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  1. Tullem

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Aside from the above, anyone found any good Easter weekend deals for PCs/Laptops? Looking to get something (either) with a budget of around £600, ideally with SSD and enough cooling power to not overheat when playing FM
  2. If only he could have done the same IRL!
  3. Tullem

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    So good they named him twice.
  4. Tullem

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well, it'd have been 6-0 and that would have technically been a different outcome
  5. Yes! Could I get Renick's profile and also maybe something showing how Wales has done internationally since the start of the game? Thanks for all your work
  6. Tullem

    Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Wow that 13-0 loss (last season) really came out of nowhere! Hope this year's championship goes better than previous attempts
  7. Tullem

    Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Wow what a start! *quietly* maybe it's your year?...
  8. Tullem

    [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Lovely goal, that Good luck in the Europa League!
  9. Wow what a fee! Meanwhile I move on loan.... to Hull.... -__-
  10. Tullem

    [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Holy hell your money is insane!
  11. Tullem

    Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Only just caught up with your Africa challenge, but looking forward to seeing how this goes in America! Good Luck!
  12. Welcome to West Brom, Fola Jack!