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  1. This skin is probably my favourite so far and one with very few issues. However, one thing bothering me is the stadium pic on the club info overview. It doesn't seem to be using the full image, as seen in the screenshot below I have put a side by side comparison from this skin and Rensie Purple, they use the same stadium pic but on TCS it is cropped. Is there a way to resize it so the stadium box uses the full image instead of cropping? Also, is there a way to edit the scoreboard to show full team names? The scoreboard is spot on tbh, nice and clean, however I would prefer full names inste
  2. If you're interested in English leagues, you could download the level 10 database, most of the teams at the lowest levels have pretty much no players.
  3. Need to remove the 3D kit files from the graphics folder. Either that or make new 3D Kits to go with the ones you want to change
  4. Check your preferences for what I've circled and make sure it is unticked?
  5. Three 0-0's in a row after updating, clearly messed the match engine up yet again. It was spot on before, now its a boring snooze fest.
  6. What did you do to increase the scoreboard size in the match screen please, if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Apologies in advance if there is already a thread like this, with these questions. Point me in the right direction and close this if needs be. How much has changed from the BETA following the full release of FM21 and would it be worth starting a new save? I'm about 5 or 6 months in with my BETA so not mega far in, so basically is there any major changes that would mean starting over is more recommended, or is the majority of bug fixes save game compatible?
  8. First season budgets are always pretty low I think. Clubs have already spent the majority of their budget for that transfer window. To answer you question though, I started a save with Chelsea and the budget was £12m with £108m in the balance.
  9. Not a fan of the skin not having team colours at the top (apart from the small bit behind the badge), especially on the team page.
  10. I must be firing blanks then as i've never had one come through
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