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  1. Well I am bottom of the pile so far so it’ll take a miracle to get back on track but cheers.
  2. I’ve suggested this in the past. Would be great to see. I’d also like it if we were able to customise the ‘best eleven’ page with things such as assists, player of match awards etc.
  3. Hiring Staff

    I like this idea, just gives the game that extra sense of immersion and realism. Couldn’t do any harm though might be hard to implement.

    I had this last year with Chelsea signing my potentially world class CB. I signed him back and won the UCL and PL with him.
  5. Ticket Prices

    Honestly seems like you don't need the extra cash is you have won the PL and UCL, as well as being able to attract 10 world class players. That being said, i can see how it might be frustrating but imo it's hardly worth quitting the save.
  6. He already worked that out...
  7. I don't have FM 2018 and barely played FM 2017, but most of my penalties in FM 2017 were missed.
  8. I've never managed outside of Europe before. In my saves i tend to try and turn teams from minnows into world powerhouses. Just doesn't seem possible outside of Europe.
  9. Hopefully I get some game time then.
  10. 15 goals. I’ll take that
  11. Name: Melih Uysal Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 20/5 Nationality & place of birth: Ankara German/Turkish Starting Club (17-18 EPL only): Burnley 2 high technical attributes: first touch, finishing 2 high mental attributes: composure, off the ball 2 high physical attributes: pace, natural fitness Up to 1 PPM: likes to beat offside trap Favoured club: Burnley DIsliked club:Blackburn Favoured personnel (and why): graham Alexander (idol) DIsliked personnel: David dunn
  12. in game editor

    Fair enough, no worries
  13. in game editor

    Was that only previous versions then? I know I’ve been able to at least hide it from my save as i had the same issue before.
  14. in game editor

    If you go to preferences you should be able to turn it off/hide it.