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  1. Can you post a screenshot of that 16yo AMC, I have never seen such a young player to be considered leading player in one of the top leagues?
  2. Are you sure? Because I have seen my striker dropping half a point of his rating right after missing a penalty. Happens every single time.
  3. AFAIK simulation is designed to be very quick and provide believable results and stats in relation to club reputation on both sides therefore it uses simpler algorithms. So you should not expect it to be as accurate as full match.
  4. Thats similar to what I can see in my games, a contradiction to OP's claim therefore I asked for screenshots to back up such a clearly exaggerated claim.
  5. Can you post some examples benny? In my games there are almost no players that reach messi level(190+ CA, a lot of 19-20 in key attributes).
  6. What a gutwrenching finish, so deep in fergie-time, I'm sorry for your loss Don't forget the revenge, they deserve something awful for bribing the ref
  7. Hi OPZ, maybe you are too hung up on finishing, there are more crucial attributes to a striker such as off the ball, anticipation, composure, first touch, technique and balance. The less finishing they have the more CA can be spent on other attributes since finishing is too "costly" regarding CA allocation.
  8. In my savegame it's the same, looks absolutely stupid, they bought 34yo Firmino, Salah and Koulibaly...
  9. Hi, I'm playing in Slovak First Division and 4 or 5 clubs play on pitches with dimensions like 110x90 metres. It looks awful to play on a pitch like that and it's also unrealistic for pitch to have such width since most of the stadiums doesn't have such wide surfaces. Also according the league rules in RL the pitch has to have 105x68m dimensions to be in line with recommendations for UEFA CL, EL and ECL. I don't know who is responsible for the league rules in Slovakia but ingame rules say nothing about required pitch dimensions.
  10. If your DoF can offer lower wages than you can I would post it in the bugs forum.
  11. Taky Maly Yezzko - AFC Nové Mesto nad Váhom - Season 4 - 2023/2024 Fortuna Liga - 2nd Again very close finish. Slovan Bratislava were crowned champions, we finished mere two points behind them. We manage to win over them with 3 rounds to go and were behind only by a virtue of results against them. In the penultimate game we drew 1-1 against 3rd place Dunajska Streda and since Slovan won over Michalovce I knew our fate is sealed. We won our last game and Slovan won theirs, so 2nd place finish for us. It's and improvement upon last seasons' 3rd place but we were again so c
  12. Nevermind, tried yours too and thank you too
  13. Hi @tracisloo, this is magnificent skin. Thank you for your work.
  14. Wow. What is your reputation like? I would guess something fishy going on sice you are playing with edited db.
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