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  1. Tullem

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Finally got back into running after almost a month of inactivity due to illness and a niggly knee injury. Only 8 weeks to go until a marathon Trying to run 5/7 days a week. I already cycle 4 miles two and from work anyway so general fitness isn't too bad, but going to be tough getting up to marathon pace in 2 months.
  2. Tullem

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Aside from the above, anyone found any good Easter weekend deals for PCs/Laptops? Looking to get something (either) with a budget of around £600, ideally with SSD and enough cooling power to not overheat when playing FM
  3. Tullem

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Hardly ever posted in here before (hardly ever post on the forums full stop anymore..) but here goes; I'm going to a wedding on Friday with a girl I've been sort of seeing who is 3 years younger than me (her final year of uni). I won't know anyone there and she only knows the bride so should be interesting.. Anyone had any experience going to a wedding blind, as-it-were, as a date? While I'm not really sure I'm into her that much and do worry that she's looking for something more long term that I have in mind, I am currently having a bloody good time - her libido is quite something Maybe it's because I came out of a long-term, relatively sex-less relationship about 5 months ago and have only had smatterings of action since, but still - wow [/brag]
  4. Tullem

    The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*

    New ep available from 10 on Now tv. I too am only watching because of the amount of time ive invested in it already
  5. Tullem

    The Apprentice 2017

    I just caught up today. While I quite liked both contestants I'm not sure either business was really worth that investment? Shambles of a decision.
  6. Tullem

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Ran a 24:44 on a particularly muddy Parkrun yesterday, felt slow too and yet is my best this running 'season', so lots to build on.
  7. Tullem

    The travelling thread

    Yeah I've also been to Milan and found it relatively boring. We only really went (this was about 3 years ago) so we could get the train to Como for a day which was really good.
  8. Tullem

    Bliss' he's bored at work Xmas guessing game!

    You inadvertently opened your journal to a page on which you'd drawn numerous todgers.
  9. Tullem

    Bliss' he's bored at work Xmas guessing game!

    His right hand, clearly!
  10. Tullem

    Bliss' he's bored at work Xmas guessing game!

    Just caught up with this (hence the sporadic post liking) and well, this is just the best!! Looking forward to getting involved
  11. Tullem

    Video crew takes film of starving polar bear

    Mustn't have been easy to film and not intervene but of course I understand the reasons why they couldn't. Poor chap
  12. Tullem

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Yeah fresh weather for a parkrun today. -2C at mine and I managed to get a pretty decent time (25:12) considering I haven't run for about a month now due to illness. Starting the marathon training in earnest on Monday
  13. Tullem


    Q9 tonight, thought I was doing well until that one about some author I'd never heard of