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  1. This is correct - Singapore Cup winners do enter the AFC cup. If winners are qualified or are not eligible, the position goes to the next position in the league, not the runner-up in the cup, regardless of whether they are eligible or not. This has been quite clear, and has been the case in the Singapore League for a rather long time. My experience differs so far - the runner-up of the Singapore cup seems to keep qualifying for the AFC cup (even if it is a foreign team). Not to say that your experience is wrong - I think there's a fair bit of errors in the rule implementation for the Singapore league at the moment. Also just to double-check, if you're managing the Young Lions, you will not qualify for any continental competitions regardless of how well you do in either league or cup - it is hard-coded that the Young Lions will not qualify for continental competitions, and this is pretty much correct at the moment (although the Young Lions have never been in a position to qualify in real life for the FAS (Football Association of Singapore) to have to make any decisions on this). I don't think it is too difficult to implement correctly though - the foreign clubs just have to be prevented for entering continental competitions, and the correct qualification for the Singapore Cup works similar to the League Cup in England (winners qualify, if not position goes to league position).
  2. What is wrong: Two problems here (that are related): 1) Albirex Niigata (S) and DPMM can qualify for continental competition through Singaporean Competitions. 2) The runner up of the Singapore Cup (if the winner is already qualified or cannot qualify) takes the continental place. How it should be working: 1) Albirex Niigata (S) (as well as DPMM) should not be able to qualify for continental competitions. If they finish in continental qualifying positions, it's given to the next position in the league. They should not qualify by winning the domestic up either, and likewise the position goes to the next position in the league. 2) If the winner of the Singapore Cup is one of the above two teams, or is a local team that has qualified through the league, or is an invited foreign team to the cup, the position goes to the next best team in the league, and not the runner-up of the cup. Reasons: 1) The aforementioned two clubs are foreign clubs to the league, and they will not represent the country for continental competitions. The positions will only go to the local clubs. 2) That's how the rules are in real life. Again, I've raised this continental qualification issue in this forum for past editions. Please actually fix it rather than just looking into it.
  3. What is wrong: Squad numbers is limited from 1-25, and you cannot choose more than 25 players to have a squad number at any one time. This is specifically a huge problem because players need a number to play every match, but injuries and suspensions mean that you literally have to change squad numbers every match you're playing. How it should be working: We should be able to choose more than just 25 squad numbers. Reasons: The inconvenience is significant. Makes a save in the league very intolerable. To give context, registration is for 25 players, but players under 21 do not need to be registered, so the squad can be bigger than 25, but the squad number limitation makes it difficult to maintain a squad bigger than 25, and even use youth players. Just as a note, I've been raising this issue for the past few editions of FM, but this never seems to get fixed. I play this league every new FM so this is incredibly frustrating.
  4. Heh, that solved it. Didn't think that the older version was causing the error because I wasn't selecting it, but apparently it was. Thanks! Good job with the update!
  5. I'm getting an error with the latest file: Warning: Could not process rule group settings in (file location/name). Require minimum of 18 teams for Tweede Divisie, found only 13. I opened the file in the editor and it shows 18 teams in Tweede Divisie, so I'm not sure what's causing the error. Thanks for the effort!