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  1. Had the same problem. Took over Columbus Crew and their 3 designated players were wingers (and very mediocre ones...). They were winning fortunes and hardly starting any games, while the best players was in a senior minimum salary contract. I had to wait for their contracts to expire because no one wanted them even for free. The AI is awful at squad building in the MLS...
  2. He's talking about newgens though, fictional people. How could there be legal problems with that???
  3. Nice addition! I hope this will allow us to make some interesting custom competitions where only players based on the nation is allowed
  4. Managing Novara, won the Italian Cup by getting a lucky 1-0 late game penalty win in the final against Inter. Last game of the season. Next season, first game SuperCup against Inter again, they demolish me 7-0. Then I had to endure tons of news posts for years stating (Despite the 7-0 loss to Inter in the SuperCup, he did ...... ) :mad:
  5. Have you deleted the .lnc files? Those name changes are only present there. There is no way for them to show up other than the .lnc files being present...
  6. Romário son is in. (Romarinho playing for Brasiliense) He's awful though.
  7. Got it with Javier Patiño, managing the Philippines in the asian qualifiers against East Timor.
  8. Well, if anyone else is having this problem, I fixed it by setting the maximum age for youth contracts to 14 years. Since the regens are generated >=15 , they will be on wageless non-contracts instead.
  9. Hi, I have set up a custom amateur league, but the youth players are generated on youth contracts with high wages. Is there any way to set them to non-contracts? They pretty much bankrupt all clubs in the league.
  10. Unsubscribe from the items on the Workshop. Or at game start, just disable those editor files.
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