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  1. I think to an extent you have to give the guy the position of where he actually plays, so that the AI picks him there.
  2. Cheers. And it's not a case of 'may' still be there. He is still there.
  3. This has already been addressed. Please read the thread to check to see if issues have been raised previously.
  4. Hi jc1, thanks for this info. Some of this is useful, while other info isn't. For example, I know Martin Christie and have just confirmed with him that he's still at Hibs, so your information is incorrect there. Also, I do know there's a scout there called Michael Meechan, not Chris. The other issue I have with your post is that it's no good just to tell me a player is a 'defender' or a 'midfielder'. I'd need to know actual positions. There's a big difference between a winger and an anchor man, even though they'd both be classed as 'midfielders'. If you can find out where these guys actually play then I can look into adding them.
  5. That's a good point. I'll sort this
  6. East Kilbride might be a better team than the others in the league but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a higher reputed team though. Just like Cowdenbeath might be the highest reputed team in League Two on account of having recently been in the Championship, but it certainly doesn't make them the best. I doubt many Scottish fans - let alone fans on a worldwide basis - would be able to say that Selkirk are a bigger or smaller team than Spartans or East Kilbride. They might have heard of East Kilbride because they played Celtic, but that would be about it. And though parity would be nice, the information available for Lowland League sides is pitiful. If a club even has a website there's no way of knowing if the information is out of date, and that's even if the information is of any use. A quick look at East Kilbride's own website just has a bunch of players listed with name and either 'Defender', 'Midfielder' or 'Striker'. We can't use that.
  7. I should point out that the same applies to Junior sides and Non League sides in general. I know that the information might not be 100% bang on for these leagues in that I might have a team in the wrong Junior or Non Leagues or might not have club colours correct for this season, but it's simply not a priority. We try to get the Highland League as up to date as possible purely because fans of the Highland League and the clubs themselves are interested in being in the game, but getting 100% accurate info for teams and players below the standard of the lowest active division in Scotland is not a good use of our time.
  8. The Lowland League is not a playable league 'Out of the box' and therefore is not a priority. It also doesn't make much of a difference to the game if they are all set with the same rep beyond the possibility that a team who - in the eyes of someone who knows about the Lowland League - might not have a chance of being involved in the League Two relegation playoff getting to that playoff. But then I would imagine anyone who is interested in the Lowland League would have edited the database themselves or downloaded a Highland and Lowland league save from the Steam Community.
  9. Thanks for all the above posts. I've looked into them and made changes where I can (changes to junior sides and non league players are not a priority). Changes like colours and affiliates in licensed leagues are unlikely to change.
  10. I think if he finishes 3rd or 4th he'll also be under serious pressure. With the expectation levels set, if you manage Rangers you won't (or shouldn't) be sacked for finishing second. But if you lowered those expectation levels to top six, then you also wouldn't get sacked for finishing 8th. So it's more realistic to make it tougher.
  11. So you think if Rangers finish 6th, Warburton will still have a job?
  12. Yes he is
  13. As far as I can see this is working perfectly well in the game.
  14. We'll sort these out. Thanks for pointing them out Joe.
  15. Thanks Sean... Krivokapic and (most likely) McStay are coaches for youth teams below the u20s and therefore have no 'job' within the structure in FM17. So Krivokapic is set as 'Not For Extraction'