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  1. I have signed a young player on a free transfer, his position is poacher/TM but I'm playing him on the left and he's joint top scorer in the division. All his stats seem to be on the decline, is this due to playing him out of position or not training him right?
  2. Yes technicals do not matter as much at this level, all about the physical stats to bully players etc
  3. Lance Smith - Hereford but i got him from oxford city. The report said he was ok for VNN/VNS but I've signed him in the VNL and he's got 10 in 14(2) which is a pretty good return for a free transfer
  4. Mine is much better on retina display now! It does seem to randomly crash and i get a notification. Doesn't seem to happen when I'm playing the game though, its more when i shut the laptop down with the game running in the background.
  5. Its still the same after i followed what you said, still slow and laggy! I have de activated retina display and its running a lot quicker now but obviously poor picture quality.
  6. Ive just started a charlton save as i do every year, did you sign anyone on a permanent deal avenger?
  7. I terminated all the loan signings apart from antonsson. I felt the team were good enough with them and wanted to bring in my own players. I employed a few new coaches to help out the squad and a physio. I might cash cash in on Phil jones clause when I’m in the championship. i signed Giuseppe Rossi on a free, basto for 200k and Julio pigzueleo on loan even though Blackburn has an abundance of decent cbs! Im going to try and offload some of the deadwood in jan whittingham conway gladwin
  8. What did the update change Stevemc? i love that Blackburn have so many decent youngsters, it means you have a solid core of players for the years ahead.
  9. Tullekunster definitely try a blackburn save! i did one on fm17 and it was brilliant, ive just started one on fm18 and im hoping to get promoted to the championship at the first time of asking.
  10. I remember Alexander Farnerud! he also had a brother called pontus i think!
  11. I am playing as southampton First season won the Europa League but done poor in the league
  12. I know what you mean about promotion too soon, because you want to stay in the league you have to get players in so match time for the youngsters suffers a bit.
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