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  1. Lazio or AC Milan

    Lazio without a doubt. Good all round squad, some very good young players to bring through.
  2. anyone manage to renew Dahoud's contract? I am finishing off my first season, playing a 343 variant.
  3. FM Magazine

    I think there was an E Magazine for a small sub fee. it was pulled due to legal breaches, I think?
  4. Question About Initial Setup

    I typically look at what Nation I going to start with. Then include countries that surround the nation
  5. FM17: VfL Wolfsburg - Die Wölfe

    Hi mate, Welcome to thread. The squad is short up front depending on you tactics. In your 4231, Gomez will obviously be your focal point. I would set up as below - Keeper. Your choice here. DR/Support - Jung CB- Knoche/Bruma Wing Back/support - Rodriguez CML/Defend - Gustavo B2B/support - Arnold AML/ Inside forward - Draxler AP - Didvi AMR- attack - your choice here. FC - CF/A
  6. Conceding late goals...

    Utilise the touchline team talks - Assertive= concentrate/ tighten up etc.
  7. 3-5-2 HELP!

    I think your better off with Wingbacks, adjusting mentality to suit the players.
  8. Season 2 – Development Whilst starting where we left off in the first season. I moved from an attacking midfielder to a Deep Lying Playmaker position. This started well, but I experimented with a Regista, DM on support, but I was struggling in getting the actual position right (in my mind). I couldn’t achieve the space and time that I wanted this role to have on the ball. The lack of time and space could have been attribute to several factors – A high D-Line. Opposition playing a 4231 formation (very common in the Bundesliga) The role as allocated. The season wasn’t a failure, as I finished third, but wasn’t not able to play I had intended. Season 3 – Success A slight change in roles/duties to align my team to the below positions as pictured (Juventus). Naturally I do not have the type of player’s role for role, so to adapt with some PI’s and change in overall mentality to the team instructions. Philosophy Attacking with multiple threats from different areas. Develop youth players for first team (Club Philosophy) Champions League Qualification (Allows to keep important players at the club) Wolfsburg 352 – Fluid Forwards – I experimented a lot with the Complete Forwards role to an Advanced Forward, Deep Lying Forward (attack & support), however this was mainly due to player availability within the squad as I had Guidetti & Gomez up front, until I signed Klaassen. · Complete Forward / Attack - Close Down More / Tackle Harder I wanted this role to be the focal point of the team, so other players can work from him. · False Nine – The link up player, who can either play the CF in or distribute the ball wide or back into the midfield. Klaassen, plays this role perfectly. Midfield – The biggest changed was to move the DMC role up to a more centralised role. I found that playing deeper his influence was nullified a lot. Coquelin is really the teams Pogba, he such a high workrate and strong physical stats that he really commands the midfield, which I think assists the DLP role (Krychowiak). Arnold/Draxler’s role, is trying to emulate Khedira’s role, in getting forward. · BBM – Close Down More / Get Further Forward. · DLP – · CM / A – Close Down More Defence – This has been trial & error, especially with the Wing Backs. In getting this right I have had to take into account the players PPM’s. Jung – Gets Forward Whenever Possible. He also has great speed, which allows him to recover if out of position. Hector – Has not got any PPM’s, but is an attacking Wing Back. Whom also has great speed, and crossing.
  9. FM17: VfL Wolfsburg - Die Wölfe

    @Lufcberg22 How are you traveling? I am January in my 3rd season and looking very good for the title. I few tweaks to my tactics, which I will add to my thread in the other forum. Transfers Second Season
  10. FM17: VfL Wolfsburg - Die Wölfe

    I have just sold Rodriquez to Man City for $35M, it has freed up $160K worth of wages a week. Brought in Hector from Koln at $13M and $80K p/w.
  11. The Salida Lavolpiana, sometimes referenced as Lavolpista, is a concept used in football to refer to the start of the offensive phase in which the central defenders fan out wide and a central midfielder drops in between. In a 352 system, the central player between the side positioned centre backs is already there. So in FM terms, high anticipation, positioning, composure, & teamwork are a must for the Centre backs. The finished product is not quite there at the moment. I am hoping at the end of season 2 to have it as I want it. Which the above becomes key.
  12. FM17: VfL Wolfsburg - Die Wölfe

    I have put it up. Rodriquez wanted to go to Man City, I waited until the end of the season and resigned him at $135K a week and minus the min release clause. Draxler is still in the side unlike IRL. Gomez started slowly but finished really well.
  13. After watching a inspiring "Youtube" video on "Conte's Chelsea System" (Link below) by Rashidi on "Bust The Net channel" it, really got me thinking about jumping outside the comfort zone of the standard tactics that I have gone down in past FM series, so thank you. I wanted to create a system that could mirror one of the most successful teams of the last couple of years being Juventus and their 352 attacking/possession style of play. The exception and the challenge, whilst my team had some of the components to take on the roles and the desired style, as FM is becoming its not all cookie cutter stuff. I got it wrong enough times to know I needed to develop it over 2-3 seasons. I started by copying the above tactic to the letter! but failed? I wonder why, but it had taught me some valuable lessons along the way. I am not Chelsea. I do not have the players to play that system. I have to adjust every match to suit, availability, team, and current form. Wolfsburg 352 System - Season 1 I want to morph into a Juventus style of play, but I lack a Deep Lying Playmaker like Pirlo (As Most teams). I have solid midfielders, but no Pogba or Khedira. I have great Wing Backs in Rodriguez & Horn on the left. I have Blaszczykowsi, Jung and Vierinha on the right.(I did sell Vierinha later) Centrally I have Knoche, Burma, Wollscheid and Cana whom a brought in. In Midfield I have Gustavo, Gerhardt(inj), Arnold, Guilavogui(inj), Seguin, and players brought in - Coquelin & Serdar So rather, than try a Pirlo DLP I opted to play a AMC in Draxler or Didavi as an AP(A) until I can develop my own version of a Pirlo. Team below, although not actually my best eleven. Defensive line and mentality played a major role in applying this to my team. As my 3 central defenders were not overly quick as i learnt early. I did start with a very high D-Line and tried to play the offside trap, but failed often. I ended up settling for a high line with control, but if I felt i was getting exploited I would first drop my mentality from Control to Standard, before opting the D-Line adjustment. If I was facing very quick sides or strikers, I would occasionally drop deeper and play on the counter. This option I would have to change my forward roles and apply some other TO's such as hit early crosses. Adjustments - Adjust mentality first approach, before my D-Line. On the Counter, My DFL(S), would go to AF and my CF(A) would go support. Now this was down to my players I had in Guidetti & Mario Gomez, I would then adjust my TI's to Early Crosses and take off play out of defence. Season 2 Objectives. I really are now on developing my own type of Pirlo type of player. I am developing Serdar and Akkaynak through adding PPM's such as Dictate play. Tries long range passes etc. Add a couple of quicker central defenders - de Vrij and Baumgartl coming in, both add a little more to the team. Other positions, I have covered off. I dod however see the demise of the AMC in this team. But don't want to move players on yet. Would really appreciate some constructive feed back. This is not a drop and play tactic, I have made that mistake myself by trying to copy the above. But this seems to fit my team.