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  1. I would say winning trophies is what matters the most, fans don't care that you brought millions to the club, they want to see silverware.
  2. In Slovakia you dont have to register your players at all, the only rule is max 5 nonEU players in match squad.
  3. I never restart the game, unless it is due to a game crash. I did it once on FM13, which was my first, and from that moment I felt like the save is somehow tainted by my cheating. I could not play a save with knowledge that I had cheated.
  4. It does NOT eat CA, it just reasses attribute values depending on positional ability. Red signals only makeshift ability in position and it will disappear after some time not playing in the position.
  5. Taky Maly Yezzko Donegal Celtic Football Club - Northern Ireland Season 1 2022/23 NIFL Premier Intermediate League - Winner We started the season predicted to finish 9th of the 12 teams in the competition. First two games ended in losses and I was prepared for a tough season full of strugle. However, an amazing run of 20 games without a loss (there's only 22 league games in this competition) followed and we steadily climbed up the table and were top of the league for last 7 matchdays. We finished the season 3 points above Police Service of Northern Ireland FC. Irish Cup - 5th Round We entered in the fourth round, winning against fellow league side of Dergview. In the 5th rund our journey was ended by Premiership side of Linfield. Irish League Cup - 2nd Round We won our in 1st round after extra time against Newington. Next round was our final one, we were kicked out by Linfield. Irish Intermediate Cup - 1st Round Disappointing 0-1 loss against Knockbreda. I hoped for a better run since it's only for lower league sides. Steel & Sons Cup - 2nd Round We lost our very first match against Linfield reserve team. Big disappointment. Transfers We are semi-pro side with only NonContracts allowed by board. I didn't want to bring too many players at once so brought in a few freebies and few loanees. Top class was transfer(after the league has ended) of striker Mathew Kerr, who is a player way above our standard and I have a high hopes for him. Finances Barely any sponsorship or competition money in connection with our pay per game contracts meant we finished the season roughly on 0. Better than being in red. No money no problem Key players Michael Isaacs - 17 year old centre back on loan from our parent club Crusaders. 4 goals plus the best rating (7.21) in the team. Sean Duffy - left winger/ striker, abiliti-wise the best player in the team. Shea Fraser - our young left back, managed team's best 7 assists. Youth intake A lot of pontential, 5 players with 5stars and 4 players with 4+1/2 star. History Season | Division | Position | Irish Cup | League Cup | County Antrim | Champions League | Europa League | E. Conference L. | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2022/23 | Premier intermediate | 1st | 5th Round | 2nd Round | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A |
  6. Taky Maly Yezzko Donegal Celtic Football Club - Northern Ireland Manager - Club profile - Club history - Squad Hi guys, I'm going to start my atempt to finish this challenge with Donegal Celtic Football Club from Northern Ireland. Wish me luck
  7. And there's plenty of custom skins which show finances on club overview[ballance, season profit, wages, budgets...]
  8. AFAIK there's a bug for a few editions already, that causes sponsoships to decline over time for all clubs. Just holiday for a few years, pick a random top club and check sponsorship money in finances.
  9. In laptops performance depends heavily on cooling a this ones have configurable TDP 12-25 W so comparison is not so straightforward as in desktops.
  10. Don't forget players ambition, Umtiti is playing at one of the most reputale clubs in the world, there's only 3-4 clubs he would go if forced to leave. And if they don't need another CB...
  11. Would you expect 100 in 100 scored from such position? 1.0 may be tap in from 0.5m into empty net. In this situation the player is kind wide of the goal, goalkeeper made his options even smaller and the scorer has a player on his back, IMHO 1in3 for this chance is about right.
  12. It is, but nobody marking the scorer is baffling. I would love si guys to first sort out the marking during the set pieces, then add fancy things.
  13. They are but, you are not going to sell 100M asset(Sancho) for 30M in hope they are gonna sell him(3,4,5 years later) for 200M and you'll get another 100M. That just doesn't make sense IMHO. I hope this loophole will be sorted out in near future.
  14. @vikeologist You got a typo there I think, your last three records added are done with Kaiser Chiefs not Valencia.
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