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  1. Looks really good. How to remove those boxes around numbers from attributes though, to see just numbers? (on player profile screen, player attributes screen is ok)
  2. That was not the case before, that why I asked. They're after some serious players, it looks like I will struggle. Oh well. No easy way out. Cheers man.
  3. Finished first season with Blyth Spartans, got promoted to National League and noticed there are 18 professional clubs there. In previous FMs, there were 3-4. Is that a bug? Probably not, but I have to ask.
  4. Ademi has mental's of a Jedi master there. I didn't know that best CRO league player, a 27yo guy with 6 caps for Macedonia is good enough to jump straight into starting 11 of top European teams.
  5. Some of my regens are completely the same, long lost brothers, like WBL and AMC here. My mate scanned his photo and then this happened.
  6. I'm on custom skin. Since 18.2.1 text in Titlebar is bolder as well as the selected news in inbox, player attributes *numbers*. Was that a part of an update? Everything worked fine before. Because I have this issue with Gotham font when I select longer headline.
  7. Great ME, SI. From 3 promotions in a row to a team that conceded 90+. I've tried literally everything, but nothing seems to work, while AI keeps putting float crosses from DL/ML/AML to MR/AMR who will score or heads to 6y box where their striker will reach the ball first no matter what and most likely score. Sane has more than 8 dribbles per game this season, wingers are OP as hell, unguardable, full backs can't stop them, no matter what role you give them, if you close them down or man mark. if they want to cross, they will find the way and if it's decent, striker will surely get the ball before defender. And AI would score 3 with Ameobi, Heskey and Samaras up front in 433 narrow/flat. Immobile was 102 times in offside this season in that formation, 65 times more that Calleri who's on 5th place. And some results are more for water polo manager, like 10-2 my mate just had in AI v AI clash. Made a huge mistake updating FM just two days before the start of the season. But then again, it could be my tactic. Or tone of them I tried to ease the issues with this ME.
  8. They are not interested since they recently signed. Tried that. I reckon that would work near transfer deadline, but they would be completely out of shape, so I opted for loans.
  9. I got promoted to BPL with Blyth Spartans. There is a 17fgn limit here instead of work permits, but I negotiated with two players before june 9th (transfer window opens) and june 24th (leagues restart, new tables and stuff) and they came here without work permits. They still have that red wp icon next to their names in mid-july and can't participate in friendlies. Assume that will happen with BPL as well. One of them was supposed to be a key player for me. I can apply for WP in october. Registrated them for BPL - guess that won't help. Is loaning them only solution I have? Guess I have to arrange some loans and recall them in january...
  10. I've been using the same 2d icons/dots on 2d Classic for past 7-8 years. These: Now I can't get them to work since 2d is different this year. Can we change 2d icons at all in FM18, is there a workaround for this?
  11. 2d is shocking. I don't even want to call it 2d classic because it's not. Even when I had top PC, I played 2d instead of 3d, now I can't turn it off in preferences. Set graphics to very low, everything on low/off except rendering so I don't have Sega Genenis look of this 2d, and my CPU/GPU temp reaches around 90c, which is close to overheating, especially before the game, at half time and after the game because of 3d stadium behind it which i don't care about. 2d classic should be an option for everyone, like only commentary and 3d. Absolutely disgusting.
  12. Quite disturbing. Maybe you should post it in bugs section.
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