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  1. And the difference in being owned by a a billionaire?? Football ownership as changed. but anyways off topic.
  2. Frederik Norrestend (DR) $500k - Brondby
  3. I always pretty much play in the Bundesliga. I think its far more even league, even with Bayern and Dortmund in it. In Feb in season 3, on top lead Dortmund 3 points - Squad in image
  4. good choice. I am just starting my third season. Finished 6th, and then 2nd.
  5. Try Wolfsburg.. You have a reasonable squad, around $15M for transfers, so good youth.
  6. Tony, read your statement?? There are no license issues with Stadium Images
  7. just started with Sturm Graz
  8. Horn is probably the best GK in the Bundestag - $15.5 release clause and worth it. I always sign him for my Wolfsburg saves/
  9. Under staff responsibilities it lists that the DOF fires/hires First team manager?
  10. Director of Football - What is the point?? I hire him and can fire him, but he can fire the manager (me)????
  11. Once again mate, great opening post. looking forward to the thread developing over th next few weeks.
  12. Try Olympique Lyon, a great youthful team with awesome talent.
  13. The default skins / colour are terrible, the worst seen. I always use the default skins, but this year cannot wait for mods.
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