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  1. Walk around saying "What we have, we hold" in a Sam Allardyce type voice.
  2. I understand attributes however, how do you assess attributes based on the league/standard you are playing at? So would you have a range per each division? Like, in the VNL if a player has 8-10 finishing, it is considered good? If it is League Two: 10-12. League One: 12-14 etc. It's easy to gauge in the top divisions but in the lower leagues, what kind of value would you consider good and bad?
  3. I see, so my players star ratings are for the squad and not the whole of football? I was wiondering why my players in the VNL had 4.5 stars...so it's in comparison to the other players?
  4. OK so let's look at a 16 year old Rooney for example, when he broke into the first team we all thought he would've been 5 stars from 25-30 but he was 5 stars probably from 21-26 then would have dropped to 4 .5 stars. Can that happen? Can a player have a potential of 5 stars but as the game goes on, can it reduce?
  5. It used to be in the old CM manuals that weather can affect matches/tactics. Whether that still exists in the modern game, I don't know.
  6. I was thinking, could it be possible to create a football manager app that allows you to sync with your game and manage tactics and training? It's not an app that allows you to continue the game but I was just thinking when I'm away from the computer and to help save time, I could set up a new tactic or make changes to my existing one. Just an idea, I'm sure the professionals in this industry can help or explain why it isn't possible. For example, if I wanted to change my midfielders to BBM or BWM and have a bit more time to look at their attributes. Would it not be a possibility?
  7. The player whose contract expires in 1900 has just signed an extension with a weekly wage of £0
  8. Unfortunately I overwrote it. I also noticed one of my players contracts expires on 1st Jan 1900. What is that all about?
  9. I took over Fylde in September 2018 picking them up at 22nd in the league, I went on a great run and even got them to the FA Cup 2nd Round. It is now December and we are 14th, 9 points off play-offs and have 2 games in hand on the teams around us. The players are happy with my management and my tactics but called a team meeting to tell me they were concerned about the league position. Now, I'm not sure why we missed two fixtures when everyone else played, I couldn't think of a reason why. The answer I could realistically give to them was: Give me time and I'll turn it round. But there was nothing wrong. Realistically the answer should be "We've got 2 games in hand on the teams around us and are only 9 points off play-offs. We have been largely unbeaten since I took over, we are playing well! I couldn't understand why the players seen this is an issue.
  10. When I bring a sub on I couldn't see the option to give him an individual team talk. Has that been taken out?
  11. So I want to take Duncan Ferguson into management but how do I link his profile to that of a playable manager? I'm assuming I just create his profile in the new manager screen and delete him from the game?
  12. Someone done a Carragher one either on FM 17 or 18. I remember reading about it on here
  13. Hi, I've seen members over the years starting a new save as an ex professional. Someone done Carragher not too long ago and was wondering how I do it? I'm looking at starting Duncan Ferguson's managerial career but unsure on how I take him from his current coaching role and into a managerial career. Can anyone help?
  14. I've just beat Roma 3-0 as Everton without touching a button or getting any advice from my assistant. Is there an actual formula to win or is it basically just hit and hope?
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