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    I Like to relax and chill in the sun when its actually sunny in th UK of course, Crappy Rain.

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  1. Transfer bug

    Okay so I've just started a game as Man Utd, I offered to sign Maurice I Cardiff from Internet, they rejected saying they wanted something ridiculous in the region of £69m. Of course I withdraw my offer. Then a day later Tottenham sign him for his £25m value straight away. Is this a bug?
  2. GFX for FM Touch 2017 Android

    Yeah exactly and I kind of get bored of using the same kit even season
  3. Can't sub an Injured player

    This is what was happening.
  4. GFX for FM Touch 2017 Android

    Ahhhhh shame really, I'll give it a miss then
  5. Can't sub an Injured player

    The information managed to replay the match with no issues however 3 matches later another player was forced off through injury and again I couldn't replace him. I'm using a downloaded skin but tested the default skin and the problem still appears so not sure what it is.
  6. Happened twice today now, in the middle of a match a player of mine went down injured and wasn't able to continue, it took me to the the tactic screen to substitute him, however when i tried taking him off nothing happened. Theres no tab on the subs to click to swap the players, nothing and now I can't even continue the match. Whats going on?
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or has popped up before but, is it possible to insert custom graphics into the touch version of the game on an android tablet?
  8. FA Cup Issue - Teams not entering

    Yeah, this one --- http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2016-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/351424-thefmeditor-transfer-update-2016-england-level-10-a.html You think that might be the problem?
  9. I've ran into an issue on Football Manager 16, 3 seasons in and I've just been promoted to English Prem with Bradford, however it appears I won't be in the FA Cup, and I've noticed that 3 other teams who got promoted from the Championship haven't entered either, e.g Hull didnt enter it in 16/17 but will the following season, and Middlesbrough didn't and wont enter in 16/17 and 17/18. Sunderland wont enter in 17/18 either despite not being relegated. Has anyone else ran into this issue or found a way to fix it? If this is in the wrong place then apologies.
  10. Would this really happen. Seriously

    What tactics did you use for City? can't seem to string many wins together with them.
  11. 2D Kits not showing in club information page

    That method worked for bringing back all default logos. You're probably going to facepalm at what I say next hahah... The reason the Arsenal and Leicester kits weren't working is because they kits were saved with a capital letter for the team's name whereas in the config file it was all lower case. How did I not spot that! LOL
  12. 2D Kits not showing in club information page

    There doesn't seem to be a problem with the config files for any of them, the entries are correct etc. I took out all downloaded graphics like kits and logos then when I looked on the game nothing was showing, there was no kits or logos, or the original default ones that come with the game, just blank spaces. Arsenals home kit is showing up but the third kit and away kit only show as a default kit when I add in a default kit pack, same with Leicester apart from all 3 of their kits are missing.
  13. 2D Kits not showing in club information page

    Nope, none of the above have changed anything, confused at what it might be :/ Edit: I'm going to try removing everything, apart from my save game, see if that works :confused:
  14. 2D Kits not showing in club information page

    It's been re-installed multiple times already and still a same problem with Bradford PA's kits. Going to try the clear cache idea now.