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  1. please, add this filter to find scouts with x fully known contries edit: *countries lol
  2. hey. what responsabilities should we NOT deliver to the AM?
  3. but i qualified for EC2, perhaps a bug? I also won the cup, im confused
  4. Would vaduz be able to enter the Champions League if they qualified through the Swiss league?
  5. Might come out in 1/2 weeks. Things fixed for the next version: B teams won't play for cup anymore.
  6. Correct kits and colors Real estructure Some players transfers Final realease date: Late December by Almeida fmportugal.net/
  7. i use this model since fm 19, but in this version (20) i was conceding so many goals, that i changed the box to box to CM supporting and the Strikers shooting more often. What are your tweaks, guys?
  8. please add a filter so we can know how many countries a scout cover, instead of looking one by one.
  9. might be just for me, but this happens since beta: https://streamable.com/3mzf0 (sound on please)
  10. on the HUGE list of partner clubs, we should have more filterable settings such as facilities, youth caps, etc
  11. new version, 992mb removed http://www.mediafire.com/file/vcx3ogch7czqu0u/graphics%282%29.fmf/file
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