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  1. I really need to install a megapack sometime. Never played with one before and i'd like to try a country like Micronesia or something.
  2. Definitely India. Jesus do yourself a favour and don't try this one. I started a journeyman save (accidentally saved over it though), and my first club was East Bengal in the Indian Super League. There's a rule in India that you can only register 3 foreign players and so the league basically comes down to who has the best foreign players. Seriously, the Indian players are horrifically bad. So bad that my 3rd choice striker was a greyed out player. We were second favourites for the League and that's exactly where we came. We lost out to Bengaluru, who happened to have the only decent Indian player in Sunil Chhetri (so they basically had 4 good players and we had 3). It was........an interesting experience, but not one i'd try again. Like i said, don't try this unless you like your players misplacing every pass and shooting off target constantly.
  3. For some reason, I was sort of expecting Russia to score first. What a beauty.
  4. Pickford MOTM for me, though I thought Young, Hendo, Trips and Maguire all had top games.
  5. I'm not sure we think we have a world class squad and play amazing football. Who cares though? We're in with a great shout at a place in the final.
  6. I don't want Jones on the pitch and we might be going into a semi final so I'm alright with it.
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