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  1. I'm sorry I missed the word JOB in the title, I meant job interviews.
  2. Is there? Or any way to mark then not "MUST RESPOND" ?
  3. see the title, consider it a bug report.
  4. It depends on how much time do you spend actually playing the game. I have clocked roughly 1500 hours on every iteration since FM2014 but my actual time spent playing is cca 1/4 of that since I spend a lot of time waiting(I browse the web, read a book or work out) for the game to process to the next match.
  5. you can set up friendly match aand set him as a fk taker if you are afraid to use him in a proper match.
  6. Hi, I spend a lot of time on these forums especially in the night therefore I would like to use a dark theme to ease my eyes. Can somebody share a dark theme for stylish or something similar?
  7. This is the first time it ever happend to me, I got an application error "serious error was encountered and application will exit" but game is running fine so far. Before when I got this error the game always quit.
  8. AFAIK the quickest way is to change the transfer priority from normal to urgent and back to normal, it restarts the DoF's action. I do it with mouswheel and its pretty quick (1 second per player).
  9. This. I used it a lot and it works in 99/100 cases. Feels like cheating for me. But on the other hand it saved me a lot of nerves :-)
  10. Absolutely pointless, waste of programmers' time.
  11. I know that, i'm one of them, but the paperwork etc. to pay somebody £5 a week
  12. £5 per week, is that a bug or do the players in Wales LL play really for that kind of money?
  13. You can also try to let him make moves for the players but negotiate contracts by yourself.
  14. yezzko

    Return to a better past

    +1, I always do the same.
  15. Why should he want to hit the target? He wants to score a goal therefore he wants to aim his shot towards posts or between the legs of the goalkeeper as that would give him best chance of scoring a goal. If he wants to only "hit the target" he can smash it towards the centre of the goal as that gives him best chance of hitting the target. That would probably result in him hitting the keeper as the keeper is out of his line.