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  1. Can anyone post a working .fmf file that includes Itaian Serie D (4th tier) with Palermo in it, unfortunatley the file from claassen doesn't work. Thanks in advance.
  2. 3 U21 players, any nationality, any homegrown sttaus. They just need to be younger than 21.
  3. I think the rest is okay, I played and simulated one season and there where no problems.
  4. Both, you can have max 5 loan players and all of them can play.
  5. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. The rules currently set are good 4. 3 yellow cards= 1 match suspension 5. Yes, only RS has a playoff and relegation system, 1st tier and FBIH have 3 games 6. 5 loan players maximum @zeus77
  6. Only one more thing, if you can put a winter break from round 19. (that should be 1st and 2nd of December), and the break will be until mid february ? @zeus77
  7. A fromer Bosnian international was their coach until this season, they're an ambitious club from Banja Luka where you have Borac Banja Luka, who are in the second league because of financial trouble, Bosnian version of Parma. No problems pal, thank you again !
  8. You didn't understand me, there are two "Zeljeznicar's" in Bosnia. This one you posted the ss for, their stadium is Gradski stadion, that was good. Zeljeznicar Sarajevo(1st tier) is Grbavica. And thank you very much, you did a great job and we're really grateful for it.
  9. No, they play eachother 2 times(16 teams in total 30 matches), 1 club is promoted from both second leagues( Federation of BiH and Republica Srpska), So 2 clubs are promoted.
  10. If it can help you the Gibraltar league has the same structure, teams play eachother 3 times with no league separation.
  11. Yea, there is no playoff, the league just continues with the same points and gd. Well you can put that on random, that some clubs play 6 home and 5 away matches.
  12. Yes they are, the league bascially just continues after the first 22 rounds, with the same points and everything, there is no real separation of the league. Example if the club is on position 6th after the first 22 rounds, it can finish 9th after 33 rounds.
  13. Foreign, only Bosnians are non fgn players, everyone else is.
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