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  1. Looking forward to taking Cowfold to the Prem Dan!
  2. Not such a fan of the acronyms all up in that league table! KUTGW I'm sure you can turn around your form soon!
  3. Selling out every week, board should be looking to get you a new stadium when the money comes in, right?
  4. Dynamic odds don't seem to be working too great then :/
  5. Just found myself facing a penalty shootout in the EFL cup and when I go to click Auto-Pick to select penalty takers this instead removes all players I have previously selected.
  6. Another minor issue really but as you can see from the below screenshots when I enter a match my substitutes randomly change order. I like to have them in positional order so this is a little annoying and would be more frustrating if playing with an unfamiliar team/set of players.
  7. Minor one but Casper Ankergren is both a player and a youth team GK coach IRL yet is only contracted as a player in game. Proof: http://www.seagulls.co.uk/news/article/casper-ankergren-looking-to-develop-coaching-career-3126019.aspx
  8. under review

    Came in to post the same so glad to see it's being dealt with. Top work
  9. Doing well so far! Looking forward to following another Makoto career
  10. Quite a minor issue but one that has been bugging me in an otherwise enjoyable evening with the beta: When using my up arrow key to go through the items in the inbox (a process which is incredibly smooth compared to FM16 btw!!) it seems to stop responding to my key press when I land on an U18/U23 match report. This means I have to then click again on an inbox item to be able to use the arrow keys to move up and down again. As I said, quite a minor issue but one that does break up the fluidity of my game when I'm wanting to quickly skim through the inbox, as I do when I ask for a whole load of scout reports and want to just jump between them looking out for a 4*. It does appear to only be these youth squad match reports that cause the issue.
  11. Looking forward to coming back from Brighton v Wolves tonight to find the Beta in my steam library
  12. Also the new Social Feed tab is a great idea. Hopefully will make the inbox less cluttered and only contain more relevant stuff to you, without having to unsubscribe from competitions etc.
  13. That back heel at 3:08 I've preordered already and excited to get going!
  14. Bluefin has always been a fan of Brest so i'm sure he'll have a great loan spell there
  15. Look forward to seeing the next thread in the near future iacovone