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  1. I ended up going for Madison, I had space for a non EU player but he actually has Irish second nationality so he counts as EU. He's started the season well, a marked improvement over Mkhitaryan. My other two targets were Richarlison and Cunha, both of whom ended up at Juventus. Hopefully they don't prove me wrong! Going in to season 3 we line up as below (4123 wide) Edouard Madison - Zaniolo Pellegrini - Castrovielli Tonali Pellegrini - Mancini - Ahmedhodžić - Mbabu Ramsdale
  2. Going in to season 3 as Roma, finally replacing Mkhitaryan who really was my weak link last season. Got a fairly big budget and currently looking at James Madison to take over as AML IFs. Any other ideas?
  3. Has anyone got a tactic for Roma, Milan or Atalanta that they could share? I can't decide what team I want to manage between the 3...
  4. Okay I'm definitely starting my long term save in Italy, but I can't decide between Milan, Roma or Atalanta. Is anyone managing any of them and is able to show how you're lining up?
  5. I like the look of Milan, Roma and Atalanta, could anyone give me advice for starting with any of them
  6. I used to manage in Italy a lot but it has been a while since I have, I'm considering a youth focused save in the long term Looking at Milan (Ibra, that midfield and returning to glory) or Atalanta/Roma (great academies)
  7. They do have a lot of youth, but I'm a little hesitant of clubs with very poor finances overall, which I think they do? I imagine I'll have to go away and think for a while as I'm way too indecisive
  8. I think it'll take me a while to decide really... I can't stick to anything. My main thing is that I want a team with a lot of potential as a club, eg room to grow, good prospects/academy I've realised Rennes have Doku too, which tempts me even further
  9. Zlatan looks great and I've never really used a slow striker like him... I'll have to think about it! Milan's finances are scary, but Leicester's stadium is small
  10. I agree they'd be the biggest challenge, but for me it's not necessarily about how hard it is. Lyon in FM19 is the best save I've ever had, and would probably still play if not for the temptation of FM21s features
  11. Looking for some help with picking a long term save... My last one was Lyon in FM19 who I managed through to 42/43 season. I like 'smaller' teams in the big leagues who have a lot of potential to become the best. Generally stable finances, good youth set up, maybe a good prospect or two? I've thought of some ideas below but can't really decide England: Aston Villa, Everton, Leicester France: Lyon, Rennes Germany: Leverkusen, RBL Italy: Atalanta, AC Milan, Roma
  12. I'm hoping that when the full game comes out there will be some upgrades to our youth - if so, I'll start a long term youth focused save
  13. When you remember this is just a beta save and even if you were to do a long term Arsenal save it'd be after release (there's no way they don't upgrade our youngsters, surely? Or at least Saka) Time to make some dreams come true. First/Second XI below... (not sure between ElNeny & Guendouzi) 4th in the league, won the EFL Cup and Europa in season 1. Hoping to challenge for the PL and CL with this squad
  14. What roles do you use? I went ahead with McTominey and it's working okay, but I do think I should have found another target. I rotate Willock and Aouar at AMC and both are great. Although I do play Willock and Partey/McTominey at times (DLPs - CMd) On another note, Nketiah is absolutely broken. Last I checked he had 27 goals in 27(4) games. Hoping someone comes in for Lacazette as I don't see the point in having both
  15. My board bought Aouar in the summer for 40m, and have just given me another 40m to spend in Jan. Looking for a midfielder to partner Partey. Determined to get a 4231 working, currently rotating Willock and Aouar at AMC. Not sure I like Xhaka or Ceballos next to Partey. Looking for a hard working playmaker who could also fill in for Partey (El Neny is currently injured). Maybe McTominey but not sure he is creative enough. Mount would be the dream but doubt Chelsea would sell. Not necessarily British, but have 17 foreign player limit coming in. And any suggestions for u18
  16. Board bought me Aouar in the summer and have just given me £40m for summer. No idea who I'll sign though... I do need to sign some u18s but not sure who
  17. Interesting! How is Auba as an IW? So far I've started and convinced the board to buy me Aouar. Now to decide how to play him! Stuck between a 4123 and 4231 really
  18. How have you been setting up the team? Sounds like you are getting a lot out of them
  19. Thanks for the response - do you know if there are additional zoom options planned? Somewhere between the 50% and 85% would be ideal
  20. Hi there, In the preferences for the game, I am only seeing limited options for the resolution. My laptop has a resolution of 2560x1600, but there isn't an option for this. I have tried by adjusting the Zoom option in the preferences, but 85% is too big whilst 50% is too small. OS: macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 (Macbook Pro 13inch Retina) System resolution (default): 2560x1600 In game resolution: 1280x800 Full Screen Graphics Card: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
  21. Considering both, I'll be using an unofficial update so it would be interesting without Havertz and Werner respectively
  22. Looking for a new longish term save where I take a decent team to the elite level On FM19 I'm currently about 15 seasons in as Lyon and finally looking to move on (FM20) Looking for a decently placed club, but really want good youth facilities. I'm thinking a top division in Europe so ideas would probably be Atalanta, Southampton etc. I plan to restrict myself with signings (eg only 1 player over 23 per season) and focus on youth (both academy and signed) Any other suggestions for me? Willing to go to a team as good as Arsenal (I'm a fan and the PL is competit
  23. Very tempted to carry on my Arsenal save or even start a new one, didn't give youth enough chance. What are people using in terms of tactics?
  24. Honestly I was quite excited to see what we looked like on the update but... meh
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