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  1. Penalties plus free kicks. Check this thread, guys managed some crazy goal numbers with their GKs.
  2. Goalkeepers are notoriously overlooked when it comes to icon or legend status(AFAIK). On fm16 I had PSG save and Donnarumma wasnt even on favoured personal list despite playing over 1500 games and scoring over 100 goals.
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but is there the ludicrous tv money bug still present?
  4. Hi another example I have found, Sestao River club signing SEVEN goalkeepers (adding to two already at club) in pre season after promotion to Segunda B. filename: yezzko_sestao_river_signing_too_many.fm
  5. some observations: keepers are still not able to distribute quickly despite the option being there - it's the same at least since fm15, they are waiting 10+ seconds with no opponent nearby players refusing to pass the ball back to defender or keeper or anynybody who can relieve them from pressure - looks utterly stupid throw ins straight to the opposition throw ins aimed at head when there is free teammate nearby in better position defender hoofing the ball upfield despite play from the back selected - doesn't matter if they have teammate nearby in a lot of space strikers trying to break offside line when there is no need - probably workaround for so many longballs that would lead to many 1v1's wide players waiting for cross to be blocked despite having time - utterly stupid, probably workaround for poor defending of crosses seemingly 90% of corners are from blocked crosses
  6. Hospitalet is newly promoted to segunda B after season 2018/19(current date is 21/07/2019). The squad registration rules say "max. 16 players aged over 23". Club has signed more than 20 new players last month and now has 35 players aged over 23. So they are obviously signing players with no regard to registration rules. Plus team has 11 strikers on the sheet, which is also a bug I think, since they participate in only one competition and managers preferred formations are with 1 striker. Similar situation regarding too many over 23 players is in other newly promoted clubs as well. uploaded save as: yezzko_hospitalet_signing_too_many.fm not sure of file is on your server since it is showing an exception.
  7. This. This should be pinned somewhere since a lot of people don't know how do attributes work in this game.
  8. roflmao you are beyond repair. Repeating the same over and over. You are unrealistic. Just use pre-game editor and move the players you want if you cant understand the game.
  9. Maybe you should try to read sometimes. Clubs have quite complete squads => no need to buy. Dont forget in free transfers of such high profile players there are tens of milions in signing bonuses and agent fees. Those players dont want to move right now. They are high profile => very few clubs could attract them. Transfer market is good you just needs to be reasonable and think.
  10. Clubs have quite complete squads and little funds at the start of the game, so dont expect mentioned players to go in the first window. There's just few clubs that could affor their wages plus the buying club must have very high reputation since except real, Barca, Bayern, PSG and Juve every other club is a step down for them. Now tell me why and where should they go in the first window.
  11. For me it's all about immersion, realistic gameworld and my obsession with statistics. I spend a lot of time looking at other leagues, how teams farred, who was top scorer, most expensive transfer etc.
  12. I know how to customize the db, but that wont change the gameworld in regards to stats, transfers, newgen generation etc. which depends on active leagues.
  13. I want the gameworld to be as realistic and lively as possible and therefore run many leagues and major ones on full detail. Balahara makes also good point about playing against grey players in european matches, that breaks immersion for me.
  14. Hi, don't you want to change the " Load One Nation Only " rule? It keeps me from participating and f. e. Dafuge's challenge allows loading any number of leagues.
  15. A defender maybe? I can not say about realism since I never played beyond Sunday league.
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