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  1. I can't think of any off the top of my head. It sounds like a good challenge though and I'm sure the game could be edited in such a way that would prevent promotion and relegation. Maybe ask on the editor's forum.
  2. Fair enough, just wondering. I agree that the physicals are on the high side but I hadn't noticed it before.
  3. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Yep. I've shifted out a lot of the original squad and I've tried to replace them all with regens. The future looks bright for me it seems.
  4. From a quick scan of my save I've noticed this. There are however some players that have low physicals. How long do you play saves for? Surely FM can't be too enjoyable for you if you're not playing saves for more than a few seasons? Each to their own I guess.
  5. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Ah, was looking for a thread like this. I'm playing as Burnley and I've got a fair amount o decent regens. What does everyone think?
  6. Well a serious viral infection won't have anything to do with fitness training will it?
  7. Players do dribble past opponents, it's just that the skill moves are not displayed. I think it's too much work programming the animations in. For example, players perform overhead kicks. In my opinion the animations don't look realistic and look a bit sloppy. I think it would be similar if they added these in too. Anyway, I play on 2D classic so it's not a worry for me.
  8. Jesus i swear the regen faces have gotten a lot worse since last year. These don't look human!!
  9. Team Building advice

    Haha I will let you know how I get on. Might be a day or two just because I'm taking the window very slowly.
  10. Team Building advice

    I'm not at my computer right now but will be able to get on and upload it later. I've made a few youth signings and also Cahlobah as a young backup so far. I've sold Lennon and looking to sell Westwood as well. I'll get it up in an hour or so if I can.
  11. Team Building advice

    Thanks pal. You've given some good insight here as I'm not the best at the tactics side of the game. I'll take a look at that Julian Naglesmanns too.
  12. Team Building advice

    Some great insight here. I may move away from the anchor man as I've been looking in the transfer list and seen that elneny is available for £10m. He is much better than Defour in that position and is perfect for a dlp role. Add this to the fact that Defour wants out then Elneny may only cost about £5m.
  13. Jesus Christ! I have no idea what's going on but i like it!
  14. Team Building advice

    Hmm, interesting. I'd never thought of that before. I'll give it a go in some of the friendlies and see how they perform. Thanks!