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  1. I found this interesting. We have the youngest squad and the most goals at the World Cup. Our oldest player is a 38 year old Keeper, who has 52 of those 269 goals (3rd top scorer out of the current crop of players).
  2. At the end of the season, Canini has totaled 13 goals this season, pushing his tally to 162 at club level. Coupled with the 52 in the international kit, pushes him to 215 He has also totaled 281 caps (reset due to the 32bit field limit), which is 1 goal every 5.3 games (1148 matches \ 215 goals). Pretty impressive!
  3. This year has been a revival to say the least. Canini knocking goal number 211 into the top corner. He picked up a brace this game in a 6-3 thumping of Sampdoria, as we sit in 5th with 10 games to go. 211.mp4
  4. It is effort - Hence my slow grind. But a few games here and there slowly progresses, it just gets hard to connect with anyone else except the players you are doing challenges with. Canini is 38 now so it wont be too much longer until he is done, but Giacomo is only 24, so I have a while of playing (1000+ challenge with him). It would be good to see Lucio's finally tally when he finishes his career though!
  5. Coming up to the New Year, Canini has banged in 3 more at club level to reach 206 as of December 2053
  6. Do we have a historical list (from older threads as well) of the top scoring keepers to tag to the first post? I just had a look through and noted that there were a couple in this thread alone who got pretty high? I probably missed a few as I only looked at the last few pages. Burim Abazi 325 Luciano Canini 203 Lucio 178 Roberlan 136 Dave Owen 97
  7. I am not around much myself and still play FM14 so I am happy to keep posting in here unless someone decides to start a new thread.
  8. Here is a screenshot of his stats currently. He may of maxed out at 4 stars and his growth has stalled too i think.
  9. Goal 203 for Canini. I turned it on briefly and the man scores in my third game today! 203.mp4
  10. Here is a list of my current active all time appearances Da Fonseca will not make it as he has 54 appearances that are not with the club and he is already 39, so at 857 he will probably tap out this season at just below 900. Canini has played all his games with us but at 38, even as a goalkeeper, probably only has 1-2 more years left, so will also likely reach somewhere near 900. Giacomo has 398 at just 24 years of age, so should be around ~440 by the end of this season.
  11. I still have a game going on FM14, but I very rarely play so my updates are infrequent. I am still targeting this with my In game son, Giacomo and will hopefully provide an update on him soon. Good stuff with your start so far. He is getting a lot of game time and has plenty of years left in the tank so should do it easily!
  12. I play it VERY sporadically, which upsets me. life just gets the better of me and it takes so long to get through a season now. But I will keep updating until he and Giacomo retire... It will probably take me another 30 years though! Thanks though for still following when I do have something to post!
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