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  1. I was thinking, could it be possible to create a football manager app that allows you to sync with your game and manage tactics and training? It's not an app that allows you to continue the game but I was just thinking when I'm away from the computer and to help save time, I could set up a new tactic or make changes to my existing one. Just an idea, I'm sure the professionals in this industry can help or explain why it isn't possible. For example, if I wanted to change my midfielders to BBM or BWM and have a bit more time to look at their attributes. Would it not be a possibility?
  2. The player whose contract expires in 1900 has just signed an extension with a weekly wage of £0
  3. Unfortunately I overwrote it. I also noticed one of my players contracts expires on 1st Jan 1900. What is that all about?
  4. I took over Fylde in September 2018 picking them up at 22nd in the league, I went on a great run and even got them to the FA Cup 2nd Round. It is now December and we are 14th, 9 points off play-offs and have 2 games in hand on the teams around us. The players are happy with my management and my tactics but called a team meeting to tell me they were concerned about the league position. Now, I'm not sure why we missed two fixtures when everyone else played, I couldn't think of a reason why. The answer I could realistically give to them was: Give me time and I'll turn it round. But there was nothing wrong. Realistically the answer should be "We've got 2 games in hand on the teams around us and are only 9 points off play-offs. We have been largely unbeaten since I took over, we are playing well! I couldn't understand why the players seen this is an issue.
  5. When I bring a sub on I couldn't see the option to give him an individual team talk. Has that been taken out?
  6. So I want to take Duncan Ferguson into management but how do I link his profile to that of a playable manager? I'm assuming I just create his profile in the new manager screen and delete him from the game?
  7. Someone done a Carragher one either on FM 17 or 18. I remember reading about it on here
  8. Ha come on, someone must know
  9. Hi, I've seen members over the years starting a new save as an ex professional. Someone done Carragher not too long ago and was wondering how I do it? I'm looking at starting Duncan Ferguson's managerial career but unsure on how I take him from his current coaching role and into a managerial career. Can anyone help?
  10. SynergyIso7

    Team instructions

    I've just beat Roma 3-0 as Everton without touching a button or getting any advice from my assistant. Is there an actual formula to win or is it basically just hit and hope?
  11. For team instructions on match day screen, I change it around depending on game, I either use short passing with slow tempo or direct with high tempo, maybe sometimes throw in low crosses or close down more, my results over the season are quite inconsistent as it's trial and error with these instructions. Recently, in my last few games I've been leaving the instructions blank (0) and my team seem to be playing really nice football. I generally use the counter or control tactic and again, that's trial and error. So any advice on this please and why I'm playing well without any instructions opposed to using instructions,
  12. hello, I'm trying to update the game, I am playing .1.3 version and I can't find Martin Odengaard in my game. How do i update?
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    No promotion

    weird that. no explanation either
  14. Tried the search function but nothing. What is the best way to learn a new squad and get to know who is who and who is the best in each position?