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  1. Fun fact I missed, he is one goal away from 100 league goals! Might try and get this tonight
  2. Canini currently sits on 47 international goals in 241 appearances. 3 away from cracking the 50 for his country. He also has 126 club goals in 709 appearances. This totals him at 173 career goals, however he is now at the tender age of 35. It seems like it might be a tough ask to have him reach 200 should he only have 3-4 years left at this level.
  3. I am another season down, so will post some stat updates once I get off from work.
  4. He has added 6 more goals to his tally, to put him at 44 National team goals and 121 League goals. A total of 165 thus far. To be fair, I haven't played all that much more, so I might give the save a go again until he retires.
  5. I haven't been on here in about 8 months, but let me fire it up and get the latest!
  6. Been away for a while, but here is the latest stats for GIacomo who I am trying to get to 1,000 club matches, being my in-game son and all. Currently sitting on 209 All Time appearances at only 19 years of age isn't too bad.
  7. Been away for a while. Canini is currently on 159 career goals and is at the age of 34. I don't think he will carry on for too much longer but if he can hang in there for 4-5 mor years, he may still reach 200.
  8. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Thanks for the shoutout @jaysdailydose I haven't been around or played FM too much as of late. I recently finished the 2049 season, finishing 4th. We struggled quite a bit but we are finally moving on from the effects of the £2b bug. We played in the Confederations cup but lost in the third placed playoff to Mexico 2-0 after being beaten 5-2 by Argentina in the Semi-Finals. Luciano Canini, our Goalkeeper is currently on 159 career goals and is 34 years of age. Mario Dini has finally retired at the age of 39 and has 235 International Caps. He has now moved into a coaching role with club. He will soon be surpassed by Frederico Ceccoli who is 37 (235), and Luciano Canini who is 34 (225). Giacomo Breakenridge currently has 209 All Time appearances for his club, scoring 88 times at just 19 years of age. He is currently capped 65 times with 48 goals at international level.
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I can see how the fans would cheer for him... "Some 'a them try to run but they can't run like Chris! - GO! GO!" Edit: Just saw other than determination, his highest stat is to Jump. Irony at its best
  10. Wow that is some statistic! What is the record number of appearances? Hard to imagine he isn't on any list given his longevity and likely cabinet (I assume you have been quite successful in the Ligue 1). I also note that he has managed 100 goals... You should put him on the Goalkeeper Challenge page. Not too many people doing this, but there are a few of us around!
  11. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    That's a shame to hear Toon, I haven't been around much lately. I have just found a Basketball sim that has been taking up my in between time. Well done on your progress though Jimbowmanuk. Holidaying has saved me many a time on similar screens where I cannot progress.
  12. The Idea is an interesting one, and I think could be good with limited information provided (All you would need to provide is a Name (which is subject to filter checks for things such as profanity, etc), position and Nationality). There a few issues I can see, though it may work as a new game mode, so only those who agree to the security terms and conditions would participate, and only those game files are a part of the sharing between users \ devices.
  13. Giacomo just cracked 200 Club appearances at the age of just 19, though he is struggling a bit this year (Like the team)
  14. Nice insight on the international front. Seems to be working, whatever it is, that you are feeding your intakes! Corners seems to be a nice find. It would be interesting to see how the AI is marking up, as it may be that they are set to a deep defensive line or to stand off, resulting in them all being static on the last man once the initial cross is put in and recycled. As a result there is always a free player sitting off the attacking line. Both goals are against the same team, so would be interesting to see if this also happens against a team who play with a high defensive line, or are getting stuck in \ attacking the ball.
  15. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Well done jimbowmanuk, persistence paid off! The first time I tried on FM12, I got sacked and didn't attempt it again until the next year, where I just held on in my first season before I started posting, so kudos on the perseverance First year out of the way and it looks good, second year will hopefully be better now that you have gotten yourself settled.