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  1. I'm loving and following this post. Keep up the good work! Any encouragement we can give to you will be shown here ♥
  2. Is there a small chance you may retake the project after the editor is patched? Because it's gonna be patched soon, I believe in Neil's words.
  3. Here's a small cheer-up, hoping motivation can help with your work. Take all the time you need, we will be here, waiting for your quality work once again!
  4. Windows 10 sadly, and nothing I can see as a backup folder ^^U If it's just a matter of waiting, I can wait without problems~
  5. Is there any info about when this will become available? Right now the option isn't there (as shown in the picture below) and the game doesn't start if my 22MB sized file is inside the editor data folder (almost 1 hour loading, never being able to complete the task.), but as soon as I move that file away from editor data, the game works as intended. So will the option the Pre-Game Editor claim to exist appear in the near future? Or should we wait for anything else? I hope for an update soon, as I wanna test my file to know where it needs to be fixed. Cheers and let's all enjoy FM19!
  6. Well, long story short: I wanted more panels, rows and information porn on my games, and there are almost no skin I like in my resolution (1366x768) so I edited a skin with no knowledge about skinning to get what I wanted. And I managed to do it! It doesn't look that different to the original, but it now has the little details I wanted. Basically, I changed things by trial and error, touching here and there until (almost) everything looked good. What doesn't look good are basically two things I captured in this screen: http://i.imgur.com/TU0d02E.png Since I'm zoomed out at 75%, "long" numbers show like what you see inside the red circles. The same happens with Last 5 games at the Squad screen. Since I couldn't "move" the limit on those panels, the solution I found was to locate the font used for attributes numbers and replace it with a "thin" font. And hooray, I was semibold, I changed the font for it and the numbers were shown how I wanted, except that the header (or blue circle thing) also took the changes and it looks so narrow now that it barely serves its purpose. So, header.xml should tell me how to define the text only for header and maybe use the same thing for ... but I do not have a skin to modify from by trial and error or the knowledge to do so. Or do the same just for the attributes numbers, or numbers at all since the Last 5 Games isn't solved by this and I do not want to reduce the font size, it's at the minimum possible size I can read (especially for match widgets) and I literally spent hours playing with font sizes to get there by watching the same goal and reading the same news over and over again. So I'd need some help from the experts to get the piece that would let me edit "just" those couple of things. I don't care too much about Last 5 games tbh, but I do care about the other two things as they're kinda essential. TL;DR: Noob needs how to specify a font to use just for attribute numbers, or any number if possible, and another one to use just for the header.
  7. Except that AFC allowed North Korean teams to participate this year since the only thing AFC cared about was how they dealt with transfers (or some **** like that, it was just a technical issue and not anything political). In fact, Rimyongsu came as runner up of the last AFC President's Cup this year and April 25 will take part of the AFC Cup on 2015, unless they decline their spot of course. The only nations yet to send clubs into international competitions are Afghanistan, Brunei, Guam, Laos, Macau, Northern Mariana and East Timor. Most of them just need to send and application though.
  8. Using your files since 2011, glad to see this one so quick. Thank you again and again, and add another thumbs up!
  9. Nido

    "Master File"

    I see, so I'll need to try and be careful not to mess it up x_x Hope I don't need to ask for repairs ^^U Thanks for the responses both of you!
  10. I guess thread necromancy is banned as in most sites, but... question comes from this old topic I have at my bookmarks as the main topic =P Thing is, in the past I was frustrated after making many new leagues and rules just for the game to get errors here and there because of clashing IDs and such, so I took a big hiatus from editing, didn't touch it since FM12 tbh, but I love to add that personal feeling to my games and since a new FM will come in some months, well... I was thinking on making some edits on FM13 in anticipation Idea is to create a master file, creating most unavaiable competitions, maybe some clubs, and some modifications especially regarding to Nations, like updating some national team, captains, and so. You know, minor stuff but tedious and time consuming x_x! Then, once everything is set and done, I'd just load database, create the nation rules and done, hoping no ID issues will happen. Did someone already test if this helps to avoid ID clashing? Or should I test it myself and check? How many nation files should I run together to be sure it really works? Should I drink coffee or hot chocolate while doing it? 8D Well, that for now ^^U
  11. Too bad he's rated at 2 1/2 stars. PS: Still at FM11, blame me, but I love this save and my time is not as much as I'd like to "end" this game as I want.
  12. I have Ghana as the current world champions on my save (I'm at 2017, FM11 game), but on an older FM (07 I think?) I saw Turkey lifting the trophy and then failing to qualify for the next world cup. Also that save got Georgia as European Champions, somewhere on the 2020s. BTW, Ghana final group at CAF qualifiers is them along Tunisia, Angola and Zambia, with Tunisia having a hell of a newgen striker
  13. readme explains why there's two =) I personally use the 3 years file if you wanna skip the long part.
  14. It's not French, it's "French" =P Hard to explain, but look for Etoile FC (Singapore) on the Wikipedia and you'll get the info. S.League tends to put "foreigners" team on their league with special rules for themselves, tough AFC won't let them qualify (in real life) to any of their competitions.
  15. Yes, these ones where used when the file was run (and I did recommend it at the readme), and may be the reason why North Korea did so well at President's, since it was the only active league from the bottom 16 (but anyways, I expect them to dominate since the toughest oppositions seems to be Palestine, Pakistan, Banghladesh or Cambodia, or at least most tests gave that impression) The only problem concerning leagues were that leagues not ending before AFC competitions starts seems to send teams based on whatever but last season standings =( it even happens to nations that were included in the game, like India, but I didn't get to work it around. It's my first attempt at doing a continental file, so I'm sure there's some room of improvement I couldn't see.
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