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  1. Wow what a season! KUTGW
  2. Not the sort of intake you're used to!
  3. Quite a change of scenery! And I'm pretty sure Leatherhead is owned by someone with a fair bit of money IRL (hence Jimmy Bullard's involvement..) so not too surprised by their budgets in game.
  4. Nice to see Brighton in the EL
  5. Not a problem! Kinda hoping Renick gets loaned out as he doesn't seem likely to get any games at West Brom at the mo..
  6. I know I'm not part of this experiment so excuse me if I'm encroaching a little but I just thought it might be a nice idea to keep a check up on the players that you add to various nations and see how they are getting on caps/goals wise. Maybe a little table?
  7. I've lost a Sony Vaio to excessive heat (it was a custom build and I didn't chose a fan/cooling system appropriate for the spec so it was inevitable but FM didn't help) and my current MacBook Air was struggling with heat (play a bit of FM on it, which I know it isn't really build for, but it was overheating regularly anyway - going to a genius bar soon with a suspected wifi hardware problem). I concur with the laptop fan stand idea. Currently sit my Air on one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01CZNP978/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 £13.99 from Amazon and doesn't seem to cut out if left on for a long time like some I have had in the past did. It means I can continue using it and even play FM on my Air without causing any (additional) problems
  8. Huang Zhibin looks immense! Unlucky in the final! Will you be staying on at Bilbao do you think..?
  9. Not a problem Makoto! Glad to hear you'll be back with this soon, have a nice time in Cyprus!
  10. Interesting 'tache for a 15 year old
  11. So Fredrik Oldrup Jensen will now be made Mauritian? Really liking the idea of this experiment and am excited to see how these changes will affect the game
  12. Well in with the WC goalscorer record, Makoto
  13. Shame I missed the sign up as this looks like it'll be an interesting game! Will be following!
  14. Damn Renick, 30 goals in 33 games at TNS and now seemingly limited chance at West Brom, only two starts... BUT, super impressed he got a goal for Wales at 16