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  1. yep, same here, this is sooo annoying
  2. so, i extracted, removed some pictures, logos and adboards, and created a new and lightweight version of graphics.fmf. please test it and give some feedback https://www.mediafire.com/file/pwu3gzr9pjs8bp1/graphics.fmf/file
  3. Please make Resource Archiver an independent tool, without the need to install the current game version, and compatible with all the previous FM versions too (or at least the last three versions).
  4. Not sure if this is a general bug or not, but my Reserve team (b team) got promoted to the "Castelo Branco league" it should play in the same Football Association (AF Braga or near)
  5. Dump: https://puu.sh/EBYuR.dmp i clicked on exequiel and crashed let me know if you want the save game
  6. so, basically, letting a player warm up first would increase his performance during the game instead of just make an instant sub. Also, when you do it, you could be able to interact with the player (or letting someone from the bench to do it) Depending on the personality he have, you will manage (or not) to increase his actual morale, and this way, managers would have more "control" on that key moment of the game.
  7. sure, here as you can see, i had to ask my direction to make us at least semi-pro, it will only happen in july.
  8. a lots of teams from CNS (third tier) are estabilished as amatour. Also, teams must instantly turn semi-pro when they got promoted to the second league
  9. Portuguese one. sorry for the late answer
  10. i think club affiliation list should be based on local clubs, for example, let's supose i am managing Leyton Orient F.C. and i ask my direction for a club affiliation so i can have some players by loan, they will give me at least 3 clubs near London, for example Tottenham, West Ham and Crystal Palace, and another one from the closest cities, for example Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. Another example, let's suppose im managing an team from Andorra, currently in 2025 and with about 4000 reputation and professinal status, it will get me 3 spanish clubs near (Huesca, Zaragoza and Girona)+ 1 from france (toulouse or something) My point, is to have a better and realistic club list based on near clubs other than random ones.
  11. https://streamable.com/zrii7 https://streamable.com/dan3c .
  12. perhaps just a interface bug, but here it is
  13. it only selects the attribute when i scroll down, and up again https://streamable.com/j4xx4
  14. it was windows page file. Close it please.
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