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  1. Cool idea! Will look forward to reading this.
  2. Oh this was my first time posting and the mods had to verify my post before it was actually on here so that meant that it took longer to be posted. Is it possible to have 24 players? If not then don't worry. You can just edit the other person in instead and not worry about my player. Sorry and thanks.
  3. Name: Babjide Fatai Date of Birth (day & month only):1/1 Nationality:Nigerian (Optional) Second Nationality: Position:DC Up to 3 liked clubs: Burnley, Barcelona, PSG Up to 3 disliked clubs: Blackburn Height (cm):196 Weight (kg):98 Left footed, right footed or both: left 4 strong technical attributes (or goalkeeping attributes for keepers): first touch, marking, tackling, heading 3 strong mental attributes: concentration, bravery, leadership 2 strong physical attributes: Strength, pace GK - mack4ever GK - Joe. DL - Lenzar DL - GDH38 DR - andychar DR - Jakarooney DC - JuulDK DC - Tullem DC - Koetzer DC - BFC4Life DM - grianaig DM - Draycott MC - dynaboyj MC - Leonavich AMC - toonbalmy87 AMC - DavidCorperial ML - podunkboy ML - Jtiessen MR - dev'o MR - terence123470 ST - sherwinriga ST - Sankalan ST - TottenhamFan101
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