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  1. Seeing one of your former players (and an Andorran!) go on to score 20+ goals in the PL (in a season) must be a proud moment for you iacovone
  2. Can't rely on any other Andorran team to do well in Europe!
  3. Sacked for not qualifying! How Andorra's ambitions have changed! Unlucky with that last game against Albania, I'm sure you'll be back in the main job soon!
  4. Excited for Bluefin's move to PSG! I wonder how much game time he will get there though.. Hopefully can add to his single cap with Mauritius soon too!
  5. I am pleased to find this thread not closed (as I thought it was - but I may have dreamt that?!) as I am actually still going with this challenge and would love a place to update without having to start a new thread Last time I posted i was in Andorra and as you can see I've not made it much further on really... still in the A's! Breezed through Angola and Argentina surprisingly easily, the latter being the biggest shock as the transfers I made at Sarmiento de Junin had us completely outshine the opposition, then the squad I inherited at previous runners-up Estudiantes didn't need a lot of tinkering and we also won the cups (albeit both on pens!). Finding it a little tougher in Armenia at the moment as the players available to me are pretty shocking. I am currently top though by two points with 8 games to go. I'm also in the cup semi final so will be hoping to win that this year round and not have to spend another season in Armenia! Anyone else still tackling this challenge?
  6. Wow the league's rep is very impressive! Hope it keeps rising!
  7. Great result against France considering! Also, where did Jorge Picon come from originally then? Or is he Benfica bred? Impressive nonetheless and good news for your save if Andorrans are developing elsewhere!
  8. Issue a warning or fine one week's wages
  9. One cap! That's good news!
  10. Not a terrible fee for Portilla! Got to hope you get someone through in the youth candidates to replace him! Also, good luck getting to the next Euro! I reckon with that group Andorra should be in good stead going into the playoff thing
  11. No move to Europe yet for Bluefin then! (Posting to signal I'm still interested in the thread haha )
  12. Should be getting a good price for him then?