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  1. Much further down the line, but when you establish yourself as the top club in China it may be worth moving around a bit with your club teams, get the other teams to improve their youth facilities.
  2. still not updated, at least unpin the article.......................
  3. How are you guys downloading, mine says app not released when i try to install fm18, bought through steam
  4. Well done on making the premier league. miss the days of 9th tier, maybe a club with a Tycoon down there could poach you
  5. Start as manager of Morecambe with no coaching badges.
  6. Thats incorrect, it can happen at anytime between 2 and 10 years into the game, at least that is how SI announced it
  7. 5 at the back, 2 defensive midfielders, a MR and ML as defensive wingers and leave a target man up top. Strategy contain, direct passing. Watch the 0-0s roll in to ensure safety
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