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  1. I've honestly never been more excited for a new FM edition than this time. The tactical overhaul sounds great and will give us much more control. For example: great that defensive width isn't predetermined anymore by mentality. I like the 'Line of confrontation' setting, so that I don't have to play strikerless anymore to get my forward get back behind the ball (hopefully). Linked with the massive changes in training, this gives the game even more depth. Very promising. Let's hope there'll be more (zonal) possibilities in set pieces defending and more movement variations in offensive set pieces. In fact, 'thanks' to the announcement of FM19 and the wide array of new options, I've lost the will to play FM18. Come on, beta!
  2. 5 penalties in one game. My team got one (missed it), conceded four (Berge scored all of them). Savage. Must be some kind of record.
  3. I received the sudden notification that Football Manager had stopped working. There wasn't a crash dump file generated. I've always played FM 18 in full screen mode, since it apparently isn't possible anymore to choose the 'borderless windowed' option. But I'll try the windowed option (even though I don't like the bar on top of the screen then.)
  4. Hi Felix. As a matter of fact, it just happened again, without having switched to a browser. Just playing the game, and in half time, when selecting what I would say to the squad, the crash occured. Very strange - and even more annoying, to say the least.
  5. The same crash as the first one I reported happened. The game was at half time, in the team talk screen, and I took a look at a Mozilla Firefox page, and after a couple of seconds, I received a notification that Football Manager had stopped working. A couple of in game matches earlier, the same thing happened when I switched from the pre match team talk screen to my browser. I've attached my DxDiag. DxDiag Kcinnay.txt
  6. I just encountered a new crash. During a match. I was doing nothing, just watching my midfielder fire a long shot over the bar. Then the screen froze, and a couple of seconds later, the notification appeared that Football Manager 2018 had stopped working. The game didn't generate a crash dump file.
  7. Hi Neil Thanks for your reply. At the moment, I use custom logos and pictures in the player profile section. No skins or whatsoever. It was in fact my second crash since the 18.3 update. When the first crash happened, I didn't use any custom graphics. The first crash happened during the creation of a new save. I've tried to reproduce the crash (half time during the tactics screen), once with custom graphics, once without, but it hasn't happened again.
  8. Hi In my most recent game, a friendly, I encountered a crash after I've switched from the team talk screen to the tactics screen. I hadn't completed the team talk yet. At that point, the game crashed. (A notification popped up with something like 'Football Manager 18.3.0....... stopped working'. I couldn't find a crash dump file in my Sports Interactive documents folder. I've added the save in this post. Union.fm
  9. For a realistic and dynamic match experiene, massive improvements on the tactical aspects of the ME are much needed. Now, there are a lot of inconsequences. Like the good old dogma that the formation in the tactics screen is the defensive formation, but still, lots of AI managers play 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and so on, whereas a 4-4-2(-0) is the most popular defensive formation in real life. A formation that isn't even available for AI managers. Like in real life, the formation should be a hybrid of the defensive and offensive formations. A team can defend in a 4-4-2-0, attack in a 2-2-4-2 and be reffered to as playing a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1. The way FM handles formations is just cumbersome. It's very difficult (almost impossible) to implement pressing schemes like in real life. It's all or nothing. Blocking passing lanes, different forms of counterpressing, different forms of zonal markings... None of that is possible in FM. The amount of shots, the ridiculous number of crazy, long shots, the fact that almost no direct free kick ends up between the posts, the fact that every AI team defends corners in the same way, the gap between midfield and attack in the defensive phase, because attackers can't be made to fall back behind the ball without man marking, the absence of obstructions, the absence of indirect free kicks in the penalty area, the lack of variety in red cards... Those things make the ME very unreal and in some ways old fashioned - and not in a good way. I hope that for the last couple of years, SI have been working on a new ME behind the scenes, which would be a reason for the lack of massive improvements in the tactical aspects of the game in the recent editions. We'll see.
  10. Not frustrating. I actually like to play with a fast, direct playing style, I like it when we don't have a lot of possession, so I don't mind a long ball to nowhere - and I prefer a 1-0 to a 4-3. That aside: what you presume is wrong. We actually score quite a lot and have some very good combinations. Again: that's a matter of mentality, roles and duties, not team shape.
  11. It can be done, though. I almost always play with a defensive or counter mentality, a very deep defensive line and a very fluid shape. Very fluid, to make my team more compact and to make the players double up in pressing. Thinking of vintage Atlético, who defend like a swarm of wasps. Mostly in a 4-4-2 (with strikers man marking the central midfielders), but sometimes in a 4-4-1-1 too. Finding space is mostly a matter of the right choice of roles and duties, so in my opinion, a low mentality with a 'high' team shape like very fluid is absolutely a thing. I concede very little, even with smaller teams.
  12. I'm sure. I've used it quite a lot. Was very disappointed that that option disappeared for FM18. Was the prime option for me to buy the IGE. It's not like it can't be done; some non-official editors are still able to do so.
  13. That's not true. In FM17, you were able to change the hair and skin colour of players, staff and referees.
  14. Apart from the 'too much time added on' remark (the opposite was a bug in FM16 and FM17, whereas you'd almost always get just 1 or 2 minutes of stoppage time): spot on. I actually don't understand how the ME Team let this ME version pass through. All the 18.2 fixes listed were a welcome adjustment, but the side effects are a huge step back. And El Payaso is right too; the gaps between the lines in the defensive phase are huge.
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