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  1. In laptops performance depends heavily on cooling a this ones have configurable TDP 12-25 W so comparison is not so straightforward as in desktops.
  2. Don't forget players ambition, Umtiti is playing at one of the most reputale clubs in the world, there's only 3-4 clubs he would go if forced to leave. And if they don't need another CB...
  3. Would you expect 100 in 100 scored from such position? 1.0 may be tap in from 0.5m into empty net. In this situation the player is kind wide of the goal, goalkeeper made his options even smaller and the scorer has a player on his back, IMHO 1in3 for this chance is about right.
  4. It is, but nobody marking the scorer is baffling. I would love si guys to first sort out the marking during the set pieces, then add fancy things.
  5. They are but, you are not going to sell 100M asset(Sancho) for 30M in hope they are gonna sell him(3,4,5 years later) for 200M and you'll get another 100M. That just doesn't make sense IMHO. I hope this loophole will be sorted out in near future.
  6. @vikeologist You got a typo there I think, your last three records added are done with Kaiser Chiefs not Valencia.
  7. The more the merrier :). I even thought of making it version-agnostic so people who for whatever reason dislike the latest installment of fm (or more of them) can participate in the thread.
  8. It's hit and miss and weird sometimes. I had a save in FM16 where Donnarumma played over 1500 matches for club across 26 seasons, winning a lot of silverware and he wasn't even of Favoured personnel list.
  9. Can you post a screenshot of that 16yo AMC, I have never seen such a young player to be considered leading player in one of the top leagues?
  10. Are you sure? Because I have seen my striker dropping half a point of his rating right after missing a penalty. Happens every single time.
  11. AFAIK simulation is designed to be very quick and provide believable results and stats in relation to club reputation on both sides therefore it uses simpler algorithms. So you should not expect it to be as accurate as full match.
  12. Thats similar to what I can see in my games, a contradiction to OP's claim therefore I asked for screenshots to back up such a clearly exaggerated claim.
  13. Can you post some examples benny? In my games there are almost no players that reach messi level(190+ CA, a lot of 19-20 in key attributes).
  14. What a gutwrenching finish, so deep in fergie-time, I'm sorry for your loss Don't forget the revenge, they deserve something awful for bribing the ref
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