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  1. This is one of my biggest gripes with the game. I have attempted to combat this problem but to no avail or at least not as good as I would like. I've started ticking to "shoot less often" for most of my players in the hopes that they will find better shot opportunities...of course this depends on their decision making ability and whatnot as well. One thing I might add is that you don't have to always have certain players on attack, they will still attack on support duty. I feel that, for the way I like to play, the support duty works better and is a bit cleaner in terms of shot decisions and whatnot. The main issue in my opinion is that the AI is always far far more clinical than a human designed tactic ever seems to be.
  2. Do you think an AP on attack in the AMC position would radically change things much?
  3. Completely agree. In my current save with Arsenal, I'm running the system above and Saka and Pepe are both injured (naturally) so I threw in Odegaard on the right side as a IW. He's been a revelation. It's crazy how different he plays that position compared to the other two. I'm reluctant to move him from it now despite it not being his best position and role even when the other guys get healthy.
  4. Ha, I do get a bit embarrassed by the names but then I see some of Knapp's stuff like PositiveZaneBlueAngel 433xyz1 and I think fine, I'll just name mine after cool figures. Yours works better and is more organized and I should probably do it that way. Right?! I was a bit worried to have both CM's on support and playing with 2 APs as well but surprisingly, it's been very solid. They don't bomb forward like you said and seem to play very well with each other. And yeah, I'm not crazy adventurous and prefer things pretty safe haha so you nailed it. Annnd to take it back to the point of the thread, like you said, sometimes my AMC doesn't look like he's playing well or getting the best ratings (not often but it does happen as against City in that game above actually) but he's still pushing at times and finding space and holding possession. I've toyed with the idea of putting him on attack as well but just haven't...I'm risk averse more times than not ha. I like that 4-4-2....may have to try it as I do like 2 forward systems. Would love to see those two CMs in action with those roles and the players around them. I bet it's nice to watch. Great thread Johnny Ace and thanks for helping me with my tactic before you knew you actually did
  5. Just beat City pretty easily, 2-0. I had more possession than them and more shots. Of the 13 shots we had, 10 were on target. What shots City had were fairly straight at my keeper. I started out using the Sarpedon tactic but we were rather meh so at halftime I switched to Aeneas and also switched my forward to AF and then scored 2 goals within 10 minutes of the tactic switch and closed out the match.
  6. @davehanson Here is/are my tactic(s) Dave. Unfortunately, I do not know how to do pictures like many of you so this is how it's set up. AF(A) IW(S) AP(S) IW(S) CM(S) AP(S) FB(S) CD(D) BPD(CO) FB(S) Positive mentality. In Poss: shorter passing; play out of defense; low crosses; run at defense. In Transition: take short kicks; counter; counter press. Out of Poss: higher line of engagement; more urgent; prevent short gk distribution. That deeper AP on support is absolutely awesome with the right player. I do play around with the forward position as sometimes I feel a PF on attack is more active. Both AP's just boss things. In one save, I've gone 6 games without allowing a goal while scoring at the very least 2 goals in all of those 6 games. In another save, I've only allowed 4 goals in 13 games and 2 of those came in one game where I played some youngsters because I didn't really care about it (it was the community shield.) I also have scored at least 2 goals a game in that save minus one game. Like @Johnny Ace said, having some of those guys on attack really clogged things up. Once I put them on support, everything just swam along beautifully. My wingers get goals and assists, my forward still seems to be scoring at a clip. That CM will score some worldies if you have a good long shot player there. I'm Arsenal so I have Partey there and he has stepped up big at times. And again, both APs are amazing. I latched onto this thread bc I felt I could get more out of my AMC and sure enough, once I followed Johnny's advice, he became far more consistent and solid. I'd like to try his suggestions of a Treq or SS but I'm just hesitant at the moment cause I'm enjoying things so far. I have thought about changing him to an AM(S) but still just hesitant. We'll see. I am (hopefully) attaching it below. I have included two that I use most often and one I used to use. You'll notice the subtle difference between them. Aeneas is the one I use most often. Diomedes may be (if I remember correctly) the one that had everyone attacking. Sarpedon has a lower tempo. Again though, I'm no tactical expert BY ANY MEANS...I may be the furthest from it actually haha. But I'm loving this one and it's solid while giving me goals and playing some great football. I'm sure with tweaks someone could probably make it much better. Don't mind the names, I'm just a fan of the classical heroes of mythology. I hope these tactics help and looking at the players you have, I think they could slot right in for the most part but if this doesn't seem to help then I am very sorry for wasting your time. Edit: Oh and by the way, I don't run any type of set pieces tactic so you'll have to set that up yourself if you prefer some type of special one. Diomedes.fmf Aeneas 5 Star.fmf Sarpedon.fmf
  7. Hi Dave, I've been having some good success with one that uses some of what @Johnny Acehas said regarding the attacking movement designations and whatnot. I love what I've been seeing. It's solid at the back and scores some goals. I routinely get at least 2 a game and many times can grab 4 or more. I just went 6 games straight without allowing a goal. It's a bit of a simple tactic but it sure does seem to work and I'm pleasantly surprised by it and it plays some beautiful stuff at times. I also think it would fit the players shown in your image despite using different roles. I will try to post an image of it here soon. Keep in mind that I am not a tactic master by any means. I usually download others but this year I just didn't like how frenetic they all were. I found two that I liked that were simple, played around with them and then decided to basically combine them into one. I kept playing around with it and came across Johnny's thread here and tweaked it some more and I'm really enjoying it. I think it could be gangbusters with some great players across the board. But then again, what do I know. I will try to post it here soon.
