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  1. Ziyech has his senior debut competition for Hereenveen incorrect. It's currently Cup Winner's Cup, and it should be Europa League.
  2. To keep things brief, I was hired as Roma's manager in February/March and signed a few players that would arrive on 1/7/2021. On 30/6/2021 the players that I had released left the club, and then the next day, when my signings arrive (window opens), it shows that "Roma currently find themselves without a permanent manager, leaving the players signed in this influx uncertain as to what role they'll play in the squad once Giallorossi recruit their next manager" (which is not the case since I am the manager, or maybe they plan to secretly sack me ). This is a screenshot of what happens:
  3. Johnny's position has been altered, during the beta he is an accomplished Defensive Midfielder. He used to play as an Attacking Midfielder and sometimes a forward when playing for Internacional's U18/20, but with Coudet, earlier this year, he started playing as a defensive midfield and is doing pretty well. Regarding the US issue, I will look into it. To be fair it's difficult to know what will happen in the future. He might become a USMNT player and become a regular and maybe not even play for Brazil, even if he want's to.
  4. I few things I noticed: Paraguay Estádio General Pablo Rojas was built 24/05/1970 (source: http://stadiumdb.com/stadiums/par/estadio_general_pablo_rojas ) Estádio Manuel Ferreira was built 15/05/1964 (source: http://stadiumdb.com/stadiums/par/estadio_manuel_ferreira ) Rogelio Lorenzo Livieres was built in 1986 (source: https://footballtripper.com/paraguay/club-guarani-stadium/ ) Arsenio Erico was built in 1904 (source: https://footballtripper.com/paraguay/estadio-arsenio-erico/ ) Luis Alfonso Giagni was built in 25/03/1985 and renovated during October 2013 (source: https://footballtr
  5. A few things regarding Newcastle I noticed: Joe White -> Born in Carlisle, signed a 3 year professional contract ( source -> https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/18023633.family-affair-new-newcastle-utd-professional-joe-white-carlisle/ ) Saint-Maximin and Indalecio -> I would add a friendship between both of them given their history. (source -> https://www.themag.co.uk/2020/10/remarkable-story-as-allan-saint-maximins-friend-florent-indalecio-wins-newcastle-contract-newcastle-united/ )
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