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  1. I've tested it through 2060 and no major bugs occur, so i'd say it's fully playable in the long term. some minor issues in promotion and fa vase, but all considered a fantastic work
  2. The issue is not limited to attendances. It affects also facilites level of the clubs, and it results in such clubs having players with PA 90-100, absolutely overpowered to the level where they play. Moreover, many clubs in these two divisions play either at Home Park or Kenilworth Road. I'm amending it via in game editor, hope it sorts out the problem
  3. A little issue I've just spotted. I'm managing Trowbridge in the Wiltshire Premier Division (L11), in the rules of the League it's stated that the promoted team gets to the Western League D1 (L10). I was promoted but have been put into the Hellenic League Division 1 West (L10) instead
  4. and something about the ridicolous amount of FK and set pieces goals? I've not read all the posts before, but I'm sure it's a known issue...4 months after the launch of the game, and still here to wait a good update...
  5. I'm trying another challenge in order to make level 11 more interesting, I agree that otherwise it's by far too easy. I'm building a team using the players added at the beginning of the game AND the players added to the other teams at my level. I do not sign'famous' players (the real ones) available, they're too good for level 11/12 and spoil the party
  6. Spotted many other clubs with the same issue, even at level 10. Gillingham town (level 11) is another, very strange
  7. Great work, thank you very much for your effoert. Have you checked whether the amateur club promoted from level 11 go semi pro at level 10?
  8. I've not scrolled any level 11 division, till now Scole is the only one
  9. first time I bump into something like this in over 20 years of playing/editing...
  10. I've just checked the editor and everything seems ok in your file...I'll update a screenshot to share the issue
  11. No extra add on, it's a very strange issue. So when you are in the club homepage, under the club name you read ACP and not Lincolnshire? it's not easy to read due to the club colours, but if you click on the League name under the club name it brings me to Lincolnshire League, but...when you're there, in the table no SCOLE at all...
  12. Scole at level 11, Anglian Combination Premier League. They seem to be at the same time in that League and in the Lincolnshire League (also at level 11). They are in the table of the ACP, but if you browse to the club itself, the homepage reports Lincolnshire League. The added issue is that if you browse to the Lincolnshire League, there is no SCOLE in the table...
  13. many clubs at level 11 are amateur, does it mirror real life? what happens when they get promoted at level 10? do they turn semi pro automatically?
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