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  1. Aouchiche season 2024/2025: his growth has completely stalled sadly, but he's still playing at reasonable level. stats:
  2. Hi, I would like to present to you Adil Aouchiche from my PSG team. Here is his profile at the start of my game: Here he is now in june of 2023: And here are his exploits so far:
  3. I'm now playing in Slovakian 2nd division and 2-3 top teams (reputation wise) are playing against me every game 4123 narrow (dm + 2 mc + 3 st) for the whole game. I'm not sure if it is a bug or a research problem or something else. Maybe someone from SI could comment on this one.
  4. Can somebody point me out to a team that plays with 3 central strikers the whole match?
  5. More observations: - players trying to cross the ball despite opponent standing half a meter from them - players crossing the ball with their weaker foot instead of cutting the ball to their preferred foot - players opting for longshot by the edge of the box despite having clear options for through ball into the box - defensive line stupidly gravitate towards ball carrier leaving huge space to exploit on the other wing (sometimes youcan see 5-6 players running towards the ball carrier effectively removing all of them from play) - volley shots when ball is comming from behind the player (just concedeed a goal when player volleyd a ball hit from 40m behind him while he never looked at the ball until he hit it in the net like nothing, Van Persie's goal looks like poor cousin in comparison, whole situation looks incredibly unrealistic) - players returning to their designated positions after set piece, they completely ignore opponent ball carier and just run by like getting back to default position is the most important thing to do - players running with ball at their feet during counter attack after set piece never pass the ball despite having options, every single one of these counter attacks ends up in the ball carrier being tackled
  6. I have come across the same problem when holidaying in Slovakia. I tried to holiday from earlier points and found that using save from month before league reset day solved this problem of same teams being promoted. You could try it and post your findings please.
  7. Some observations again: - LONGSHOTS!!! conceded 8 in the 4 games of the start of the season (makes me wanna ragequit immediately) - players unable to turn 180 degree to pas the ball to the opposite side from which the ball came(resulting in passing to the direction the ball came first) - players with back to goal refusing to pass back(this looks absurdly ridiculous) - after corner is taken everybody is attracted to penalty area and nobody stays wide to offer a passing option - player marking 18yard box is glued to the spot (he has a timer maybe, so he can't move until the time is up) - a lot of unneccesary headers (especially from defenders) when is better to take the ball to the ground - unnecessary throws to the head when its better and easier to throw against the foot of player - players doing a luiz quite too often (they are unable to let the ball in to the touch(it's the same since fm16)) I'm not gonna provide any PKMs, I have paid 30 quid to play the the game, not to be a beta tester! edit: the movement of the lone striker in regard to the offside law is attrocious, he pays no heed to the offside line, just moves randomly over offside line with no regard to the player with the ball
  8. Thank you very much. It's an astonishing difference with your mod.
  9. Penalties plus free kicks. Check this thread, guys managed some crazy goal numbers with their GKs.
  10. Goalkeepers are notoriously overlooked when it comes to icon or legend status(AFAIK). On fm16 I had PSG save and Donnarumma wasnt even on favoured personal list despite playing over 1500 games and scoring over 100 goals.
  11. Sorry to hijack the thread, but is there the ludicrous tv money bug still present?
  12. Hi another example I have found, Sestao River club signing SEVEN goalkeepers (adding to two already at club) in pre season after promotion to Segunda B. filename: yezzko_sestao_river_signing_too_many.fm
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