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  1. He said to make it harder, they will all make it easier
  2. only use players from the youth academy. never buy anyone. Same for staff members, they can only be players in your team becoming staff
  3. Upload a clip if you believe this to be the case
  4. Great a recruit to the gibralta cause, hopefully soon we will get to help them win a game. Looking forward to the next update
  5. Got it slightly wrong its attacking intent not goal scored, but surely you could have googled insead of ask for a source, its the first hit http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2013-14/jun/arsenal-and-norwich-win-fair-play-awards.html
  6. also shame they never quite made the champions league but great to see oldham doing well
  7. Thanks, Any chance of seeing the transfers for the first couple of seasons
  8. Can i use a thin goalkeeper or does he have to be fat? Also what weight are you using to determine 'fattness'
  9. yes but what criteria, you assume red/yellow cards, but what about goals scored, team behavior to the referee, crowd behavior these are all included in real life
  10. no you cannot, and you say dont turn this into a moaning thread yet moan straight away
  11. if your only noticing something with your team, and not the AI, like with the goals and the defenders then it is your fault. the match engine cannot distinguish between AI and human
  12. Queens Park in Scotland, cant turn semi pro will always be amateur
  13. How does the game decide which countries qualify for this, and then which team within that country (Note i'm taking about game Not real life)
  14. but the bug people dont look here they look in the bug forum. just open a thread in there with your screenshots
  15. but it is part of the game you enjy so it is beneficial to you personally surely? I understand if you have quotas but at least post a thread explaining the problem even if you cant upload a save
  16. have you uploaded the save to the bugs forum, that is the only way to answer this
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