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  1. I've given him his job in the game based upon what the department he works for considered the most appropriate role when I spoke to them at the time. It may be that his role has changed. As a point, the only reason Ashwin has come to prominence is because he was included in FM And no, we can't replicate his real life circumstances.
  2. While it's nice to keep up with click bait, please remember that this is a data issues thread and should be used for that only. Valuations are not a data issue as they are not something we directly control. For what it's worth, within the article - written as it is to attract clicks which result in The Sun getting revenue - it makes a point of mentioning that Duffy's valuation is as a result of him being on loan. Thanks
  3. Please remember this is a data issues thread. Asking for someone to be given an incorrect nationality doesn't really fit that description ;-) That's what the pre game editor is for.
  4. Apologies; his nationality will be updated. His name won't.
  5. That’s entirely my fault, sorry. Jack was added very late on and I’ve irritatingly got one digit wrong in the age. Shows what the slip of a key can do. 😒 Best solution in the short term would be to go into the pre game editor and sort it.
  6. You know fine well Marc that these things go through the SPFL for licensing, so they’ll have made that call.
  7. The honest answer is I forgot to add it, and I know I said I would. I'm not sure coding it would be the priority for the rules team either, but I'll get it added for next time.
  8. @PigeonStrangler I've read your posts and I thank you for your feedback. To clear something up, this is what the balance attribute is for... This determines how accurately the player can kick while moving at speed, and how good he is at staying on his feet after crossing the ball while running at a high pace.It should also be taken into consideration when considering how well he keeps his balance when challenged, although Strength is the main determining factor for that. So I think 10 is ok, but it will be reviewed mid way through the season, as all players and attributes will be. As for the general ratings of Rangers; I think I've said before that I am happy with them. Rangers are doing really well at the moment and are 11 points clear (with 2 games in hand so it could end up that they are 5 points clear), but today's table is a snapshot of the season. And again, it will be reviewed. But there's more to it than ability. Perhaps club morale at Celtic is down? Perhaps the manager has lost the dressing room? Perhaps on the flipside at the moment morale and form at Rangers is sky high? Regardless; it will be reviewed as these things always are, but not until after release at this stage. So you've made your point, but you'll just be wasting your own energy to keep making that point again and again now.
  9. Yes, we've included this. We might need to tweak the nature of the affiliation if we haven't got all the right stuff done for it, but it is in.
  10. I've detected that under 18s football is a bit of a passion of yours so please let us know which players are missing. Please bear in mind that as a result of COVID-19 a lot of clubs released a lot of their u18 squads due to cost cutting and when the teams are playing u18s football, the lineups are hugely supplemented by under 16s or kids who have just turned 16 in real life and missed out cut off date. Like I say though, if you know of players who are missing and who fit the criteria for inclusion then let us know. O'Donnell is an issue that's been fixed. McFadden is in the game. There are lots of unattached non players who were not pulled through into the database of the pre-release beta, including it would seem McFadden. This will be addressed.
  11. I think finances definitely will come into play. BTW @wardog I just wanted to say that I always enjoy your well thought out posts and you pose good questions for us to consider. Keep up the good work!
  12. Rangers shouldn't be finishing 20 points behind Celtic with the ratings we have give both sides so that is something worth examining. However we'd have to see it as a recurring trend and also look at transfer activity etc because that can have an impact too.
  13. There are some valid points here which we will look at. But Hallberg being on the transfer list is not something to raise here as it's not a data issue (which i thought you would know as a well known contributor to these data threads over the years). And your comments on salaries are just not valid. How do you know what Porteous - a fixture in the Hibs side - negotiated in January? Similarly, how do you know what Nisbet was signed on for from a Championship side. Please keep your data issues objective and not based on hunches.
  14. But you aren't though. You are angry about how the coaches and/or scouts at Rangers perceive the players to be. That is entirely different to how they are actually rated. If a player like Katic as a Current Ability of 125, how is that wrong in your eyes? Do you think Rangers wouldn't be able to sign a player with a Current Ability of 135? And if they did, and you had Katic as a 4 or 5 star player, then what should the 135 rated player be? 5 stars too?
  15. If you have a look a few posts up you'll see that what you are defining as CA/PA and what we are defining as CA/PA are different. I'm talking about how we actually rate them, while you are talking about how your coaches or scouts are rating them within the game based upon what they see as Rangers aspirational level. So, if you think Rangers team is full of 5 star players at Rangers level, then fine, but if I was a Rangers fan, I'd look at Katic, Barisic and Tavernier and think "Well if we assume Brian Laudrup, Paul Gascoigne etc are five stars, these guys definitely aren't". Do you see what I mean?
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