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  1. that'll teach me to read the comments Didn't even notice i had posted before
  2. Think this thread is in the wrong section, as its not about football manager. Can a mod transfer it over to OTF, its more appropriate there.
  3. I have been playing in the english lower leagues for a while now on FM18, but have never seen the matches postponed due to weather (either snow or waterlogging). Has this feature been removed from the game? You still see it a lot IRL from League One downwards
  4. Yeah i understand it has nothing to do with SEGA/SI, wasn't expecting to have an official response, just figured there is a lot of football manager players here, so maybe one of the forum members would have an idea
  5. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-football-manager-2018-tournament-tickets-38575216511 Anyone know about this, looks fun but worried it may be a scam????
  6. I want a circular pitch with 20 goals spaced equally around the outside. We could then have all 20 teams playing at once. Only question is should there be 1 ball, 10 balls or 20 balls?
  7. Its football Manager, not Political master. If you want to control the politics you need a different game (Maybe Civ??)
  8. On a plane. Though sometimes it is cheaper to use car/ferry/train but this will often take longer, especially if traveling abroad to a different continent.
  9. Should make a bid to sign that marquee tent, it would make a great keeper
  10. Much further down the line, but when you establish yourself as the top club in China it may be worth moving around a bit with your club teams, get the other teams to improve their youth facilities.
  11. still not updated, at least unpin the article.......................
  12. How are you guys downloading, mine says app not released when i try to install fm18, bought through steam
  13. Well done on making the premier league. miss the days of 9th tier, maybe a club with a Tycoon down there could poach you
  14. Start as manager of Morecambe with no coaching badges.
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