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  1. Dave, how long should it take to process when you hit continue? I know that’s a hard question because it depends on leagues loaded/players loaded. also is there a benchmark test for fm21 or just fm20? Thanks EDIT - found this now.
  2. Hi, if you have detail level set to none on say premier league, should you still be able to see the goals of that match? thanks
  3. This is the top league, the reserves arent in a U21 league but some other teams reserves are. Seems pointless having a reserves team. Thanks
  4. Would anyone know why a team would start with a reserve team thats not in an actual league? (Swedish league)
  5. Hi, Any idea why Kalmar have no reserve team in a league? Every other ALLSVENSKAN team have a team in a reserve league EDIT - Looks like Sirius and Mjallby also do not have their reserves entered into a league. Could it be down to finances? Thanks
  6. Tough isn’t it! I brought in a few ex reading players. liam kelly jake cooper tarique fosu im 15th in November, I’ve got some decent draws against city, Everton and the only team I’ve been battered by is Liverpool 6-0!
  7. Yes can’t wait to get started, will have low expectations and just aim to stay up! the only additions I think I need would be maybe a winger, and another CB. I have 29million to play with though and normally I could get 5/6 players with that. I do want to promote the youth though, samuels turns out very good so he’ll be my 2nd choice left back. Boyce-Clarke will be my 2nd choice GK. Tetek will be a cup CM. RJJ will be in and around the first team in cup games etc My top target for CB is Jake Cooper because his stats are great, he’s a HGC reading player and he’s English so no problem with work permits. I may need a new RB if Esteves goes back to Porto.
  8. Well done on the unexpected promotion. I followed suit with another unexpected promotion. My form really dipped Jan/Feb and i only won 2 out of 11 games so i fell out of the play off spots (i was top at one point) things picked up a bit just enough to claim the last play off spot with two games to go. I drew Watford who finished 3rd and about 20 points above me, first game i swept them aside 3-0! The away fixture they beat me 2-0 but Joao had missed a penalty. Play off final was v Bournemouth who i beat and lost to during the season. We turned up again, Meite with 2 powerful headers gave us the advantage. They did score late one but we held on to take the massive win. Id be pissed off if i was a Watford fan!
  9. A great result for me, normally i try to shut up shop against top teams but i just played my usual tactic and dominated possession and made things happen. This tactic in the picture is from the 87th minute when i took swift off for another CB to try and hold on to my lead! RJJ Bagging the winner!
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