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  1. Yes i believe last year was the same issue and on full version game got alot smoother.
  2. 3D has less fos but i assume since its beta, optimization isnt 100%
  3. I Finished a season on the beta and with a db of 80k players and 1 league selected i found the game a bit heavy and with some 3D problems. Anyone else running the game on Linux through steam ? My system specs are: i5 6300HQ, Nvidia 960M, 8G RAM. I Have to clean my pc and put 8G more of RAM but just wondering if this could be related to my Hardware or Software.
  4. Between Koln, Stuttgard, Schalke, HSV or Hertha who do you guys think will have the best youth and best youth facilities (gotta get those regens) on FM2020? Schalke is the least interesting because it seems like an easy save to get them top4. Stuttgard looks the best with Koln on the middle terms but i still havent decided.
  5. Cant decide between Koln, Schalke or Hertha for FM2020. Anyone has suggestions? Club without Europe with nice facilities and good Youth Income.
  6. FM2020, doing a SAF with Koln and Kaiserslautern. Then trying Croatia and Belgium.
  7. Also, Bundesliga with Koln and Kaiserslautern later in the game!
  8. Milan, Lille, Aston Villa or West Ham, Famalicao, Valencia, HSV or any German team with good youth, Hajduk, Standard Liege.
  9. Any tips do manage Dresden?
  10. Starting with Dresden, any good players for lower league?
  11. I rejected and he is unhappy now but i will try to keep him with me or sell for more money.
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