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  1. Quite disturbing. Maybe you should post it in bugs section.
  2. High ratings for CBs?

    They surely know how to use BPD's.
  3. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Looking good.
  4. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    For some reason, it worked for the 1st time, then it stopped after reloading the skin. I probably messed up there. I changed the values of dark and light boxes in settings.xml, it's all good now. Thanks mate.
  5. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Cheers man. 1600x900 (windowed though)
  6. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    I didn't even noticed that this thread was renamed. Great skin, Pikawa! One question though, I hope you can help me with this one. Any way to remove (or edit, to make it fully transparent) this box from player screen? This light-looking box is a bit annoying when I'm on dark background.
  7. [FM16][SKIN] Wannachupbrew FM16

    Mate, just one question. I'm using custom 2D "balls" every year, but it's not working on your skin now (it worked on Scorpio '15). I extracted it in graphics/pitch/icons/2d, but I don't see any changes even after clearing cache, reloading skin, restarting FM... How can I make it work?
  8. Probably, but should be reviewed just in case. PKM uploaded.
  9. good keeping. yeah, will post pkm later...
  10. I've had my share of crazy results. I don't mind occasional goal bonanza (4-2, 4-3, 5-2, etc), it can happen, but 6-10 had to be reported. I'll upload my save game and I hope they'll fix these issues. This happened last season. Fun fact: Ipswich was around 10-15th, whilst Watford was 1st on the table and were undefeated for a while before that game. It's AI vs AI again.