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  1. As you know Pique now owns Andorra FC. Would be nice if "honorary roles" was added to persons! Maradona currently manages Dorados de Sinaloa and it's also Honorary President of Dinamo Brest. for example
  2. hm, ok, nevermind. i guess it have something to do with the professional status of the teams cuz Leo FC for example, dsnt have any isues and they are a semi-pro club maybe its a brexit stuff related?
  3. Same problem. Here is the dmp file. FM_2019_v19.3.0.1200123_2019.03.02_09.43.21.dmp
  4. Hey there how does Leaderboard work? i'v been playing in offline mode since the begining (10th season right now) and i want to "publish" my score, so, how can i do it? Play on online mode til the next season update? will it update my score from all the seasons? or isnt possible at all?
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/view/bbenfqd94hemblu/Bosnia_2_Tiers.rar
  6. Armenia - Prima & Liga I Soon Hey there. looking forward to make a db with all the real rules, i need some info about armenian leagues, if you have any information, please let me know above
  7. bring this option back, or some kind of option to disable fades and FX ingame.
  8. well, i changed to u21 formed in club. To do list Change match rule - U21 formed in club to U21 (just under 21 yold)
  9. So, before the very last version (coming in about two weeks or so), here is a new version of the database, Download it and don't forget to report and suggest new stuff for it. Just extract both folders to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019 and start a new game A very big thanks to all of you!
  10. so, the first one receives 65k€, and the other ones? can u create a table for me? too confused with the translator haha
  11. btw, 3 u21 players FORMED in the club, country, or any other club, or simply u21?
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