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  1. Glad this thread seems to have had its formatting sorted since the forum update, didn't want to see this career update on the scrapheap! KUTGW
  2. Each Andorran club shipping 5 goals (or more, in your case)
  3. Well!! Got to hope you will be able to keep him out next season then. Edit - Re: Parra
  4. It all rests on that Montenegro game as to whether you'll gain promotion to Division C then! Good Luck
  5. Great to hear you are loving the save! KUTGW
  6. That news is a bit late isn't it? Good to see you in the group stage in Europe again
  7. Wow! Will be even more interesting to have Munoz watch on each update now! If he gets a chance there and continues to improve it'll be interesting to see how that will affect the Andorran national team.
  8. Great read, good luck and I'll be following this thread from now on!
  9. That tiny photographer spinning around on the floor in the circle of Wales players haha
  10. Dean Saunders' parking fine at Birmingham airport will be going up even further then
  11. Also Ramsey just got booked which means he's out of the semi... that could be key, he's been immense.
  12. Fellaini had to score there.. Wales starting to look a little tired, need a sub I think.
  13. What a turn! Keeper could maybe have done better but COME ON WALES!!