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  1. Wow! What a squad. I was happy for my squad at Verona but your squad is crazy.
  2. Oh. If Daramy doesn't perform, you should go for Wahid Fahir. He is also danish and have been great for me. 23 goals in 47 Serie A games. Good luck with Daramy.
  3. Are you searching for a striker? I would recommend M'Bala Nzola, Spezia. He is a goal scoring machine for me in Hellas Verona. 23 goals in 46 games. Playing him has pressing striker together with another striker.
  4. Need of a AMC? Check out Giorgi Kharaishvili in IFK Göteborg. He is quite good.
  5. If you need a right och left wingback, you should check out Aaron Hickey in Hearts. He is very good. I bought him for 161 067 pund. After one season he is improved a lot and right now he is valued to 55 milion.
  6. Jack Lahne, IF Brommapojkarna, is a wonderkid.
  7. Look at Florent Muslija, 18, at Karlsruhe. He look's like a very good prospect.
  8. Callum O'Dowda from Bristol City. He is killing (!), literally, in League One for my Coventry. 14 goals and 8 assists with a rating at 7,28 on 36 games.
  9. Ibrahima Sissoko from Stade Brestois 29. He is a best for me in Coventry, now in League One. Very, very good in defence. You, people, should look him up. I got him on a free transfer after the first season.
  10. Some random talents from my save. Timo Bornemann. Looks like a decent striker in a couple of years. Will improve much. Rene Rüther. Midfelder. Look him up. Hakim Guenouche. French kid. Left back who will be good. I hope.
  11. Is it only me who have this problem, but is the match engine laging? It Always stops between highlights.
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