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  1. Very tempted to carry on my Arsenal save or even start a new one, didn't give youth enough chance. What are people using in terms of tactics?
  2. Honestly I was quite excited to see what we looked like on the update but... meh
  3. Winter changes seem a bit underwhelming... Would have expected a slightly bigger potential upgrade for Martinelli, and some kind of boost for Saka. Although I guess he is currently in great form, so recently bias and the fact that these would had to have been finalised before release explains that. I had a great Arsenal save at the start of the game but don't think I'll start a new one, not enough changes really
  4. Looking for a team to manage that has good potential. Minimum mid table in a top division, but happy with higher. A couple of good youngsters or one really good one, stable finances etc. Any ideas? Want to be able to push in to Europe and compete in a decent time frame, so happy to go with a 'bigger' club too, had fun with an Arsenal save (team I support) at the start of the game, and my best save last year was Lyon.
  5. I'm considering starting one this week! Is anyone else managing them at the minute?
  6. Very tempted to start a Milan save, had a couple of really good saves with them in the past. Did people have trouble getting rid of the deadwood? They've made some absolutely dreadful signings in recent years (last year was better tbh), ie Borini. Is Ibra any good? Could be very interesting
  7. Yeah, it's Bruno. That sounds like fun, let us know how you get on! Honestly, I hoped to keep most of them around for longer but they just didn't develop as I'd have liked. Nketiah just didn't look good, Rowe was okay but never really made the step up. Willock was always a great squad player but never consistently broke in to the first team. Nelson and Saka are still around, but when my board decided to buy two new CBs I had to switch to my current formation, so I don't use wingers anymore. Overall I'm quite disappointed with it, I could have developed them better tbh. Though by season 4 I just wanted to win the league so went crazy with buying players
  8. And we have won the league! Also got to the semi finals of the CL but lost to Liverpool. Won't be making many, if any, changes to the team for next season unless I get any ridiculous offers. Need to build up the finances again after we spent £385m last year (thanks to my board, who spent £185m on two CBs, one of whom doesn't even start)
  9. 4 seasons in, it's been interesting. 4th, 2nd and 4th in the league. Currently 2nd 8 games to go. I also won the CL (somehow) in my second season, but been eh since then. Going in to this season I spent £200m with the hope of really pushing for the league and CL, and that may still be possible. We started the season really poorly, then had an incredible run, and now we are starting to potentially stumble again, which is frustrating. I also had a takeover in December this season, two consortiums going against each other to take the club over, one wanted to keep me the other didn't. Thankfully the one that wanted me got it, but he immediately signed Lucas Hernandez and Gimenez for a combined £185m + 450k in wages as part of his 'campaign promise'(?!). Which might be alright if I didn't already have 3 world class CBs... so I had to switch to 3atb, but it does seem to be working okay. This is roughly my first and second XI, though obviously it isn't that simple.
  10. Hey all, looking for a team to do a 5-10 year save with.. I have at least every year eg last year Lyon, year before Juve I like top division teams who aren't quite at the top, but have the potential to push for the title and then Europe within the first 3-4 years.. Looking so far at Napoli, Lyon, RB Leipzig?
  11. What role are you using him in? Looking to start an Arsenal save and thinking about tactics
  12. Want to do a long term save, starting with a team in top 2 divisions of a good country. I'd like to focus on youth which makes me think Atalanta or Southampton, but I can't decide. Want lots of potential to grow the club
  13. I think the idea of rebuilding the squad makes the save appealing to me. But I am an arsenal fan so bad feelings towards 1 or 2 yknow😂
  14. Anyone had any success in clearing out the squad? Eg the man in my picture
  15. Thank you! These are some great suggestions, I'll have a look at them. I'm not worried about using a slightly bigger team, my favourite save last year was with Juventus!
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