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  1. There isn't an official light skin though is there?
  2. Hey guys, looking for some help on how to edit the background colour from this: http://s1209.photobucket.com/user/AidanofLfc/media/BradJones_OverviewProfile_zps91a98d77.png.html?o=1 back to something more familiar like this: http://s1209.photobucket.com/user/AidanofLfc/media/397753d1382047076-fm14-wonderkids-2013-10-18_00003_zps5e3bd19a.jpg.html?o=0 Never edited anything to do with the skin before, so have no idea what I'm doing. However, the background is bugging me and I want it changed back to white Can I have some help with what to do please? As I said, no idea what I'm doing so a simple step-by-step guide would be much appreciated.
  3. Started a Liverpool save the other day, currently in 5th after 7 games (not the best, but realistic) but I haven't been able to win away all season, despite absolutely destroying teams at Anfield most games, just wondered if any of you could help me out with what i'm doing wrong at away games? Here is my tactic: Click Me And my transfers: Yes, I sold Suarez, but PSG came in with an offer I couldn't refuse, okay?! And my results: Anfield becoming a bit of a fortress so far So, just wondering if any of you could help me out and give me a few tips on what to change for away games? Thanks in advance. Oh, and another thing, Borini is GOD on FM.
  4. Some of those shots most strikers would fail to pull off, let alone a left-back.. Unbelievable player
  5. I really hope he comes back after his Real contract expires, just to see Gerrard and Alonso play together again just one more time.
  6. Nation: Any big leagues except England Division: Top European Competition: None/Europa Media Prediction: Mid-Table Board Expectation(s): Transfer Budget: 5mil+ or players with high values to be sold Wage Budget: not bothered Finances: Decent Finances, not in debt Other: Not Granada, already used (and won the league in the first season with them)
  7. Just been reading the comments on a picture on Facebook. It was asking if you would ever take Torres back. The respone seemed pretty even and it made me think, why does he get all the hate he does from Liverpool fans for leaving us? So, my question to all of you; Would you take Torres back? Under any circumstances? Why/why not?
  8. But looking at that, the bigger teams (Everton, Man City) were both away and lost to both of them. I think we can grab a win but it'll be very tight, and Bale must be shut down, completely. Else we have no hope.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnptJu3O80w :')
  10. Just buy Thiago Silva and be done with it. I don't think Rodgers would want Shawcross anyway tbh, yes he's physical but he'll want another Ball Playing Centre Half, like Agger. Shawcross isn't very good technically and although he's a good defender he's also very aggressive and would probably pick up a lot of cards, so we'd have to have another good defender anyway for when he's suspended.
  11. I think tbh It's just the fact that over the last few years I've absolutely hammered it. It usually takes me ages and ages to get through a season anyway (I spend a lot of time tweaking things) and last year I managed to get through 5-6 seasons, which is my longest save I've ever had. Maybe I'm just a bit burnt out. I'll take a break and see how that goes. Although I've got into October on a Granada save which I started just this morning, without getting bored once. So maybe I'm just in a temporary rut with the game although it's been a few weeks since I started losing interest. It might also be the fact that some of the ME is full of ********, but that's a completely different story which I'm not getting involved in because I'll probably get an infraction or something.
  12. I usually get this a lot, but instead of making me want to play FM, i get urges to play FIFA. I don't especially like playing as Liverpool either, too easy imo. It's better starting out as a lower top division side. I'm using Granada at the minute and i'm actually kinda enjoying it, just held Real Madrid to 0-0 at the Bernabeu. Maybe making this thread has helped me enjoy it again a bit more, i'll wait and see.
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