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  1. DirtyJoe


    Under staff responsibilities it lists that the DOF fires/hires First team manager?
  2. DirtyJoe


    Director of Football - What is the point?? I hire him and can fire him, but he can fire the manager (me)????
  3. Once again mate, great opening post. looking forward to the thread developing over th next few weeks.
  4. Try Olympique Lyon, a great youthful team with awesome talent.
  5. Funny you say that, I am in a Wolsfburg save
  6. The default skins / colour are terrible, the worst seen. I always use the default skins, but this year cannot wait for mods.
  7. Finally, so fantastic tactical options
  8. DirtyJoe

    Has anyone tried...

    I Play a similar formation but a lot more attacking, using a high press. DLFs. AF. DLFs CMs DLPd. BWMs FBs CD CD WBa Fluid/Attacking, close down high, a few PPMs etc close down opposition defenders It works a treat
  9. DirtyJoe

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    Agree with the opening post - just another useless widget, that needs to be switch off.
  10. Has this been mentioned anywhere yet? Why you have to spend multiple season improving training facilities etc to World Class etc. As most clubs do this in one hit when they do?
  11. I always manage within the Bundesliga, but No National team was the main problem?? This is like a why bother? I will d/l a mod fix like always.
  12. You have Maxi Arnold? a fantastic player in the AMC, who is great at long shots or late runs?
  13. DirtyJoe

    Football Manager Live

    A pity is was discontinued.
  14. DirtyJoe

    Selling players

    Nice topic btw. A lot of relevance, but usually you will need to sell at atleast half the players value. On the other hand the A1 managers always seem to hold firm on their listed price, no negotiation what so ever??
  15. DirtyJoe

    Coach report question

    Staff Responsibilities list