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  1. Feedback after the update...much worse that it was BEFORE the update...they've just toned down the chance of human team scoring and improved the chance of AI scoring...tons of penalties against, red cards, woodworks, while on the other side almost every shot is on target...very bad job
  2. After reading so many posts of feedback, and after playing a dozen of careers in different countries with different teams at different level, my own feedback...FM24 ME is amazing to watch, IMO the best ever; very addicting, never boring or 'arcade', a real improvement. The big big big issue (a game-breaking issue) is that simply I CAN'T LOSE...I've created my tactic from scratch, thus NO DEFAULT GEGENPRESS, but...from relegation candidates to title favourites, I simply can't lose...played around 200 matches in the different careers, lost 5 matches, drawn 15, won everything else...of course something is broken and of course this something ruins the whole game experience, to the extent that I'm planning to stop any effort waiting for the promised update of December...
  3. me too, restricted in the transfer tab but able to trade players
  4. After trying the Beta and after playing with the proper game, I'm sorry to say that the game is quite the same than FM22..and FM21...and FM20...exactly as in the previous editions, the stadia are awful, the commentary is awful, the AI managers are awful (12 opponents, all have fielded the same formation...), the ME maybe have some slight change but GEGENPRESS is still over-biased towards success... I'd like to know what's new, what's REALLY new in FM23 to persuade users to buy it...
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