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  1. Racing with a last ditch attempt to stay in the league! Good luck in your final game!
  2. GL and I will be following!
  3. Well he didn't last long!
  4. Thanks for that! It certainly is interesting, especially to see so many back in Norway now (and in the lower leagues or having spent time recently in the lower leagues, no less). Also its fun to look at some of those players and wonder if they regret their decision to move from your club, like Vebjørn Atle Gamst, for instance, who appears to have only made 3 league appearances for first teams in 7 years!
  5. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing Cambodia win the WC with your youth players
  6. Fantastic career! Just read through the whole thing and the progress you've made is amazing, great to see its effects on Norwegian football too with the CL + EL places increasing and Molde and Rosenborg doing well in Europe too Could you give us another former player update? Would be interesting to see the number of league appearances Skorpen is getting at Real Madrid, as well as how the others that went to the Premier league and beyond are doing.
  7. Ouch, that group! So you'll probs be moving on from Austria soon then
  8. I was at FK Austria Wien too good luck!
  9. Following me with the Jets there Did you not load up the Aussie regional divisions or did you just not fancy doing them? (I wouldnt blame you!) Maybe in Austria you'll get an offer from Dornbirn, possibly my fav club in my save!
  10. Yes it is and it's was interesting to see the others that I've managed come up against you as I've been reading this thread ( I must admit - I was sorta rooting for Sagrada Esperança when you were playing in Angola as they were a favourite of mine ). EDIT: Oh also it was good to see you do well with DRB Tadjenanet in Algeria as the ******* in the boardroom sacked me after only a few months when I went there!
  11. Great to see another A to Z but I can't believe I missed this until now! Just got caught up and I'm glad you carried on through bouts of burnout as I love reading your A-Z challenges. Last year I attempted it myself and got to Austria before burning out (plus my MacBook Air was struggling pretty hard to cope). Hopefully for FM18 I'll have a brand new super quick PC and will get the instant result skin too (I was playing the games out in full..!) but until now I will live out my A-Z challenge needs vicariously through you This was my career come the point where I ended, btw. Nice to see some overlapping clubs KUTGW
  12. Post 3 in this thread has all the versions of the database including the last one (4/12/16) Here's the link to that post:
  13. I just looked back at previous seasons and Roffey 3s and Maresfield Village 3s were in the cup the two years previous... playing the likes of Valencia U19s and Fiorentina U19s . bizarre!
  14. Just loaded up my save after a bit of a hiatus. I'm in my 3rd season (18/19) and see my 3rd team are set to play a UEFA Youth League 1st Qual. Round game against Vfl Wolfsburg U19s for some reason ... They are still at Level 14 and didn't win a cup or anything so no idea why they are in it. Quite funny to see the thirds in a big european cup though! Will report back when we inevitably get thrashed.