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  1. Hi Olly, much appreciated with the reply. I have uploaded this onto the FTP as the save file "nigaata unicorn asian confed cup winners.fm". If you go to the Asian Confederations Cup, you'll see that Niigata Unicorn (Singapore) have won it pretty much every year they've qualified for it. As raised previously, they should not even be entered for the competition. Also in case you want to refer to the squad number issue I've raised, this save file is right before the squad number selection, so you can look at that as well if necessary. This is also the same save file for the issues I've raised under World regarding the CWC, although the timing is not right to view that issue. Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure if this specifically falls under competition rules, but in Singapore (currently managing Hougang United), it seems like you can only choose 25 squad numbers. What this means is that whenever you choose someone that doesn't belong to the 25 for a match, you have to change the numbers constantly. This is a problem across all competitions - league (25 players registered, but U21s don't need to be registered) or continental (30 players registered). Either way, this is a massive hassle. I am having to change squad numbers almost every other match (especially with injuries and suspensions). Also another bug which I think I've raised (on a different account) in previous editions of FM. Niigata Unicorn (Singapore) and DPMM are foreign teams in the league, and so they shouldn't be qualifying for continental competitions, but in my current save (17.3.1) they are. How it should function should be that the place goes to the next highest finish team in the league. If they win the Singapore Cup, the place goes to the next team in the league. Would really appreciate that this is fixed for the next edition at least, considering this has been raised before. Please refer to the regulations that a.panda has mentioned just above.
  3. [World] (Official) Specific Issues

    I've just encountered an issue on 17.3.1. I'm managing Hougang United from Singapore and I've just won the Asian Champions League. However I've reached the first match of the CWC and I don't have any notification to register my players for the CWC, and if I go to the registration window from squad view, there's no option to register any players for the CWC either. This is slightly different from the issue raised above. My players are not on holiday, and are ready to play, except that I have no way to register the players. Could you look into this? EDIT: I've just tried to proceed to the match and it says x number of players in the squad will be registered. So in that sense the problem is solved, but why is there no notification to register the players? Also, only certain players are available, the rest are on holiday. I suspect only those who were registered for the Asian Champions League did not go on holiday. These are separate competitions; there should be a different registration. EDIT2: I've progressed further, to the next season. I've won it again, and this time I've encountered a different bug. I lost in the CWC Semis, and so went into the 3rd-4th place playoffs, but everyone has now gone on holiday. The previous season I made it to the same stage, but because it was about a week earlier, this problem did not materialise. Only way to proceed here is to holiday. Well there's a handful of bugs here... Do let me know if anything needs to be supplemented here.