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  1. Wow that 13-0 loss (last season) really came out of nowhere! Hope this year's championship goes better than previous attempts
  2. Wow what a start! *quietly* maybe it's your year?...
  3. Lovely goal, that Good luck in the Europa League!
  4. Wow what a fee! Meanwhile I move on loan.... to Hull.... -__-
  5. Holy hell your money is insane!
  6. Looks like I'm keeping Fola Jack out of the first team at West Brom
  7. Nice job in the group, hope your boys get the result against Spain!
  8. Only just caught up with your Africa challenge, but looking forward to seeing how this goes in America! Good Luck!
  9. Haha fair enough! Any chance Renick will get a big money move soon?
  10. Welcome to West Brom, Fola Jack!
  11. This!!!
  12. Well he clearly now needs to win the Euros and World Cup with England
  13. Leatherhead winning the Septuple I know we should expect it of you now but, bloody well done!
  14. The fact he's on £10pw and is valued at £15M is quite funny Moving to Barca now may mean fewer goals... Glad to see Renick kicking on with the first team apps and goals at West Brom
  15. Well it must be down to that Italian right back then and his excellent ex-manager