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  1. Wow the league's rep is very impressive! Hope it keeps rising!
  2. Great result against France considering! Also, where did Jorge Picon come from originally then? Or is he Benfica bred? Impressive nonetheless and good news for your save if Andorrans are developing elsewhere!
  3. Issue a warning or fine one week's wages
  4. Not a terrible fee for Portilla! Got to hope you get someone through in the youth candidates to replace him! Also, good luck getting to the next Euro! I reckon with that group Andorra should be in good stead going into the playoff thing
  5. No move to Europe yet for Bluefin then! (Posting to signal I'm still interested in the thread haha )
  6. Should be getting a good price for him then?
  7. All set to qualify for Euro 2036 then (Hope I'm not jinxing you!)
  8. Also, have Mauritius not had any internationals in game yet? Was sort of hoping Bluefin would get straight into the first team and become all time world record apps holder
  9. £55 a week yet valued at £8.25M! Madness! They need to pay Georgio more at Al-Sadd Though I see I've got 'wnt' by my name, so will I be seeing a transfer away already?
  10. Amazing progress being made iacovone! I imagine it won't be too long before you qualify for a tournament!
  11. I would love to see more sign ups! I always sign up (if I see the thread in time) and am usually very active throughout the sign up, shame there are so many, as podunkboy says, that sign up then don't post...
  12. Glad this thread seems to have had its formatting sorted since the forum update, didn't want to see this career update on the scrapheap! KUTGW