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  1. I can see how the fans would cheer for him... "Some 'a them try to run but they can't run like Chris! - GO! GO!" Edit: Just saw other than determination, his highest stat is to Jump. Irony at its best
  2. Wow that is some statistic! What is the record number of appearances? Hard to imagine he isn't on any list given his longevity and likely cabinet (I assume you have been quite successful in the Ligue 1). I also note that he has managed 100 goals... You should put him on the Goalkeeper Challenge page. Not too many people doing this, but there are a few of us around!
  3. That's a shame to hear Toon, I haven't been around much lately. I have just found a Basketball sim that has been taking up my in between time. Well done on your progress though Jimbowmanuk. Holidaying has saved me many a time on similar screens where I cannot progress.
  4. The Idea is an interesting one, and I think could be good with limited information provided (All you would need to provide is a Name (which is subject to filter checks for things such as profanity, etc), position and Nationality). There a few issues I can see, though it may work as a new game mode, so only those who agree to the security terms and conditions would participate, and only those game files are a part of the sharing between users \ devices.
  5. Giacomo just cracked 200 Club appearances at the age of just 19, though he is struggling a bit this year (Like the team)
  6. Nice insight on the international front. Seems to be working, whatever it is, that you are feeding your intakes! Corners seems to be a nice find. It would be interesting to see how the AI is marking up, as it may be that they are set to a deep defensive line or to stand off, resulting in them all being static on the last man once the initial cross is put in and recycled. As a result there is always a free player sitting off the attacking line. Both goals are against the same team, so would be interesting to see if this also happens against a team who play with a high defensive line, or are getting stuck in \ attacking the ball.
  7. Well done jimbowmanuk, persistence paid off! The first time I tried on FM12, I got sacked and didn't attempt it again until the next year, where I just held on in my first season before I started posting, so kudos on the perseverance First year out of the way and it looks good, second year will hopefully be better now that you have gotten yourself settled.
  8. 2048-49 Hopefully I can get an update out over the next few days. I have not been playing too much as I was away on a work business trip, but I am now back and trying to finish off the season. It has been tough with the financial issues last season finally hitting us at the start of this one. Whilst we look like we will be ok for next year, the small squad and lack of improvement in a few areas has seen as slip down to 4th after 29 games. We may have just swung our form for the better though as we have overturned a 2-1 away leg to a 2-0 home win against Barcelona in the CL first round knockout match.
  9. A similar incident occurs with San Marino, who play in the Italian system, but are a Sammarinese based club. Most of my national team squad are playing for the club side, but every time I pick the team I get the news article stating foreign based players as a preference, when in fact they are all playing in San Marino, just not in the Sammarinese League. It may be worth stating, "No players from the Sammarinese League have been selected, but X amount of home based players have been chosen from the Sammarinese side San Marino who represent the nation within the Italian Footballing system, in the Serie A"
  10. Good luck! It can certainly be tough early on. I find the first season in each league the toughest,so if you can break that hurdle, you should be right
  11. Tough first gig. Seems like you were pretty close to finding the balance. You didn't lose by much, so it's a shame they didn't let you carry on. I find the best option is to set standards as low as possible, and focus signings on pace. Granted I am on FM14 and my start was about 2-3 years ago!
  12. I am quite happy with the current 3D engine. My request would be for more animations and a manual camera function to better capture replays and highlights. I sometimes want to take videos of penalties or free kicks from certain angles or move the camera during the phase of a goal to angles or positions that are not available with the presets. A rotating and\or zooming function on a free roam camera would be good (if possible?). Perhaps even the ability to hold a button to slow the speed down during a replay (i.e. recording a goal at regular speed via a replay, holding a button such as shift, or a mouse click, as the player shoots and releasing for regular speed to return during the celebration to increase the effect of the shot and goal)
  13. Only 6 draws! Tough gig. Gotta feel for Wigan with 46 though. Their final run was so good until that last game, which would of saved them!
  14. Wow really good intake. looks liek the youth are steadily getting stronger, building your foundation to a nice consistent level. Red Staqr seem to have also found their way back up the table and look to be competitive again. Seems like you may need to work a bit harder to get them relegated
  15. I have recently had a few testimonials pop up as well as setting a few cups etc to earn a bit of cash as we were strapped with some money issues. I love how they are referenced etc. but would love the ability to make them reoccurring events that are referenced as such. I would also like to have more involvement and importance to these matches. As an example: Allowing either to have players or fans vote on testimonials or "charity" friendly starting line ups. i.e. The fans responded to the clubs suggestion of voting by voting for the following line up for your team based on the teams favoured formation of 4-4-2: Player GK (92%) Player DF (34%) Player DF (30%) Player DF (14%) Player DF (10%) Player MF (80%) Player MF (Testimonial player is automatic) Player MF (10%) Player MF (9%) Player FW (60%) Player FW (31%) Allowing past players or rivals to participate in charity friendlies or player X's testimonial i.e. Player X has a testimonial match coming up. The following players have made themselves available to participate: Player Y who played 10 seasons with Player X Player Z who played 400 games with Player X Player W who is a club legend Player V who is a favoured personnel of Player X Player U who has played 10 seasons against Player X Manager X who managed Player X for 10 seasons etc Testimonial histories such as: A section under Manager for listing player testimonial matches (you can click them to see the match stats such as line ups, etc) A section under club for listing player testimonial matches (you can click them to see the match stats such as line ups, etc) A section under international for listing player testimonial matches (you can click them to see the match stats such as line ups, etc) Ability to select a Charity friendly to raise money for the club (if in debt) or a charity such as: Club X have selected a charity friendly against Club Y as the club is in debt Club X have selected a charity friendly against Club Y to raise the clubs status in Country X Club X have selected a charity friendly against Club Y all proceeds go to the charity of the clubs choice etc Ability to select Charity or Testimonial matches to reoccurring (with a maximum of, say 5 at any given time so as to not create too many) and to retain statistics and news items on these i.e. The Testimonial for Player X has become a yearly match in honor of Player X. Previous winners are Club X, Y and Z who have won it once each. The Charity match X has become a yearly match in honor of the clubs proposed charity. So far the match has raised X dollars for charity purposes. The Testimonial for Player X has become a bi yearly match in honor of Player X. Previous legends to participate are Player Y and Player Z who had appeared twice. The Charity match X has become a yearly match in honor of the clubs proposed charity. Previous winners are club X and Club Y who have won the match 3 times each. Including the testimonial player in the starting line up as mandatory Ensuring the testimonial actually includes the player. If he is injured, then postponement of the match. If you holiday, then the assistant is forced to start him. I realise this may be a lot more back end work than it may be worth for most, but I really enjoy the concept of the testimonial match and the recognition to those long serving players, but feel like besides the one news article, it is just another friendly that gets swept away. I would also like the ability to create charity or reoccurring friendlies that have a bit of history to them. I realise they can be setup year upon year, but being able to have them link, see past winners, have a concept (ie charity, feeder club link annual match, yearly tour cup), statistics or a trophy in the clubs \ player history profiles, raised monies, records, etc. would add a lot to these not your run of the mill friendlies.