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  1. Yep, would like this feature to come back as an option if possible in the future.
  2. So glad that SI have taken this decision. I think its best for the future and fully expect that the 3D match engine evolves in leaps and bounds It reminds me of when sliders were taken out. To those used to a certain way of playing it was supposed to spell the end but for the rest of us it made sense to use logical instructions.
  3. I usually go Bournemouth, my local side. Man Utd, the club I supported as a boy or start unemployed and end up in the Conference North/South. This year however, I’ve gone with Rangers. Dont know too much about Scottish football but the clubs rich history attracts me. I like the idea of trying to compete with Celtic and restore some parity in the old firm games. Champions league football is also not a million miles away if I can be successful.
  4. Seems realistic to me. If I started a new job and went in as management I would expect people to go quiet when I entered a room. They dont know me and I don’t know them. I would imagine they would be apprehensive about the direction I will take them until they got to know me. How often do you meet someone for the first time and you are completely yourself?
  5. Why does it need more hype? Is it failing? Is it not successful? why should a company that's been going for over 20 years listen to you? Im genuinely interested to know?
  6. I would probably want players with high concentration and determination in my team to help close it out. It's the sort of thing I would consider when bringing on a sub. It may have been that your players were tired late on and the other teams tactic exploited that. Or it could have been that they thought the job was done and they became complacent. Possibly something was said to them at half time. As Stevio says above, going more solid and compact may of helped. If the opposition were trying to play through the middle then closing off the gaps would probably help. So playing narrower and deeper is probably where I'd start. Without knowing who the opposition is, what their strengths are and what your weaknesses are it's a tough one to answer. It could be a number of things.
  7. Lower work rate can also affect your tactic of course... just like all attributes. Its there as a comparison against other teams in the league so you should at least consider it when setting up your tactic. I wouldn't ignore it.
  8. SpencerFC never had the support of EA until he grew his channel to a significant amount. They then approached him, not the other way round. There's no doubt that FM has been successful for SI. The current business model is obviously working for them. Could there marketing be better? Probably yes. Im sure they have a business plan. A vision or roadmap for the game. Maybe part of this will be a closer relationship through social media and youtubers. Maybe someone like Loki who feels their current practices aren't good enough should contact SI directly ad not publicly which could be damaging. Or maybe he should grow his own channel. Do the video tutorials. Help show the game off reap the rewards from increased traffic and subscriptions and get big enough for SI to offer him something. He thinks the community would grow and be better for tutorials aimed at new players. Crack on then.
  9. Have you tried unticking the use cache when reloading skin option? Dont know if that will work as I have never used a custom skin before.
  10. If Loki things the game needs a tutorial for new players and he's 'happy' to go unsponsored or unpaid then why doesn't he do one? He said himself he would benefit from increased subscription. Theres nothing stopping him doing what he's asking for.
  11. Yes if I remember correctly, If you go to each individual player you can see the role they played on the form screen.
  12. Id love to be able to use your fine work in game but your instructions i don't understand your instructions. I have searched my docs and Steam and I don't appear to have a panels folder. Sorry for being thick but what? I am using default dark that comes with the game. I have to download another skin? A base skin? from where? Thanks for your work but I guess this is beyond me.. I will stick with vanilla.
  13. Well it was an inter squad friendly so at home yeah. Blue seats, blue tarmac around the edges of the pitch etc. Is the stadium that's assigned random? Almost tempted to start again if it is, as I only play in 3D.
  14. Is there any way to influence what my clubs home stadium looks like? I satrted a Bournemouth save (FM17) and the stadium is largely blue. Looks more like Fratton Park than Dean Court. Any way to change it?
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