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  1. Try Sweden or Norway! Lots of cheap Wingers/IF
  2. Balanced 4-4-2 Control Possession Low Tempo, Short Passing, short goal kicks, distribute to CB, prevent gk short distribution etc Cant believe it created so many goals but i did have aaron Connolly, rhian brewster, pellegri etc Some games the other team wouldn't get a shot away and we regularly clocked up 60%+ possession Thanks mate, he was good in league 1. Now im in the championship im continuing to show faith in him, he's getting sub appearances + cup games + allowed to play for u23s to keep his fitness up. First 4 games in the championship i have won 3 drawn 1
  3. Bolton End of Season 1 So i managed to win the title with a few games to go which obviously was a lot more than i had hoped for! I really utilised the loan market on this save, and signed young prem players to bolster my squad. Aaron Connolly, Rhian Brewster, Pietro Pellegri and Eddie Brown were electric up front, Daryl Murphy didn't really get a look in! Those 4 scored 61 goals between them! James Garner and Jason lowe were solid in midfield with Politic, Verlinden, King Harmes etc doing really well on the wings. Brockbank was the rock at the back partnering either Wright or H
  4. Thanks here’s a quick screenshot of how my save is going, will try and do a more in depth one at some point. ive kept the core of the team and tried to play youngsters as much as I can along with signing premier league players on loan. Also sold my clauses to generate cash.
  5. Bolton has so much young talent, im currently doing a save with them. Ive packed my squad out with loans too.
  6. Nice update! I cashed in the Rob Holding clause and Zach Clough and have quite a healthy budget now! Im playing quite a few youngsters and had a lot of interest in Ronan Darcy, despite trying to keep him Leicester bought him for £11.75 million with a 50% Sell on clause. The board accepted the offer over my head!
  7. Hi, Any idea how i can alter the level of training? as it says training is low for this stage of the season. Thanks
  8. I have signed a young player on a free transfer, his position is poacher/TM but I'm playing him on the left and he's joint top scorer in the division. All his stats seem to be on the decline, is this due to playing him out of position or not training him right?
  9. Yes technicals do not matter as much at this level, all about the physical stats to bully players etc
  10. Lance Smith - Hereford but i got him from oxford city. The report said he was ok for VNN/VNS but I've signed him in the VNL and he's got 10 in 14(2) which is a pretty good return for a free transfer
  11. Mine is much better on retina display now! It does seem to randomly crash and i get a notification. Doesn't seem to happen when I'm playing the game though, its more when i shut the laptop down with the game running in the background.
  12. Its still the same after i followed what you said, still slow and laggy! I have de activated retina display and its running a lot quicker now but obviously poor picture quality.
  13. Ive just started a charlton save as i do every year, did you sign anyone on a permanent deal avenger?
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