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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    So good they named him twice.
  2. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well, it'd have been 6-0 and that would have technically been a different outcome
  3. Yes! Could I get Renick's profile and also maybe something showing how Wales has done internationally since the start of the game? Thanks for all your work
  4. Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Wow that 13-0 loss (last season) really came out of nowhere! Hope this year's championship goes better than previous attempts
  5. Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Wow what a start! *quietly* maybe it's your year?...
  6. [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Lovely goal, that Good luck in the Europa League!
  7. Wow what a fee! Meanwhile I move on loan.... to Hull.... -__-
  8. [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Holy hell your money is insane!
  9. Looks like I'm keeping Fola Jack out of the first team at West Brom
  10. [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Nice job in the group, hope your boys get the result against Spain!
  11. Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Only just caught up with your Africa challenge, but looking forward to seeing how this goes in America! Good Luck!
  12. Haha fair enough! Any chance Renick will get a big money move soon?
  13. Welcome to West Brom, Fola Jack!
  14. [Enter title in the space provided]

  15. [Enter title in the space provided]

    Well he clearly now needs to win the Euros and World Cup with England