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  1. We’ll have to see how he runs the club, but seeing as he has said he plans to make money from it, I doubt he’ll be throwing money at it hand over fist
  2. I think oil tycoon is pushing it a bit. He sold some patrol stations.
  3. That’s not a data issue then. you should report it as a bug
  4. Boyle’s First cap info won’t be added until next year’s FM but his nationality will be updated for any future data updates for FM19
  5. Of course, but not until any official database update
  6. The competition Hamilton won is not in the database (because we didn’t have the u17s in it last time around) therefore presumably the game has nothing to go on as to who should be in that UEFA Youth league. As such it’s defaulting to Celtic
  7. It would be better as a player dislike in theory, but I don't think anyone would want to get involved in the politics of the situation
  8. Earlier in this thread a Celtic fan pointed out that Boyata was definitely leaving, so we took the appropriate action. There's a difference between Odegaard (a regular first team player, an internationalist and someone who made a high profile transfer to Real Madrid) and Dembele (one of many 15 year old kids who is in and around reserve team level for SPFL clubs). For Odegaard, they needed to get a consent form signed by his father, if I recall correctly. It's not something worth doing for 15 year olds who have only made cameo appearances for reserves, regardless of whether or not the Scottish media is building the player up as something he is yet to prove himself to be.
  9. I'm afraid we're just going to have to agree to disagree.
  10. To be honest, I'm not sure as that's more to do with the coding side of the game. We just set the reserve and u18 competitions as they are in reality. If it's important to your enjoyment of your Clyde save and you're not particularly far into it, you could go into the pre-game editor and create a reserve structure where every team has one?
  11. Clyde don’t have youth or reserve teams though. That’ll be why
  12. I don't think there has ever been or will ever be a consistent way of approaching potential in as much as we don't set specific criteria based on youth caps etc. A lot of it is left to the individual researcher and in the main I'll trust them to get on with it. What we do do however is urge our researchers to set a 'fixed' potential ability rather than a 'minus' one once a player has established himself in the first team. But then you raise a good point comparing Middleton and Johnstone because they are quite similar. Neither are fully established first team players yet, and yet one researcher has chosen to give a fixed potential and another a minus one. I would say that in a sense, both are slightly wrong but at the same time it's difficult to find the right way. I would say that being on a periphery of the first XI each week, they have the potential to be good enough to be regular first team starters. At the moment for Celtic, that's maybe 120-137 and for Rangers, 116 - 130. So what do you give them? -7 has the potential to mean their development would cap just about where they currently are, but could also make them potential stars for both teams. A score of -75 puts them from being at worst 120 (which would be ok) to 150 (which on the current evidence, would be a bit of a leap). You could say "Why not give them both 135" and that would be fine, although I'd like there to be a sense of variability in their potential when they are yet to be fully established. As for the other ones you mention... I don't think McBride should have a fixed one, and I'll look at changing that. Ditto Henderson. I'm ok with Wilson having -75 as he's still young enough for that to become a reality, but he would need to show signs big of development this season (and be a standout at Forfar) to justify carrying a potential like that, fixed or minus, into Football Manager 20. Does all that make sense?
  13. Yes you can, and that's exactly what we've always done. It's Potential Ability, not Current Ability. We can look at Tierney and the progress he's made at the age he's made and say we believe he could improve and even excel in a higher quality league. The same applies to an u18 who we believe could make it at first team level. We're not saying he's this good now, but we believe he could be this good later.
  14. Possibly a slight bit too high, but then again Andy Robertson has 162. If he had that while at Queen's Park or Dundee United, I doubt anyone would find it feasible.
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