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  1. There is no promotion from the West Premiership, East Region Superleague or North Region Superleague as per real life. The Juniors are essentially a separate pyramid to the Seniors. The lowest level you cant start at and get promotion all the way to the SPFL Premiership is the East of Scotland/South of Scotland leagues.
  2. Hoping someone can tell me the best way to approach the following problem: I want to create fictional league structures in multiple countries using the basic editor. To do this I need to create new leagues/cups. When I do this, it creates a new league/cup with a unique ID (usually 100000024 etc). When I do this for the first country everything is fine. However when I reload the database to do the next country, any new leagues/cups I add use the same unique ID's as the previous country. This means I cannot load the two files together in game without an error. What is the best way to overcome this issue?
  3. If Wikipedia is accurate then the pyramid only goes down to Level 20 this season - the Mid-Sussex leagues have had a restructure with North/South divisions so only go down to Level 17.
  4. That's Makoto's next challenge then - create a thread which can win as many of the FMCU awards as possible
  5. Good work so far B.W.G Quite like seeing how Makoto's leagues look compared to Claassen's from last year - makes for interesting reading. I assume there are no cup competitions in Micronesia?
  6. Damn, talk about bad luck! You hit bad form just at the wrong time of the season. Hope you plan on continuing
  7. Born in 2034 when you moved to Belize, now you're in Bermuda and born in 2036?! Who have you hired to forge your documents
  8. Enjoying this save so far, nice to see some positive news for Scotland on the international front for a change!
  9. I have encountered an unusual bug. Managing Eyemouth Utd in EoS Conference B, I've found that if I finish in the top 6 and therefore qualify for the EoS Premier Division for next season, fixtures generate fine. However if I finish in the bottom 7 and therefore qualify for the EoS First Division South, the fixtures for the EoS Premier do not generate for the following season.
  10. Is that Best Eleven you have something FM19 generates or have you made it up yourself?
  11. Would make an interesting challenge for someone - taking Cuando Cabango from whipping boys to Angolan champions.
  12. As Daz says above, the Steam file doesn't allow us to select what divisions are playable, You can still start the game but it only loads down to the Highland/Lowland leagues as playable.
  13. Shaping up to be a very close promotion race at this early stage, will make for interesting reading
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