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  1. Does creative freedom have an effect in the defensive phase as well? For example, 'roaming' from a zone to get closer to the ball, to help out a team mate, to double up?
  2. Turning shadows on or off doesn't make the slightest difference to me. The game keeps on lagging.
  3. Couple of examples from the pkm I attached: 14.51: No transition. Ball is on the flank. LM (21) presses, but block doesn't shift over. LCM (16) and SCL (9) should move towards the ball, should be ball-oriented, not man-oriented. 29.40: Shortly after transition. Ball is passed to the flank. LM (21) presses, but block doesn't shift over. LCM (16) and SCL (9) should be way closer to the ball. Compactness means: the whole team closing in on the ball. 45.46: Ball is on the left flank. RB (22) presses, but RM (11) and RCM (25) should be closer to the ball. 64.35: LB (15) and LM (20) and LCB (4) are too wide, should be around 5 meters closer to the ball. That aside: I played with a low block. Cautious mentality, very low LOE, lower DL. Individual pressing maxed out, no tight marking, to make the pressing radius bigger and to avoid man-oriented pressing - I want no 1 vs 1-situations, but defensive overloads. In horizontally and vertically compact blocks without tight marking, a team should shift over in a pack around the ball, but that doesn't happen when the ball is on the flank. In my opinion, a wide or narrow defensive width doesn't make that much of a difference. It should be a tool. A narrow defense should see the whole team way closer to the ball, to cut out the long pass - with the risk of leaving the gap on the other flank open. A wide defense should spread out way more, to avoid being caught by a long ball to the other flank, but should have more trouble to recuperate the ball due to the lower number of defensive players in the zone nearby. A compact defensive setting in FM20 mostly works well when the ball is in a central zone. The wide players tuck in as they should do with a narrow width, but when the ball is in a wide space, the team doesn't shift over, but instead, leaves a lot of gaps. The difference between a wide, regular and narrow defensive should be much more visible - as should the difference between ball oriented pressing (high closing down, no tight marking) and man oriented pressing (tight marking). About the two sceptical reactions: of course, my first post wasn't a complete, detailed report. It was an observation, a ball thrown in the air, waiting for response and questions for more detail to be given. I have a life, a job, I am not able to play FM in endless streams. I wanted to report the problem, but didn't have much time, had to find a picture of a compact defense IRL quickly. I didn't have the time to find thé perfect similar example from real life. Give us some slack, please. When someone from the SI staff asks for more information, I give this information. Hence this post. If more information is needed, I'll be glad to give it. Beerschot VA - Westerlo.pkm
  4. Hi I've observed that the lateral compactness settings really don't make that much difference. I've used multiple set-ups, but this time, in my horizontal and vertical compact 4-4-2, it's quite clear that the whole team doesn't shift over, like they should do in a good compact block. My team is Beerschot, we play in a cautious 4-4-2 with gegenpress settings, extreme pressing, NO tight marking. You see: the counterpress is okay-ish, although 13 and 22 should be much closer to the ball, since gegenpressing should be hunting in packs. But what bothers me the most, is that 15 and 4 and 20 are way too far on the other side, certainly because I play on 'cautious' mentality. 15 should be where 4 is, 4 and 6 should move a bit to the right as well, 20 should be closer to 16. That's shouldn't even be extreme compactness, but regular compactness. It has been posted before on this forum, but this Getafe set-up is a good example of what the extreme horizontal compactness setting should look like. The RB and the RM (in my game: the LB and LM) should be in the central space of the pitch.
  5. Even since the beta, I encounter a severe lag in FM20. During all versions and patches, the 3D ME experience was choppy, stuttering, even with the lowest graphical settings. Subtle tweaks in the NVIDIA control panel or experiments with custom skins didn't cure the jittering. 2D view isn't smooth either. Since 20.2, there is the addendum of lag in the menu's. Hovering over messages is now really slow as well, and there is a very noticeable delay between clicking on an item and the appearance of a new screen. So: the whole gaming experience is sub standard and frustrating, performancewise. It should be said: I have a very decent gaming laptop. FM19 was incredibely smooth on the highest settings. I made sure all my drivers are up-to-date, I use Windows Defender as AV, so there shouldn't be any interference with the performance of FM 20. What-to-do? (I've attached my DxDiag.) DxDiag.txt
  6. Unfortunately, even in 20.2, the match engine, menu's and user interface are still lagging. Recommended settings for 3d are high quality. Decreasing the quality to the lowest setting makes it better, but it's never smooth. What to do? (I've added the necessary information about the specs of my laptop in previous posts.)
  7. None of the suggested workarounds really work for me. Still haven't been able to play FM20 without lag, not in the beta, not in the full game, not even in 2D. The increasing silence on this subject is worrying me.
  8. Using a custom skin hasn't solved the lag for me. The ME is definitely much smoother, but still jittery when the camera pans. But then again, I've always encountered lagging in FM 20. (Whereas FM 19 was insanely smooth on the highest graphical settings.)
  9. Not really a bug per se, but I couldn't find a better place to post my complaints. Please move this topic if this isn't the right place. Even though the same complaints were raised previous year(s), I don't understand why some of the following features aren't available (anymore) in the IGE: - Possibility to change skin tone and hair colour of players/staff. (This was possible during the FM 2018 era, if I remember correctly.) - Possibility to change a manager's preferred tactical style. - Possibility to add/remove manager's tendencies. - Possibility to change a club's name and nickname.
  10. And here's a screenshot of my task manager during 3D gameplay. The lagging is still persistent in 20.1.3.
  11. I'm still encountering a severe lagging in the match enging as well. Every FM20 Beta patch contained a lag for me, be it in 3D or 2D. Lowering the quality of the graphics doesn't change the performance. Neither does switching V-sync of in the NVidia control panel. FM19 gameplay and 3D performance was really, really smooth on high settings. DxDiag.txt
  12. I've honestly never been more excited for a new FM edition than this time. The tactical overhaul sounds great and will give us much more control. For example: great that defensive width isn't predetermined anymore by mentality. I like the 'Line of confrontation' setting, so that I don't have to play strikerless anymore to get my forward get back behind the ball (hopefully). Linked with the massive changes in training, this gives the game even more depth. Very promising. Let's hope there'll be more (zonal) possibilities in set pieces defending and more movement variations in offensive set pieces. In fact, 'thanks' to the announcement of FM19 and the wide array of new options, I've lost the will to play FM18. Come on, beta!
  13. 5 penalties in one game. My team got one (missed it), conceded four (Berge scored all of them). Savage. Must be some kind of record.
  14. I received the sudden notification that Football Manager had stopped working. There wasn't a crash dump file generated. I've always played FM 18 in full screen mode, since it apparently isn't possible anymore to choose the 'borderless windowed' option. But I'll try the windowed option (even though I don't like the bar on top of the screen then.)
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