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  1. zeus77

    Stadium selled

    Hey there. So, i got promoted to the portuguese second division and my amatour club (Berço SC) became Professional, my board decided to create a new stadium (2k seats) finished in november 2021 i was placed 12 and then promoted in the next season, i was with 1 milion debt (not a big deal since i would get some TV RIght money and prizes), and my new stadium got selled or something, i'm now playing on VIzela's Stadium by rent. This is absolutely stupid, and needs to be fixed, the new stadium would only be created if the club was on first league, and with stable finances, in my opinion.
  2. hey there. whenever we create a tactic, our steam id (or something unique, name perhaps) would be permanently linked to that tactic, and impossible to remove it. This would change a lot of stuff, especially on online games and tournaments, it's impossible to tell if a player is using a tactic NOT created by himself.
  3. thanks! Edit: Is there really professional clubs on gibraltar?
  4. If you are portuguese/brazilian or portuguese speaker and want to join a Football Manager Discord for fun, join us! We are SIAS and we give the maximum support to you about the game.
  5. Download v4 Duducted 3 points to FK Besa Peje
  6. Download v3 4 tiers Real cup and leagues rules money prizes tv prizes cup and league colors representing kosovo colors Please give some feedback. Much thanks to u/KGDesigner!
  7. Big thanks to Kevin Brown and u/KGDesigner that helped me with some match rules and money rewards Download
  8. please, add this filter to find scouts with x fully known contries edit: *countries lol
  9. but i qualified for EC2, perhaps a bug? I also won the cup, im confused
  10. Would vaduz be able to enter the Champions League if they qualified through the Swiss league?
  11. Might come out in 1/2 weeks. Things fixed for the next version: B teams won't play for cup anymore.
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