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  1. I do pretty much exactly the same as the op with my main save. Only difference for me is I never use any any editor files. Never have and don’t see any need to add them to my game. Just doesn’t interest me personally. I sometimes do a season or two with a top club but the rest of my FM time in my main save is spent in non league. I remember the old forum section with it’s very strict rules. Horrible place. Completely unwelcoming even though many who visited had similar interests in the way the game is played. I myself never posted there due to the ambiance but I used to lurk. I remember fe
  2. Standard Liege in Belgium Rayo Vallecano in Spain Or give yourself the reputation you desire and then unemployed and apply for jobs whilst on holiday and see what comes up.
  3. Hi folks, Thoughts on this for just FM. 3D if poss. My Budget is only £400 unfortunately Click me or me Windows 10 - Intel® CoreTM i5 10400 Processor - Hexa-core - 2.9 GHz / 4.3 GHz - 12 MB cache -8GB DDR4 - 32 GB maximum installable RAM 1 TB HDD (7200 rpm) - Intel® dual-band AX WiFi - 2x2 - Up to 1.8 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet port Bluetooth 5.0 -USBType-Cx1 - USB 3.1 x 5 - USB 2.0 x 2 -HDMIx2 3.5 mm jack x 5 Integrated high-definition 5.1 surround sound SD Wireless mouse Wireless membrane keyboard with numeric keypad Black
  4. Google Stadia my experience The good: I’m playing the full version of FM20 with smooth 3D graphics on a unsupported 5 year old Android tablet (have to use PlayStation controller as Android stadia app doesn’t support mouse and keyboard and playing through chrome doesn’t work). I’m able to load a decent amount of leagues. The Bad sometimes there are blurry graphics. Even though I have 100Mbps super fast broadband this still happens on occasion. no mods ie logos and face packs I had to pay full price for the game conclusion: stadia is
  5. Seems to improve a bit each year so for me I’d say FM20
  6. Interested to know what reputation/experience you give yourself when you start. Also the level of club.
  7. Not sure where to put this really as maybe a FM issue or maybe a Google issue and technically not a bug. Anyway here’s my issue. Blue tooth mouse works fine on android tablet (Samsung T580) and works fine in Stadia. I can use mouse to launch the game and have full functionality navigating around Stadia etc. But then I’m forced to use a controller to play the game or use the Stadia touch controls as the mouse isn’t supported to actually play the game. I’m guessing this is probably a Google issue and support for mouse use on Android will come in the future but maybe someone has a worka
  8. Yep, would like this feature to come back as an option if possible in the future.
  9. So glad that SI have taken this decision. I think its best for the future and fully expect that the 3D match engine evolves in leaps and bounds It reminds me of when sliders were taken out. To those used to a certain way of playing it was supposed to spell the end but for the rest of us it made sense to use logical instructions.
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