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  1. Santiago Feuillassier ID:67157507 that's playing for Tauro FC, his brother is missing in his favourite staff - Fran Feuillassier ID:67232116 Fran has Santiago in his favourite staff, but Santiago doesn't have Fran.
  2. A thing I noticed with Malcolm ID:19229435 is that his Senior Debut is after his First Senior Goal. Basically the dates for Debut and First Senior goal are swapped. The correct info should be: Team:Corinthians Opposition:Flamengo Competition:Brazilian Serie A Type:Senior Debut Date:27/04/2014 Team:Corinthians Opposition:Chapecoense Competition:Brazilian Serie A Type:First Senior Goal Date:18/09/2014
  3. Takehiro Tomiyasu ID:45095490 was born in Fukuoka and should have added in achievements AFC-U19 Championship title with Japan (competition ID:5626772 - date 30/10/2016).
  4. Regarding Newcastle, a few things I noticed: Stefan O'Connor: In his achievements, has the competition missing (Arsenal x Galatasaray). It was in Champions League. DeAndre Yedlin: In his achievements, in the pre game editor, it appears that he has won the World Cup with USA. Can't honestly think of what it might be, since individual awards are not being done (He was young soccer athlete in 2k14 in the USA)
  5. I believe Marina Granovskaia having Abramovich as favourite "teammate" is probably a mistake. She has his trust, but possibly it could be as "friend" since she has contact with him back to the the days of Oil Company and other business (before he bought Chelsea). And I notice Abramovich doesn't have her on his favourite staff list, which I believe should be the case. An article that has more info about it (it's old but has detail about the relevant things): https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/10121949/Forget-Jose-Mourinho.-Is-Marina-Granovskaia-the-real-Special-One-at-Chelsea.html
  6. The De Laurentiis family should have themselves as favourite. Valentina, Edoardo and Luigi (Bari's Chairman) are Aurelio's kids. Luigi De Laurentiis DOB is wrong, it should be 5th march 1970 (It is currently 5th January 1970) and he was born in Rome.
  7. Emerson Palmieri ID:19158043 has in his achievements a title with Roma for the São Paulo First Division on 13/5/2012. The right team should be Santos.
  8. I think the point is Amarante, that nobody can guarantee if Mount is going to be a top premier league midfielder (Many said that Lewis Baker was going to be the one) or not. I think the current rating is ok, but then again, if we get in to this kind of discussion for every player, I am sure everyone will have different ratings for many players. Normally it's best to give a player one season before taking in to consideration if he should have a significant boost (of course, if someone is having a great season and by January has 20/25 goals, it's interesting to give him a boost). Mount was very good, but faded like was said before. Foden has played well for City, and for the level of their squad, I think he has done well to get the playing time he's had. They have been rated accordingly to the level of the competitions they play. At the end of the day, the pre-game editor is there for this kind of thing. I myself like changing a thing here and there, according to how the season goes, since at the end of the day it's a game and we all have to have a good time playing it. If you believe Mount needs a better rating, it's not wrong to change him with the Editor and rate him according to what you believe is correct.
  9. Cheers. I noticed it when looking through the CSL, and noticed it wasn't there. Not sure of friendlies and details, but the type is the same as the other club I mentioned above.
  10. Manchester City now have an affiliation with Sichuan Jiuniu FC, same kind as Girona, Torque, F Marinos, etc Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47302703
  11. I will post it on the Premier League topic aswell (I believe it needs adding on both sides) Sichuan Jiuniu FC has now an affiliation with Man City. I believe it's the same type as F Marinos, Girona, etc. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47302703
  12. Marek Hamsik stats for the 18-19 season with Napoli, before the transfer, were not updated.
  13. Yes, we have now 3 topics with the same issue. Worked on the previous editor, but with the new patch it's gone buggy.
  14. Because I have one FM installed on my Laptop, and one installed on my PC (that I use on a daily basis). So I put the .fmf and last_saved_rules (my custom DB that I use on my PC) on a pen drive and put them on my Laptop. The only difference is that I didn't connect to the internet and used the Editor in Offline mode, so that means it didn't update to the latest version. Then I noticed the difference of RCA on the different editor versions, which I assume means the DB is fine, and that the bug is just with the Editor. I edited 3/4 players, and they all had this (Shaef of Arsenal having RCA of 105 on the new editor and 113 on the old editor). I then decided to use the fresh new DB from 19.3 Winter Update just to make sure it wasn't my FMF that had an error, and the problem persisted. So for example I put +1 or +2 on finishing for a striker and the RCA would go down, which is obviously wrong. I then tried that on the old Editor and as expected the RCA would go up.
  15. As a matter of curiosity I saved my custom DB on to a pen drive (which have saved with the new editor that was updated yesterday) and loaded it on to my laptop, which I still haven't installed the Winter Update. So I loaded the Custom DB on the laptop and Sokratis, which I was using as an example on the above posts, has a RCA of 162. When loading the same identical Custom DB that I have on my PC that is up to date, his RCA is 155. So the DB is not the problem, it seems that the new version of the editor is somehow reading the numbers in a different way. The version of the editor I have on the laptop is 19.2.3-1188955 (which shows the actual RCA of 162) The version on my PC that has the RCA of 155 is 19.3.0-1198898 Hope this helps in some way to fix this minor bug
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