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  1. This is awesome! Thank you very much. The only thing I have noticed is that in the Paraguayan league - For the First Division opening stage/closing stage/average points board expectations are all fair (finish, top, middle, bottom etc.) BUT the minimum expectation for the First Division. is you must win it. Not matter what team you are... Could this be fixed? Or could I fix it myself? Thanks, tjt
  2. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Mateo Musacchio Your Team: Villarreal Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: 8.75 Offer: Negotiated to 25m + 30% profit next sale Transfer/Wage Budget: 1m & 550k/week Patch: Full Game Season: 14/15
  3. Going to go for my Local-ish team of York City, Predicted 19th in League 2 so not too much expectation. Should be good - normally play in other European countries.
  4. Seems like some of you guys are doing v good on this challenge, i am thinking about starting.. If you could give ONE tip for someone about to start, what would it be? (Tactical/Finances/Boardroom/Staff etc) Thanks, tjt65.
  5. I am playing a standard 4-4-2, want to use a DLF upfront but unsure as whether to partner him with TM or Poacher, as i have one of each of similar quality.. I was just intrigued how other people use them, thats all..
  6. Ah ok so mainly with either a partner striker in a attack focused role, or with attacking wingers..
  7. Hi guys, i was just wondering how many of you used DLF's? and if so, in what formation/tactics they are best utilised? Thanks, tjt65.
  8. yeah i guess, i did have a great save with Nacional da Maderia on FM 12 winning the champions league in 2027, (after many years of trying to over take Porto) I did eventually after about 2015/16 start producing some good youngsters, and as you said there were a fair few floating around and heading to Prem League etc
  9. Has anyone else noticed that there is a lack of talent coming through in Portugal. I always assumed that they were churning out talent, maybe not like spain or brazil but definitely up there in europe anyway. Im sure its not FMs fault because its based on Real Life so, yeah i just had a nosey through a wonder-kids list and didnt see a single Portuguese player. Strange. Anyone else find this disappointing or odd?
  10. Torres, is only half a star better than sturridge.. personally thought that was a bit harsh
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