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  1. Quite disturbing. Maybe you should post it in bugs section.
  2. They surely know how to use BPD's.
  3. Looking good.
  4. For some reason, it worked for the 1st time, then it stopped after reloading the skin. I probably messed up there. I changed the values of dark and light boxes in settings.xml, it's all good now. Thanks mate.
  5. Cheers man. 1600x900 (windowed though)
  6. I didn't even noticed that this thread was renamed. Great skin, Pikawa! One question though, I hope you can help me with this one. Any way to remove (or edit, to make it fully transparent) this box from player screen? This light-looking box is a bit annoying when I'm on dark background.
  7. Mate, just one question. I'm using custom 2D "balls" every year, but it's not working on your skin now (it worked on Scorpio '15). I extracted it in graphics/pitch/icons/2d, but I don't see any changes even after clearing cache, reloading skin, restarting FM... How can I make it work?
  8. Probably, but should be reviewed just in case. PKM uploaded.
  9. good keeping. yeah, will post pkm later...
  10. I've had my share of crazy results. I don't mind occasional goal bonanza (4-2, 4-3, 5-2, etc), it can happen, but 6-10 had to be reported. I'll upload my save game and I hope they'll fix these issues. This happened last season. Fun fact: Ipswich was around 10-15th, whilst Watford was 1st on the table and were undefeated for a while before that game. It's AI vs AI again.