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  1. This was posted today, I haven't watched it yet, but I feel its relevant to the thread.
  2. I'm playing as Schalke, creating a version of this system and I'm hoping Juventus send West McKennie back as I'm looking to use him in the Tevez role.
  3. Great month with some tough games, amazingly we are back top of the league. Maybe promotion is on the cards?! Leeds was tough loss, in truth we took a battering - but their team is class above, coached by one of the best in the business. Fulham was a much more close encounter, but they are basically running a Premier League standard squad in most areas - especially with Mitrovic up front. We responded throughout the month emphatically. Particularly the Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest wins - we looked solid at both ends of the pitch. Hugill is really starting to impress with another 6 goal
  4. Its an under appreciated part of the game. Tactics are boring after a length of time, putting together teams that make sense is lot more enjoyable.
  5. A tougher month than those prior, which maybe indicative of where we are as a team, however we still managed to hold our position at the top the league. The Cardiff loss was particularly disappointing as it was an error of judgement on my part - which I have outlined below. The wins over Blackburn and Brentford were top performances, especially Brentford where an early lead was quickly levelled up after half time, but the introduction of Jack Clarke who scored a goal after dribbling from one end of the pitch to the other got us a result I think we deserved - a goal which I think be a goal of t
  6. It's alright atm, a lot more micromanagement in games than I like to do - but its getting results. Cheers! Hugill isn't bad at this level, I could do a lot worse. If we don't go up this season then I don't think I'm going to invest in a striker as he's likely not going to be good enough when I'm promoted - so I'll likely use the loan market.
  7. Another solid month in the league, ending with us top of the league. Tough to see how we will stay there as we are so reliant on the first XI playing every game. That's not to do a disservice to the team, 9 goals in 3 games and only a loss on penalties away at Spurs is very promising. I think if this form carries on and we are around the promotion spots come January I may rethink my transfers plans of waiting until the summer and enter the loan market to strengthen the team. Jack Clarke has been the biggest surprise of the season. I believe he's second top scorer with all of his goals coming f
  8. I've been looking for a final save to see me through until FM21 and having listened to a few podcasts by Sir Les - I really got intrigued by QPR. It looks as great a challenge in game as does in real life to transition the team into one that can challenge for promotion to the Premier League. Remaining very competitive in the league, whilst look after the finances is the exact type of save I'm looking into (loans at the club are being repaid totalling 375k a month, which will cripple the squad/recruitment the longer we are in the Championship). I'm not going to go in-depth into the pre-s
  9. It’s like waiting for Mike Ashley to **** off... this takeover will be it, no the next one... this take over is the one... oh Kenyon get it done this time... The beta will drop at 5...6...7...8.. life eh
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The season has concluded, did we manage to continue our rampant league form and bring home the Serie D title and gain promotion? First let's have a quick reminder of my aims for the season, what I wanted to achieve by the end of the season; Italian Serie D Group A: Promotion Italian Serie D Cup: Not overly bothered, money for winning might be helpful Not overly difficult, considering our storming first half of the season, we should have won the league at a canter right? By the end of Christmas and the
  11. Cracking season there @quee Do Parma still have money issues like in the past?
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