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  1. So close but some defeats ruined my 1st place ambitions. Time to prepare the squad for second division now.
  2. After loosing my Hamburg save where i had 3 straight CL wins and after my Parma save where i won CL on 5th season im also starting a save on Kaiserslautern. My inspiration was being a big fan of Bundesliga and some players i remember on this club like Ballack and Klose. The objective is to surpass Bayern internally. This is probably going to be my last FM20 save. So far i think i will play in a 4-4-2 because we have alot of strikers on the squad. Lets hope the game is nice to me on the Youth Intakes
  3. Champions! Now im not sure if i will continue this same or if i will start on germany / spain last division. Gonna take some days to think about it.
  4. Best game ive ever seen from my team Same agregate from last year but this time we are in the finals. 4 games to go and we are champions! Lets go boys!
  5. Regens arent great here but i changed my Head of Youth and expect better results. Having Gravenberch and Inhattaren with Esposito would be amazing but oh well. Could had Ibai Pena as sub with Arezo but since i had the money and Fabio Silva is quality, why not? Im sure an English team will offer me good for any one of them in 2/3 years. Arezo is a sub and has Milan interested. But yeah i could have saved money on Fabio Silva. Thats how team looks now
  6. Starting a save with Pontevedra, from bottom to La Liga. Lets see how this goes.
  7. Right now the only hard team here is Juventus.
  8. Thinking about picking a second division team and try to get them play Champions League Football. My two ideas are IBK Keflavik from Iceland or Vejle BK from Denmark because they both are from second division and both with Great Trainning and Youth Facilities. Personally thinking going iceland for the first time but i know the other league probably make better talents and better regens... Any tips?
  9. Imagine a Parma player being the best in the world
  10. Only 4 players from my Serie A winning side starting eleven are staying so it will be really hard to win again considering they have to get used to play together. And im dropping the 4-4-2 to play Esposito alone. I could have got Zirkzee but i prefer to have Reyna as a Shadow Striker.
  11. Did a backup save and quit Parma because i saw Palermo job available on Serie C. Applied and: For now i think i will be playing the Palermo version now
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