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  1. Can't believe that this was released 21 years ago and that just 4 years later, another game in the series would come out and change the gaming landscape forever
  2. My sister was nearly 30 year old when her ex bought her a PS1 for her Christmas one year and I swear that watching her play the thing is like stepping into a time warp as all she does is play crappy games like Tarzan and Hercules, games that even a 5 year old would turn their nose up at. You try and give her old classics like Metal Gear and Tomb Raider and she just throws them in a drawer. People like that shouldn't be allowed technology.
  3. I would get braces whilst still at school because getting braces as an adult is bloody expensive and the younger you are, the less chance there is of them being permanent
  4. Apparently you had to be really determined if you wanted to get off to internet porn, as it only loaded one pixel at a time Half these kids are so smug and dramatic that you want to take them outside and give them a slap across the back of the head
  5. I've never liked him since he slept with Les Dennis's wife
  6. Here's what Arya Stark thinks about the original Nintendo
  7. You must have got it a while after it came out then, if you had Metal Gear Solid beforehand
  8. I don't think it took up a whole memory card and Metal Gear didn't come out in europe until February 99 so Premier Manager 98 would have came out first as it was released some time in 97. By the time Metal Gear Solid was out, Premier Manager 99 was only a few months further down the line. By this point I had already moved onto Player Manager, all the management games I played were on the PlayStation as I didn't even have a PC until 2005
  9. No, I don't. These were highlights. There could be an option after the match has finished to view highlights in this way( just like it was in LMA). It would be slightly different in FM because this game came out 17 years ago
  10. Do people still rent games? I remember playing Hitman 2 in installments as I rented it from my local video store, same with one of the Spider-Man games on the PS1
  11. Essien and Alonso living the dream and playing for Wimbeldon. Oh!! And Iniesta as well!!
  12. I don't know why FM can't do something similar to this
  13. Some of the graphics seem at least as good as FM is now which is remarkable when you consider that this game came out 20 years ago It was a really good series Player Manager, even before Fergie lent his name
  14. I also used to absolutely love this on the PS1, the graphics were revolutionary for the time and there was so much you could do tactically
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