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  1. It's not nitpicking; you've asked a reasonable question and I'm happy to answer it. Certain attributes are more important than others, and certain tweaks are more important than others. Morelos's composure stat could have a detrimental effect on how he performs in the game in terms of goals scored vs chances created. Setting it that low looks to me like an 'error' that needs to be amended, so I amended it. I don't really see Christie's issues as ones that would have a detrimental affect on how he performs in the game so I would be loathe to overrule my researcher if he believed that was how he should be rated. Now with what being said, I was able to give him the opportunity to edit it himself, and that's exactly what he did. So those attributes have been raised. However, my point is that I wouldn't want people to think that I will simply overrule the guys who I trust to do the editing - and who do a fine job at it - on the basis of one or even three people having a different opinion on a forum.
  2. Hopefully we'll be able to get the McGregor contract in but it may have come too late. As to how we know, the reality is that it's often a best guess situation, as it is with the press when they publish wages as fact. What a player is paid is often between him, his chairman and his bank manager. But sometimes we do find out, and we will generally be in the right ballpark for most players, even if it's not exact.
  3. @wardog and @McGougan33 Thanks for your responses. To look at Morelos again, like I say, we've raised composure a bit (but not excessively because our Rangers researcher has identified composure as a relative weakness and I'm ok with that if that's his assessment) because it was too low, and we've managed to do that with some mild tweaks to other areas, thus maintaining his 140 CA. To give you a little bit of context on how weightings can affect stuff, if we'd increased his composure from 6 to 20, then our systems would tell us that the aggregation of his stats would mean he should have a CA of 157, which would make him the 22nd best striker in the whole world. And he's not. But that's not to say that if he noticeably improved over a season that we wouldn't increase his CA and thus his attributes. Ultimately, I do trust my assistants to rate the players as they see them, and don't really interfere unless something is clearly wrong. With so many people pointing that out about Morelos, it's my job to examine it and make a decision alongside the researcher and that's what we did. With some of the Celtic ones, they are very little issues that at this stage of research would be filed under 'Speak to the Celtic researcher and see what we can do the next time he has an opportunity to edit the players'. These guys are highly rated players and so will perform well in the game, so you shouldn't worry about how those attributes will affect their performance. But McGregor is higher rated than Arfield, although I have to admit that as a Scotland fan, I never quite get to see performances to justify how highly he's rated when he plays in navy blue
  4. I just want to make a point regarding issues people are having with 'Player X should have more for this attribute'.. We tend to consider the most important stat to be a player's Current Ability, and the other attributes are crafted around that. So if we say "This player is this good out of 200 compared to the other players at his club, the others in his league, the other players in the nation and the other players internationally" then the attributes often work in harmony with that. The attributes are weighted based on the position a player plays as well. So if we say "Player X is worth a Current Ability of 110" then his attributes have to work within that. A long time ago, attributes and current ability weren't linked, and it didn't work, which is why almost 20 years later Mark Kerr is still so well known from CM. Now I say this because if people think a player should have certain attributes increased, then other attributes have to decrease to balance it out, if we want that player to work within the structure we've established. To use Morelos as an example; I think there's a consensus that his composure is too low, and that's fine. We agree and it's a mistake, so we've fixed it. However, if we want him to still be a player rated at 140 then if we increase composure a little, then to balance it out, one or two other stats may have to go down a bit. And we've done that with crossing and passing. But be aware that if you feel strongly about a certain attribute needing increase, come to us and tell us what should decrease so we can balance it out. Otherwise all that happens is players get too good.
  5. The thing is, stats are weighted and can't cheat the system like they did a long time ago (look at Mark Kerr back in the day). Stewart only has 117 for CA so while there may be a single attribute that he is rated better than Forrest in, Forrest is the better player by far. As for the Morelos/Eduoard debate, Eduoard has better consistency, which will make a difference in FM over the season.
  6. To answer some of your points... James Forrest is the highest rated player in the Scottish database with a Current Ability 26 points ahead of Greg Stewart. As a general guide for you, 7 of the top 10 players in Scotland are at Celtic (the other 3 at Rangers). Bolingoli has the same Current Ability as he had in FM19. Eduoard and Morelos are rated the same for Current Ability.
  7. Unfortunately there's just now information available for any of those players except Kyle Dalling, so we can't add them. They may be 15 years old and wouldn't be able to be included anyway.
  8. There's nothing specific I can change to make Hoban accept Aberdeen's contract offer. I am aware of Cormack Park and I would hope it'll be included in the final release of the game, but Aberdeen's new stadium isn't what I would consider to be set in stone, especially considering they don't have the funding secured,
  9. Flanagan is English but is Irish as a second nationality. He's played for England but in a friendly and so within FM, Ireland are able to call him up. And if that's happened in your game then he'll be listed as Irish.
  10. Thanks. There's a couple of issues listed there that only happened after the data you are using was submitted. But we'll look into it
  11. This is an English Premiership data issue
  12. Thanks everyone so far. I won't make changes based on subjective opinions (i.e. "I think player x should have this for finishing" etc) but I will make changes to errors. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to spot issues because we are too close to it, so I'm happy to go back and sort these.
  13. The problem with this seems to be that the editor only wants to assign match days to the day you set it for. So for example if your main match day is Saturday at 15:00 then fixture rounds will only be on Saturdays. There's no obvious way for it to generate midweek fixtures, which most leagues will use in reality.
  14. In an ideal world I would have liked to have information on the Lowland League players in the game, but unfortunately the information just isn't readily available. The Highland League are very keen and helpful when it comes to providing information on their squads and clubs. The Lowland League...not so much. However, any player currently in the database who plays for a Lowland League club is assigned to that club, so the likes of Garry O'Connor and Joe Mbu will still be in FM16.
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