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  1. Ok, but do you feel this has any sort of impact on gameplay?
  2. This isn't really a data issue. But adding players from the top division in Scotland will not have any impact on a guy who presumably starts in Sporting B. If there are specific people you want to make sure are in the game, then you'll have to add the leagues they play in.
  3. Dempster should be in charge of responsibilities like that, so I'll make sure that's sorted for any future updates we do. If Mathie is Director of Football though, I'm not really sure there's a place for George Craig within the structure of FM.
  4. Thanks for these. They'll be sorted for any future update. Unfortunately we had real trouble with Hibs researchers for this release, so I did expect there might be one or two issues relating to them.
  5. Could you repost this in the Scottish data thread please, so that I'll be able to keep track of it better.
  6. You've got to be careful blindly following a website like Transfermarkt. Greg Cameron does not play for Montrose. He quit a few months ago because of work commitments.
  7. It's more likely down to people entering a player's height when they were still growing, and over the years nobody has checked to see if they've grown or not.
  8. What's your source on him being born on January 1st 1998. I accept that he's got the wrong year of birth, but sites that do stats often just say a player is born in Jan 1 if they don't know the exact date.
  9. Realistically Celtic have one rival and it's Rangers. There's always rivalry between teams in the same league but it's not a proper rivalry and not one that could potentially have an effect on gameplay.
  10. Hi Monty, Since last year, the average CA of the top 16 players at Rangers has increased from 102 to 105. Hibs have decreased from 102 to 101. I would say that's accurate. While Rangers have improved, they are hardly world-beaters, as evidenced by their defeat to St. Johnstone in the league cup. McParland is an issue we'll look at.
  11. Good spot Kane, that's a mistake. I'll sort that in the database at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Folks, the data for FM is up to date as of Oct 9th. If you spot any issues, let me know. As far as I'm aware the following transfers have happened since that point, so no need to tell me any of this isn't done. Dundee United and Motherwell Management Changes Stuart Garden to Dundee United as Goalkeeping Coach Kieran MacDonald to East Fife Craig Sutherland released from East Fife Jim Paterson to Stenhousemuir Lewis Small to Stenhousemuir on loan Jason Scotland to Stenhousemuir Jack Ross eaves role as Hearts Adam Harwood to Montrose Dylan Easton to Elgin City Michael Doyle to Alloa. Jordan Millar loan extended Stephen Hughes never actually signed for Clyde. I jumped the gun on deadline day. Greg Rutherford to Arbroath. Aron Lynas to East Stirlingshire on loan Sandy Wood to Montrose. Alex Tokarczyk to Falkirk James Severn to Ross County Anything else I've missed, please tell me.
  13. In an ideal world I would have liked to have information on the Lowland League players in the game, but unfortunately the information just isn't readily available. The Highland League are very keen and helpful when it comes to providing information on their squads and clubs. The Lowland League...not so much. However, any player currently in the database who plays for a Lowland League club is assigned to that club, so the likes of Garry O'Connor and Joe Mbu will still be in FM16.
  14. He hasn't got that set. But his most recent role has been as a non player, so he's in the database as a Player/non player