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  1. hey Just want to figure out when will the Research team list will be updated with the 2020 team.
  2. Is there any way to change this? what's the "config"?
  3. When in the last min, team loosing and having a offensive corner, a box should appear in the dugout, like this: probably *
  4. Without chief scout With chief scout (or assigned scout) Team facilities without chief scout Other idea, example: let's say you are managing a club from Spain, the chief scout would recomend you to scout a country that speaks spanish. Mouse hover in map should reveal at least his name Some detailed info only appear if you have a chief scout 1- average potential of young players from top national divisions 2- Should only get this info a week before you assign a scout to the country 3- Top promising players according to the a
  5. zeus77

    Countries list

    It's really anoying having to scroll down up to the letter R, for example, to select Romania or Russia. Instead, whenever we opened a huge list, if we pressed the first letter it would automatically go to the first contry with that letter https://streamable.com/e99kwl
  6. Whenever we select a large list to scout, players already scouted should be skiped, not counting to the max number (50) and not scouted again https://streamable.com/nox8x4
  7. Thanks to /u/calogerokz i'v made Kazakhstan pyramid with real rules. Please give me some feedback, so i can release the final version. Players from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia are treated as natives since March. Download
  8. how can i add specific nationalities to exclude in the foreign list?
  9. create a simple .xml file to change, at least, the colors
  10. Whenever we click in calendar, it should select and positioning the bar in the last played game. https://i.imgur.com/MnlTr2k.mp4
  11. Whenever we open a scout profile, we should be able to check what countries do we already have scouted by our scout members
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