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  1. [Reserved for Trophy Cabinet]
  2. Decided to make a second attempt of this, with the addition of a bit of randomness to spice things up. The basics from last time: Win every domestic competition (including continental) 10 leagues loaded at any given time To start, the 10 lowest reputation leagues will be loaded The changes: To start (and every time I need to move on), the country will be selected at random from those loaded. Bias will be given to the lower reputation leagues. For example, at the start, when I spin the wheel to select the nation, there will be 10 Micronesia's, 9 Northern Marianas, 8 Kiribati's etc etc, meaning the probability of selecting a lower reputation nation is higher. When I have completed a nation, it will be removed at the next lowest reputation nation will be selected in it's place. The first 10 leagues in reputation order will be: Micronesia Northern Mariana Islands Kiribati Wallis & Futuna Guam Bhutan Crimea Tuvalu St Pierre & Miquelon Mayotte Manager will be the same as the last attempt, myself with the lowest experience/skills. Also there will just be season end updates. So without further ado, the first country will be:
  3. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    600 games in management
  4. A repeat of your last time in League One?!
  5. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Season 2042/43 Country - Djibouti Club - AS Ali Sabieh Djibouti Telecom Ground - Djibouti Telecom Stadium (formerly Stade Hassan Gouled) Club Details Premier League Djibouti Cup Super Cup Arab Club Championship Kagame Interclub Cup Awards/Stats Career Stats
  6. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Season 2041 Country - Cape Verde Islands Club - Sporting Clube da Praia Ground - Estadio da Varzea Club Details Premier League Cape Verde Cup Independence Cup Super Cup Awards/Stats Career Stats
  7. markypark14

    Club Legend

    League is going well, keep up the good work! Actually thinking of starting my own version of this type of save if that's alright with you? Probably not going to have a club legend/icon type goal before moving but the head coach style is appealing to me.
  8. Scenes indeed! KFAS are certainly the team to beat in the Northern Marianas, thanks to all those good South Korean regens they seem to get.
  9. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Season 2039 Country - Chinese Taipei Club - Tatung Company Ground - Taipei Track & Field Stadium Club Details Premier League Awards/Stats Career Stats
  10. That subject title must have had you thinking for a second. Looking forward to how you get on. Out of curiosity, what logo pack are you using?
  11. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Season 2038 Premier League Mongolian Cup Mongolian Super Cup Awards/Stats Career Stats
  12. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    500 games achieved
  13. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Would hate to be a commentator for one of the games....
  14. markypark14

    [FM18] Winning Everything

    Season 2037 Premier League Mongolian Cup Awards/Stats Career Stats