minimum release fee and "will leave at the end of contract" shouldn't be in. Rode is not a Bayern Munich player. He will play for Frankfurt the next season. Neymar has still "will leave at the the end of contract" in his contract data.
  14. This is not true. Rode will not play for Bayern next season.
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