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  1. I am using the following with great success. Will get a streak of draws, but overall a great tactic.
  2. Ok, its taken me a bit, but i have worked through a few seasons - Season 2020/21 Transfers In - Mendy picked picked up for good value at Left Back. Sangare - Excellent cover for a box to box mid or Centre Back. Transfers Out Well, lopez out for a record $62M followed by Thauvin for $50M both wanted to leave. League Focus - Highlight of the season winning the Champions League
  3. Frankfurt, .... Leverkusen & Leipzig have great squads.
  4. I think we need more expressive options, such as - Assertive : - For XXck sake pull your finger out! Passionate :- you call that effort, you guys could not work in an iron lung! Assertive:- I have seen posts run harder than you lot. Need something for the frustrated manager to spit at.
  5. Kevin Ehlers DC $2M Armel Bella-Kotchap DC - $5M Marco Friedl - D.WBL (Austrian) Oliver Bastista Meier MR/L Simon Asta DR Giani -Luca Itter DL Felix Uduokhai
  6. D:\Programs\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data
  7. Hi All, Just looking for some help in trying to find out how to locate my database file? As it not appearing in the drop down list? Saved the DB in the "editor data" folder, Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S if there is a guide to loading db's that would be great.
  8. I am glad its been reported. He is a right footed player, who can play Left back.
  9. Finally completed my first first season. For most part, pretty happy with my tactic and how the squad fitted into it. Has I moved on a lot of players, my squad did get pretty thin there for a while, once the yellow cards kicked in. PSG had a fantastic season - We ended up undefeated, but 9 draws did hurt in the end - Happy with the squad, after signing Fode Ballo-Toure at left back - Squad View
  10. He has been injured on my save, and has not been able to break into the midfield due to Lopez & Sanson's form.
  11. @nico_france did you end up keeping Thauvin or did you off load him? I think the latter, as the wages are extraordinary high.
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