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  1. Fallen Giant Save

    Out of them 4 I’d go with Valencia. Most difficult to get them to compete so more of a challenge imo.
  2. If you can't run the 3-D engine, it's no bother. I find it easier to see what's happening on 2-D so you should still be fine to play. You can turn off highlights or just set them to be 2-D so you should probably be fine. Just try the demo first. If you can't play this year's edition, try an earlier year. They might have lower recommended specs. As for Youtubers, i'd recommend Second Yellow Card, although unfortunately he no longer uploads. His older series are well worth the watch though and it gave me some great insight into the game. Good luck!
  3. Historical Regens

    There’s plenty of databases. people have made with hundereds of legends from all around the world on steam workshop. Very easy to implement and use, although it can get a little cluttered with so many potentially world class players knocking about. Still fun though.
  4. History- Past winners list

    I’d second this. Also can’t be bothered to open a new thread but it’s slightly similar so I’ll pop it In here. I always get really interested in too goalscorers of all time so I think it would be cool if there was a top goalscorers history of all time for every league. When you get 20 years into the game it gets hard to keep track of.
  5. Only just found this thread. Do you think you'll do another one anytime soon? Maybe try and vary it up in Germany?
  6. Is there a challenge for me?

    I did this with Sparta Prague in Czech Republic (before it got corrupted). I'm not saying do this with a team for the Czech Republic although we were getting quality youth players through after the 5th year. Belgium sounds like it's for you tbh. Maybe Portugal? or Netherlands? You'll definitely get quality youth players in those nations too.
  7. Post it in the bugs forum as suggested. That’s really should n’t be happening.
  8. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    I second this. Scores loads for my burnley team (in Europa league) so he may be able to do a job for United.
  9. Overarchieving players

    This has happened a few times although I have no screenshots (corrupt game files). Last year I had a Croatian regen who hadn't quite improved as I'd hoped. I decided to give him one more season to try and stake a claim and he ended going on a six game scoring streak from am(c). Form plays a huge role in performances and so I tend to prioritise form over stars. I makes it more realistic that way imo. I remember I also bought a young English striker as a quota filler/ fourth choice striker. He ended up scoring twice against ac Milan in the champions league semi final.
  10. Scouting in the lower divisions

    I find that good physicals tend to make for a good player in the lower leagues. A player with a high pace or strength stat normally does very well for me, especially strikers with those types of stats. I also find natural fitness to be a good stat as a lot of players in the lower leagues lack good fitness. I tend to look for players with adequate mental sand technicals and above average physicals. It really helps imo as the game is a lot less tactical and technical in the lower leagues.
  11. I can't think of any off the top of my head. It sounds like a good challenge though and I'm sure the game could be edited in such a way that would prevent promotion and relegation. Maybe ask on the editor's forum.
  12. Fair enough, just wondering. I agree that the physicals are on the high side but I hadn't noticed it before.
  13. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Yep. I've shifted out a lot of the original squad and I've tried to replace them all with regens. The future looks bright for me it seems.
  14. From a quick scan of my save I've noticed this. There are however some players that have low physicals. How long do you play saves for? Surely FM can't be too enjoyable for you if you're not playing saves for more than a few seasons? Each to their own I guess.