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  1. yezzko

    Usain Bolt

    L. O. L. Go and do 100 of 40m sprints in 90minutes(2.66km per hour so its snail's pace) and tell me how did you feel after that.
  2. PPMs do not impact stats, they don't take up any CA. The only exception is "tries to develop weaker foot" which indirectly eats up CA when player develops his weaker foot.
  3. yezzko

    Ideas to make FM harder

    One thing I can recommend to you is restrict yourself of buying hordes of wonderkids by: - getting rid of PA stars rating(f. x. by using same color for golden, grey and empty stars) and thus relying only on their current ability. - removing Wonderkid media description. - buying only 1 or 2 under 21 players per year.
  4. yezzko

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Ok, I understand. See you at the FM19 Youth academy challenge then. GL guys.
  5. yezzko

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Just a question: why is it mandatory to " Only load the Nation you’re managing in "? Since I'm looking to have the most realistic world and transfers possible I play with many leagues loaded and this rule is keeping me from partaking in this challenge.
  6. I'm sorry I missed the word JOB in the title, I meant job interviews.
  7. Is there? Or any way to mark then not "MUST RESPOND" ?
  8. see the title, consider it a bug report.
  9. It depends on how much time do you spend actually playing the game. I have clocked roughly 1500 hours on every iteration since FM2014 but my actual time spent playing is cca 1/4 of that since I spend a lot of time waiting(I browse the web, read a book or work out) for the game to process to the next match.
  10. you can set up friendly match aand set him as a fk taker if you are afraid to use him in a proper match.
  11. Hi, I spend a lot of time on these forums especially in the night therefore I would like to use a dark theme to ease my eyes. Can somebody share a dark theme for stylish or something similar?
  12. This is the first time it ever happend to me, I got an application error "serious error was encountered and application will exit" but game is running fine so far. Before when I got this error the game always quit.
  13. AFAIK the quickest way is to change the transfer priority from normal to urgent and back to normal, it restarts the DoF's action. I do it with mouswheel and its pretty quick (1 second per player).
  14. This. I used it a lot and it works in 99/100 cases. Feels like cheating for me. But on the other hand it saved me a lot of nerves :-)
  15. Absolutely pointless, waste of programmers' time.