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  1. Instead of goin 1 year holiday, can we use a custom start date like this for example, and "simulate" to 21/22? Pretty much the same thing and takes ten times less time
  2. Founded in 2014 by Chinese Chinese Qi Chen's Wsports Seven - and Carlos Gomes, former Benfica B coach as football director, Oriental Dragon emerged on the national football scene to promote and enhance the development of athletes from the eastern country. In FM2021, Oriental Dragon has 90% chinese newgens, all of them really bad ofc, but you can improve the youth cap and get some newgen beasts! The aim Take Oriental Dragon and the national team to the top, by winning the champions league and the world cup. Starting up You can add the level 4 of China, to load up more regens and activate the lower leagues, to try new affiliate clubs and future deals with top chinese teams; Start a manager with no coaching badges (you can and should obtain them along the way and sunday league footballer reputation; No use of in-game editor; Any database size, any start date.
  3. hm, perfect, i was looking for a faroe island DB. Just removed 6 teams from 3rd divison, selected first and second divisiton and it's working fine
  4. Need feedback, help me make this as real as possible! What i changed: Years to obtain nationality: 5 years (Article 16. Conditions for conferment of the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan The citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan may be granted to: 1) the persons, permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan legally for at least five years, or are married to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan for at least three years.) Max 8 foreign players (not including EU players and Quirgistan, armenia, bielorrusia and russia citizens) Download
  5. Updated to v2 Added 2nd and 3rd tier with real playoff; Foreign limits to national leagues (thanks Kanwulf!); Changed on v3: TV rights money (12k); Real transfer window dates
  6. Special thanks to u/Special-Procedure-92, u/kikle9 and Kanwulf Changed on v2: Added 2nd and 3rd tier with real playoff; Foreign limits to national leagues (thanks Kanwulf! Changed on v3: TV rights money (12k); Real transfer window dates Download v3
  7. none of the premier league clubs are pro, irl? great job!
  8. german folks, shouldnt FC International Leipzig have random regen nationalities? would be realistic
  9. So, i noticed this weird thing, you can keep asking for loan renewal in most of players, and this would be realistic if the player woudnt fit in the club squad, but not in this case. currently in the 4th season in Pafos, Cyprus, I got Francisco Conceição from loan in January 2021, still got him and he's pretty much the best of my team, and would probabbly be a star player in Porto. My suggestion is: Create an algoritm to check how good the player developed, or the performance that he had in the loaned club, then calculate if the market value increased, and last, compare 'First Team Player Min' and his CA, if its decent, the chances to renew the loan would severely decrease.
  10. +1 I hope @Travis Bickle don't mind, but i made his last file (v5) compatible to fm 2021 (v21.4.1) I'm not sure about the rules, if they keep it but here it is the changes i made: Number of teams in second division - 18 Number of teams in third division - 14 Lower league cup is getting 14 teams from third division and 2 from lower division (i really don't care about this cup, so i made it like this) Download
  11. Big thanks to Palk and u/KGDesigner that updated me with the new changes from Kosovo leagues. To do: Real Trete groups (game is drawing 35 clubs for the 4 groups) National Cup most accurate as possible
  12. hey Weiry. I got some extra info about Kosovo Comps, can you add them, or give me permission to edit and release a new version? Reddit user KGDesigner said this: Superleague max. 6 foreigns / First League max. 5 / Second League/ Third/Juniors max. 2 Albanians aren't considerate as foreign https://i.imgur.com/MzoItcm.png / https://i.imgur.com/LUwZQEJ.png With new sponsor, this season teams will have 10 to 20k more money earnings compared to last seasons
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