  8. Do you use any player instructions and OI's for this? Have tried it here and there and it seems promising although the offense for me seems a bit rough. I get tons of shots but not many clear cut chances...seems as if it could be more precise or something but your goals scored clearly indicate it is deadly. Just wondering what, if anything else, you did to this tactic? Thanks! Per the OP's tactic, love it. Have used it on a couple of saves where I felt like being more realistic and whatnot. Really enjoyable. Thank you!
  9. Oooooh, the Cincos Violinos! Dang, I know nothing of tactics, sadly, but I hope you get some feedback because I'd be interested to see some info as well. Love the idea of this!
  10. It's very solid defensively, and that's what I like about it. It scores too! Although I'm still not fully happy with my F9...but I'm just not that happy with them in general this year.
  11. As @breeze1said, I've noticed my goals are widely shared, which I enjoy. It does seem that of my wingers, my RW is the one that bags the most and makes the most assists but that could be just down to the player I'm using (Olmo in one save and Buendia in another...Buendia had a hat trick his last game whereas Olmo had two assists and 2 goals his last game)...I'll have goals from both wingers, my mezzala, my forward, and my box to box guy will even get a few games of 2 goals in a game. Really quality stuff! I have been trying a CF on support duty lately and I like it. Still needs more testing but he is extremely active in my save. I used Gnonto in that position and he bagged a hat trick the last game I played. Needs far more viewing to determine if it's solid or not I guess but this is off the back of another save where I ran out a CF on support and he should have had two goals but flubbed them both ugh...but he was still very active and involved and helped in creating some dangerous offensive play. I also switched in my last match to two BPDs and did not notice much of a difference. In fact, when I switched, I had already given up a goal and after the switch they saw out the rest of the match no problem without conceding again. Thoroughly enjoying this tactic @breeze1, thank you very much!
  12. Hey @breeze1, one more thing, my apologies. I just wanted to know something before I started a new save with your tactic. This is still working very well for my Hertha save and I love the way it plays. It's nowhere near as frenetic as Knap's tactics can be (no offense to him as I think his are great too, they just seem a bit too intense for my tastes sometimes.) I also tried using a CF on support and the results were pretty interesting, as he was very active and should have had 2 goals but he flubbed them both ugh. That was also against decidedly weaker opposition and only one game so grain of salt and all. Edit: I had a question for you posted but then I saw you mentioned/answered it in your very first post so no worries. Loving this tactic man!
  13. Thanks for the response! Ok, good info and I didn't think he needed to be but was just wondering given how active he was. Maybe my regista just hit an average run of form is all. I'll definitely keep the B2B pace in mind. I used Onyeka and he was fantastic every time out. And thanks for the forward thoughts, I'll probably just keep your F9. I smashed Sevilla in the Champions League 5-1 and beat Bayern 2-0 with this....I'm Hertha in the second season and while my team is decent, it's not world beating by any means. Really enjoy watching the play of this tactic. Good stuff breeze1!
  14. Have played only 3 games with this so far but I really enjoy it. Seems solid and depending on the opposition, can just suffocate them. I was running a 4-3-3 with similar positions so my team took to it easy but I do have some questions. My regista gets fairly average ratings, which is fine, but I just wondered if you've played around with that position at all and tried anything else? And does he need to be pacey?....I feel like at times there are spots wide open for a counter attack but then my regista is usually sweeping things up so it made me wonder if you think a speedy one is absolutely necessary there or not? And also, the False 9, do you think any other forward role might work there? I've found the false nine very inconsistent this year and also harder to find competent players for it. Just wondering is all. I like this tactic very much and will probably start a new save with it, thanks!
  15. This gave me one of the most beautiful goals I've ever had on FM. Well done. I found it interesting when watching the highlights that I felt that I was being dominated only to look at the stats and see that my team were in full control. The other team hardly had a sniff despite what I wrongly perceived during the highlights. The balanced approach is interesting too, I liked it. I did feel my AM was rather invisible at times but that could have just been my AM. Really enjoyed this.
  16. This worked great for me (the one match I used it)...I was in the first knockout round of the CL having lost the away match 3-1 to Inter (I'm Espanyol). Decided to switch to this for the home match without really having the players for it, and I'm only 3 years in the game with my top player probably being either Tonali or Loftus-Cheek and my top striker is Gnotto so kinda good but not great. And again, I really didn't have the players for this as I've been switching from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 for most of the season. Oh and I definitely didn't have anyone worthy of a decent target man...had to play Ruben-Loftus Cheek there and he bagged 2 goals. Smashed Inter 4-0 to win 5-3. They only had maybe 4 shots altogether whereas I had around 20 if I remember correctly. Small sample size and all that but well done mate, I liked it and it got me through to the CL Quarters!
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