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  1. Do you use any player instructions and OI's for this? Have tried it here and there and it seems promising although the offense for me seems a bit rough. I get tons of shots but not many clear cut chances...seems as if it could be more precise or something but your goals scored clearly indicate it is deadly. Just wondering what, if anything else, you did to this tactic? Thanks! Per the OP's tactic, love it. Have used it on a couple of saves where I felt like being more realistic and whatnot. Really enjoyable. Thank you!
  2. Oooooh, the Cincos Violinos! Dang, I know nothing of tactics, sadly, but I hope you get some feedback because I'd be interested to see some info as well. Love the idea of this!
  3. It's very solid defensively, and that's what I like about it. It scores too! Although I'm still not fully happy with my F9...but I'm just not that happy with them in general this year.
  4. As @breeze1said, I've noticed my goals are widely shared, which I enjoy. It does seem that of my wingers, my RW is the one that bags the most and makes the most assists but that could be just down to the player I'm using (Olmo in one save and Buendia in another...Buendia had a hat trick his last game whereas Olmo had two assists and 2 goals his last game)...I'll have goals from both wingers, my mezzala, my forward, and my box to box guy will even get a few games of 2 goals in a game. Really quality stuff! I have been trying a CF on support duty lately and I like it. Still needs more test
  5. Hey @breeze1, one more thing, my apologies. I just wanted to know something before I started a new save with your tactic. This is still working very well for my Hertha save and I love the way it plays. It's nowhere near as frenetic as Knap's tactics can be (no offense to him as I think his are great too, they just seem a bit too intense for my tastes sometimes.) I also tried using a CF on support and the results were pretty interesting, as he was very active and should have had 2 goals but he flubbed them both ugh. That was also against decidedly weaker opposition and only one game
  6. Thanks for the response! Ok, good info and I didn't think he needed to be but was just wondering given how active he was. Maybe my regista just hit an average run of form is all. I'll definitely keep the B2B pace in mind. I used Onyeka and he was fantastic every time out. And thanks for the forward thoughts, I'll probably just keep your F9. I smashed Sevilla in the Champions League 5-1 and beat Bayern 2-0 with this....I'm Hertha in the second season and while my team is decent, it's not world beating by any means. Really enjoy watching the play of this tactic. Good stuff breeze1!
  7. Have played only 3 games with this so far but I really enjoy it. Seems solid and depending on the opposition, can just suffocate them. I was running a 4-3-3 with similar positions so my team took to it easy but I do have some questions. My regista gets fairly average ratings, which is fine, but I just wondered if you've played around with that position at all and tried anything else? And does he need to be pacey?....I feel like at times there are spots wide open for a counter attack but then my regista is usually sweeping things up so it made me wonder if you think a speedy one is absolu
  8. This gave me one of the most beautiful goals I've ever had on FM. Well done. I found it interesting when watching the highlights that I felt that I was being dominated only to look at the stats and see that my team were in full control. The other team hardly had a sniff despite what I wrongly perceived during the highlights. The balanced approach is interesting too, I liked it. I did feel my AM was rather invisible at times but that could have just been my AM. Really enjoyed this.
  9. This worked great for me (the one match I used it)...I was in the first knockout round of the CL having lost the away match 3-1 to Inter (I'm Espanyol). Decided to switch to this for the home match without really having the players for it, and I'm only 3 years in the game with my top player probably being either Tonali or Loftus-Cheek and my top striker is Gnotto so kinda good but not great. And again, I really didn't have the players for this as I've been switching from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 for most of the season. Oh and I definitely didn't have anyone worthy of a decent target man...had to
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